Confessions: Am I getting addicted to my blog stats?

Confessions: Am I getting addicted to my blog stats?
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Hi guys and welcome to my place!

So, this post is not going to be really that big and, honestly, is just to see if there are more people out there like me so I can feel a little better with myself!


I am a really objective driven, analytical and a little obsessive type of guy, so I knew from the start that in the moment I started this blog I would be always seeing if my posts were having views, if I was getting more visitors, likes, etc. I think you know the gist of it!

However it feels like that I am getting too much into the statistics of my blog! Don’t take me wrong though! I NEVER think of statistics when I am writing a post. I write because I love it and because I am creative, not to get famous or something like that! It’s more of a “see if I’m delivering content that you guys want/like” kind of thing XP I think the only thing I do strategically is about the timing I share them in my socials. Here in wordpress does not really make a difference because I have viewers from the States and from Asia at the same time, so It would be impossible to post anything in the “correct timing”.


Non the less, mainly in the days I publish something I see myself looking to the stats many times a day (more than I want to admit it) and since I am new to this blogging thing I want to ask you guys if you also have the curiosity of always seeing how is the post going throughout the day or if you post it and then forget about it and just come back when you have any comments to reply πŸ™‚ I also want to ask to the bloggers that are kicking around here for a longer time if this is something that happens when you start a blog and then you start to be less paranoid about it! πŸ˜€

Well, as I said it is a small post! πŸ˜› I would love to read your opinion about this! Also, I’m trying to be a little more laid back about the stats of my blog as we speak!

See ya soon! πŸ˜€

0 thoughts on “Confessions: Am I getting addicted to my blog stats?

  1. I think you need to be aware of your stats to a point. Initially it gives you a clearer idea about when to post and what content is best received or better yet, not well received. There’s quite a bit of trial and error when you first start a blog and stats are just a good feedback mechanism for that. That said, outside of the content I write, the biggest factor that will change my weekly stats is how interactive I am with other bloggers that week. I don’t think you need to be obsessive about your stats, but ignoring them probably isn’t a good idea either as they’ll give you a starting point for figuring out what is going on with your blog.

    1. Yeah! That’s why I look at the stats and always will! XD but the question is do you think that this thing about having the curiosity of looking at them many times along the day is just because I’m new to blogging and it will fade away or I should start putting limits xD for example, going only once a day to WordPress stats xD

      1. Depends on you really. I tend to check my stats first thing in the morning and then last thing in the evening and that’s about it (although I will admit the page is open nearly continuously when I’m at home because I don’t really close tabs until my computer starts having fits about it).

        1. The problem for me is that I have the wordpress application in my mobile phone, so it’s really easy to just go there and check on the stats πŸ™‚ but let’s face it, if I go there almost hourly the stats probably will not have moved much…

  2. I agree with Karandi. She basically said exactly what it is about stats, it is a great way to measure what works abd what doesn’t, especially in the beginning. And stats are also cool. I honestly have to say that I write because I really like to, but it’s also fun to see a post you wrote is doing well, or is well received? The fact of the matter is though, the one thing I will always like doing the most is interacting with everyone. That is what really makes blogging the most fun. Stats are just an added bonus, at least for me they are.?

    1. What I am trying to do is going only once a day to the stats XP but I’m always coming back to the WordPress app to answer comments and so on and I end up looking to the stats >< but I am better xD I love statistics because they say to you if you are delivering work people like or not xD but the thing I do love the most in WordPress is creating content and new ideas for the blog! It's just so much fun xD

  3. I like to see the clicks – as in have any people clicked on the links to other blogs or pages. So I do check my stats daily…when I remember. I think we al care about our blog doing well in our own way. I do know that the posts I loved writing seem to be the least popular…

    1. Yeah! I’m going to try to look to the stats only once a day πŸ™‚ Well, for me that’s not a problem! The most important thing is to do what you love! :3 Even if it’s not that popular!

  4. 1 comment is better than 0 comments!. Whilst it is good to check your metrics, to see how your blog is performing. The best advice I can give is: try not to obsess over them, that’s a place to where you don’t want to go. Become too obsess with them, has the potential to really drag you down.
    I knew a blogger and he was pretty in to his stats, and well…he left the blogging scene altogether when his stats went down. As Karandi said, you’ll see higher stats when you’re actually interacting with other bloggers.

  5. I know exactly what you mean with this one! I’m glad I’m not alone with this ? I think at first it was fascinating to me because I loved seeing where in the world people were reading from so I’d keep checking but the past couple of weeks I have seemed to chill out about it a bit more (maybe because I’ve been busy idk) but I think it’s healthy to check at least once or twice a day especially if you post that day! ?

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! πŸ˜› I thnk its not really that healthy looking at the stats so many times as I do, but with the app in the mobile phone is just so easy!!! πŸ˜€ I’m going to try to check it only once a day! Althouh, I think that the moment I get a job and get a lot busier I’ll be less tempted to go see it πŸ˜›

      1. Yeah I know what you mean it makes it so much easier if you can just open the app on your phone and have a quick glance. Yeah I think once you get busy with stuff the temptation will die down! πŸ˜€

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