Arthis Classroom: I Found A Way to Upload Images To WordPress Without Using HTML AND Saving Space!

Arthis Classroom: I Found A Way to Upload Images To WordPress Without Using HTML AND Saving Space!

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

Yeah, I know… Getting back into the topic of using hosters to upload images instead of using WordPress library. The thing is… I found a way easier way to do this and I thought it would be nice to share with you.

Also, to be honest, I’m not 100% happy with that post. It had complications in the beginning and with the hotel’s internet I wasn’t able to do the best I think I could. Clearly it was my fault, I should had done a little more homework and put out the post completely accurate. But, well… Those things happen from time to time. I’m sorry about that one and I’m here, hopefully, to redeem myself πŸ™‚

Now, for this process in specific I’m using Imgur. I do not know if this works with all the hosters. If you put the direct link from a random picture random in Google it does work, so probably it also work if you use the direct link from your images disregarding the hoster. But, since I don’t know, you’ll have to try it out and see for yourself πŸ™‚

Let’s start this with a small explanation how Imgur works:

– Imgur –

Now Imgur is a hoster of pictures where you can upload your images. You can share with the community if you want and you also can find and search for others’ people pics and gif. However, in this case we are going for private albums and images. You can do it as you want, but since I use my images just for the blog I don’t really want them to be shown in other people’s searches.

First you create an account and all that which I’m not really to explain how to. I’m sure you are able to handle that. I’m going to start to explain how to create private albums first and then how to upload pictures.

– How to create an Imgur’s Album Step By Step –

First of all you need to click in your name and then albums (hard I know xD)

There you will have all of your albums. As you can see I use albuns for each post I write! And then I’m doing a gallery of all my goodbye gifs (since I use one every post and all) XD

Here, of course, you click in create an album.

You will get this pop-up and here is where you can put all the information. Where you have Imgur Post is the title of the album. Here, since I want my images not to be seen I just put hidden.

The difference between hidden and secret is that, with hidden you still can use direct links, with secret you can’t even do that which means the images won’t show up if at your blog if you have the album definitions in secret.

Then you just press save.

Last, but no the least, it will appear a window where you can add uploaded images to your album. If you already have media to add just go to non-album images and click in the ones you want to add.

However, if you are doing this my way, then you still don’t have your pics uploaded. Click on This Album’s images, the space will be empty and then press save.

And that’s it. You just created a hidden album which only you in Imgur can see the media inside it and, of course, the places where you insert the direct link.

Now, you have the album, but it’s empty, right? So let’s add images!

– How to Add Images in Imgur to An Album –

First of all you need to get out from albums and go to images.

In images you first want to click in add to album and then click the album you just created. For me it’s the “Imgur Post” album. This way all media added will automatically go to the album you just created.

Then, you just need to click in add images.

This is what you will pop-up. You can add images by browsing your pc, just dragging the media there, or paste the image or URL there. I advise you to go by browsing/dragging images because this way you can add a lot of them at the same time.

Moreover, I always prefer to download the image first, see the image size and change it to better my need if needed. I mean, I could love a GIF, but if he weights 10MBΒ  won’t be using. I’ve already explained why in my “How To Get More Google Hits” series.

And that’s it, the images will be uploaded and added to the album you chose. Now, let me show you how easy is to add the media to your WordPress Post.

– Adding Images from Imgur to WordPress –

First click on the image/gif you want.

This menu will appear. As you can see there are many ways to get that image to post in other places. You even have an HTML code so you can easy copy and paste on your post’ HTML.

However, you don’t need to use the HTML code. In fact, you just need to copy the direct link and paste it on your writer in the visual side and the picture will appear. Yeah, that easy. As in the last post I’ve written about this, everything will work as if you did insert an image from the gallery. You can resize and caption it. However you can’t edit it.

But, first, let me show you what will appear on the HTML side when you do this:

Basically you have max-width to 100% which means it’s dynamic (smaller screens will see it smaller and bigger screens will never get the image bigger than originally is). However, as you can see there is no alternative title.

For this you just will have to add it manually in the HTML side as you already had to do using last post process. Basically, it will appear like this:

Basically just go add a space where src ends and add alt=”xxxx”, being xxxx the name you want to give that media. And, that’s it!

– Final Remarks –

As you can see this is way easier to do than writing so much HTML as I explained in the last post. In fact, if you don’t really mind not having alternative titles to your images (which means your images won’t appear in google images) it gets even easier since you don’t have to take into account any kind of HTML coding.

Hope this help you and that I made your blogging a little easier. I asked who wanted to be tagged in this in my Twitter, but since no-one has commented there (Poor me) I will only tag awesomeΒ Tanteikid. Make sure to follow him πŸ˜‰

If you have anything to add or any question, feel free to comment down below! We all know how I love to get those comments eheh

See You Soon! πŸ˜€

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  1. I use imgur and flickr ever since I learnt to host your own images and not grabbing them from the web for a good while now. Here’s a neat trick, if you embed too much vids from yt, it actually bogs down the loading speed of your post. To get around that, use the custom link option. Link the image up to the vid and presto! multiple vids without having to embed. The down side with flickr is that it embeds and you can’t resize.

    Nice post for those that didn’t know art :D.

  2. ? Hmm. So, I am making an educated guess that those images that are hosted somewhere else does not take up our WordPress storage space.

    I used the image address once as a test and it made a copy of the image in my WordPress storage.

    The last thing that I want to do is unwillingly use up my 3 GB of storage.

    1. Yes, that’s the objective eheh πŸ˜€

      This is not the image address thing. If you go to your library you have different ways to add your images, but all of them add the image to your library.

      In here you paste the direct link from Imgur in the text, not in the library.

          1. ? The Alt text in images tells search engines what the blog post is all about; hence the reason why people optimise their images for search engine optimisation.

    2. There are two ways you can add images and it depends. If you use the WP admin >> go to add media >> select URL

      The new improved editior, copy and pasted the url from imgur and then just dump it in your post.

    1. If you paste the direct link in the text the image will appear yeah. But you should not do it like that. The reason is:

      Let’s say you find an image that you like and put it in your post like that. If the site where you got the image from deletes it, your image will also disappear. It’s way better to have your own space and links. This way you are sure that they won’t disappear unless you want to

    2. Golden rule, as Art said, host your own images. All them years ago, I did the exact thing you and many, many, many did. Take images hosted elsewhere and linked back to my posts. It caused problems later on for my posts, because the images were no longer there.

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