The Worst Tips I’ve ever Got!

The Worst Tips I’ve ever Got!

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

I feel like my posts in the last few weeks have been a little heavy. It’s good for brain food, I guess, but in the end of the day, I want Arthifis’ Place to be an enjoyable place where you get entertained when you enter and read my posts πŸ˜€

This way, I decided to talk about the worst tips/ pieces of advice I ever got in my life. It will be related from how to use social media to daily life advice.Β  Did you ever got some advice that you thought “How the hell can someone say something like this?”, yeah, that’s what I’m going to tackle in here! πŸ˜›

– Social Media Advice –

bad social media tips

The bad thing about working in digital marketing is that I work with something that many people who are not from the area also want to improve. If you go and try to find some classes in really difficult mathematics, for example, you won’t get many hits, but normally the ones you get are from trusted professors and entities. However, that’s not what happens in social media. Even people who do not have an exact objective to use social media want to get more followers. This makes that a LOT of people give their own pieces of advice on the matter (including myself), although not all of them are really that trustworthy/good. Here are some of the worst I’ve ever read:

Write content that asks to be retweeted

Something I came across while browsing on how to improve my Twitter strategy. I mean, it’s not wrong, but it doesn’t help at all!!! That’s just generic buls****! Of course, it’s going to work, but shouldn’t you explain how do you write something that “asks” to be retweeted?

Ask for retweets

notice me senpai
It’s Notice Me Senpai, Twitter Edition

Another tip for Twitter. I know, it’s true that if you put [RT Please] probably you will get more retweets. But, is that what you really want to pass through people? I’ve tried this once and it was something that I really wanted people to get the information. It was about them and not me, nevertheless, I felt horrible doing it. Did it work, not really to be honest. I think the only thing it may work was to pass the image I was craving for attention lol

Follow people so they follow you

Another thing that is not wrong… It does work… Until a certain extent. However, I think this is a dangerous way of thought. Basically, you will just see people have someone who may follow and not look at them at all. Moreover, using this kind of process, the people who will follow you are not really into what you have to offer. Which means, a lot of followers, little engage. However, I do think you should follow other people, if you think what they are doing is interesting and not because they may or may not follow you back.

Tweet the same content multiple times

anime bored
Yeah Yeah… I already know you walked your dog today… Like, for 5 times!

I couldn’t disagree more with this one. The thought behind this is that your tweet has a lifespan of 18 minutes, which, from my experience is not true. My engagement does not come in the first 20 minutes after I tweet something out. In fact, only after some hours, I will have some kind of engagement.

I do think though it’s ok that you sometimes tweet the same link more than once (let’s say a blog post). But, if you start spamming I will just not care the next tweet I see from you.

Use Words like this and don’t use words like that

Really, I would love to see these studies! So, for these people believe if you type some magical words you will have more possibility to get more engagement. That’s just not gonna happen! For you to get engagement in whatever it is, you need to show good and relatable content. So, I think you have Twitter there does not really make the difference. However, if you are proving a good point about Twitter inside the said social media, of course, it’s going to have more engagement.

– Life Advice –

anime angry
Yeah, these ones push my buttons a little

However, it’s not only online you find really crappy (and laughable) advice. Sometimes it’s face-to-face which is even harder to accept since we always try to do a straight face although we are thinking “This is just stupid”.

You are so skinny you need to eat more french fries

I have a really quick metabolism, which means I struggle to not get too thin. However, every time people see me they seem to have the need to comment on my weight and proceed to give some kind of advice (which normally is never a good one).

Since I’m skinny I should start eating more french fries, or cake, or McDonald’s, or something that will completely destroy my health if I eat that too much. That’s not how you control your weight or how you gain weight in a reasonable way. So, please stop giving half-assed commentary to my weight! I know, I know, you wanted to have the same metabolism as me, so you need to say some kind of crap, but just don’t.

As anyone noticed? No? Then do not say anything!

anime shhh

This is something I’ve heard more than I would like to. If you do something bad, or some kind of error, if no-one noticed then you are off the hook and you just don’t need to say anything. In my book, this is just wrong! If you did something bad, just say it, ask for forgiveness and try to find a solution! Making mistakes is human!

And, I’m pretty sure there are other ones that I completely deleted from my memory so I didn’t get dumber. XD What about you? What is the worst advice you ever got? Tell me all in the comments! πŸ˜€

anime chie waving
See You Soon! πŸ˜€

0 thoughts on “The Worst Tips I’ve ever Got!

  1. The not tweeting teh same thing too many times thing can be a real issue sometimes, I’ve noticed. I tend to tweet about a post twice on the day of relase, and once in a weekly round-up, but otherwise don’t dig them out too often. I’ve seen people posting every hour about the same thing ebfore now though, and it really can make you zone out with it.

    1. Yeah, how you do it is fine! But, if you are posting every hour I just see you as a attention seeker who just wants to get more traffic… In fact, I’ll just unfollow people like them! I have better things to do with my life than watching spam xD

  2. I sometimes see people that say: always follows back. And I think: WHY? I follow people because I am interested in what they have to say, or because their blog or whatever it is they have is cool. That said…even though I still see some blogs every day that I come across that look interesting I don’t follow anymore: exactly for that reason: Why follow if you know you just can’t read all the posts from them? Sometimes I still make the occasional exception. But I would feel horrible to just follow someone and never really read their posts. But…maybe that is just me. usual, this was a terrific post ?

    1. Yeah, I really can’t understand that! The same goes with “Like everything people post”. We all have limited time, so I think you should just follow whoever you think it’s interesting enough and the same goes to the posts.

      I mean, I would love to read everyone’s posts, but I just don’t have the time for that. So, I’m sorry, but I’ll just read your stuff if I think it’s interesting. It may feel a little harsh, but on top of everything I’m just. This way, I feel that people who in fact write in a terrific manner and really spend their time making great content deserve my time more than others that I don’t feel as interesting….

      Thank you Raist <3

      1. Completely agree with you on that ? It is for me why I have put a limit on the number of blogs to follow, despite making the occasional exception! And I think that is fine too. People that just follow for the follow or give a 100 likes in the space of 5 seconds just aren’t people I am interested in following. Oh and of course: you are welcome ??

  3. I think social media and twitter remain a bit of an enigma, but the one bit of sensible advice is that the more you engage, the more likely people are to engage with you. Being passive and waiting for people to notice you is not going to work. Seeking out content you like and sharing it or commenting on it, is likely to bring people to check out your work and maybe engage with it. Still, there are plenty of people who publish tips on how to increase engagement and maybe statistically they would work, but the question remains of how many of those engagements are people actually caring.

    1. I completely agree with you. Most of the times, people are just guessing what works… It doesn’t mean that they are completely right.

      And yeah, that’s a good advice. Twitter is just like a huge party! If you stay in a corner not talking with anyone probably people will not come and talk to you… That’s why I also defend that you SHOULD follow some people that you feel that are instering… But just following for the follow back, that’s a NO!

      1. I picked up a lot of the people I followed initially during the Yuri on Ice craze and mostly just followed people retweeting, creating and sharing anything around that. This season I seem to be picking up people discussing Banana Fish and My Hero Academia. Then again, my Twitter followers tend to fluctuate a lot with each season and the people I routinely interact with tend to be other bloggers that I know from their blogs.

    1. I never saw liquid fries, so I think you are right on that! πŸ˜€ Sorry, had to do this terribly joke πŸ˜›

      Well, it may work… If I want to stay with really skinny arms and legs but then have a huge belly!

      Now that I think about it, then I can say I’m pregnat and pass over everyone in line in the supermatket ?

  4. I really think you should eat more. Here, have a donut! ? No but I know it, I’m on the other end of that. People bullshitting you with “you should really eat less” and “are you sure you should eat that”. Not to mention all the latest diets they so kindly tell you about. And I’m not even that fat! ? So I know what it’s like. Well, it gets easier when you get older. People aren’t as adamant to give such idiotic advices when you turn 40. ?

    As for Twitter; I never tweet the same stuff twice. I can rant about stuff but I don’t see the good in retweeting your own stuff. I get annoyed and chances are I unfollow people who does that regularly. Some vloggers/bloggers have a tendency to post links to their new posts several times and yeah, just don’t do that. i get that you want to get the message out that you have a new post up but once is enough. Or maybe I just follow too few so I see them too easily? ?

    1. *Eats the donut*, *looks to the scale* -> just lost weight xD

      ahahah! Well, I don’t know, I think my mother will always see me as a baby, no matter the age I have ahah

      But I don’t really get it… Like, unless you are unhealthy and then yes, you need to look it up and try to get better, the is no freaking reason why someone should make any kind of commentary to someone’s weight or what they should eat. Maybe try to think more about their own life for a sec would be a better thing to do… I don’t know, just saying….

      I’m with you on this one! Posting too many times the same thing will just make me think you are an attention seeker… Moreover, it will in fact undermine my thoughts about your work. I mean, if it was really good, I’m sure other people would put it out on Twitter too, right?

      1. ? Well, mothers will always be an exception, they will always worry out of love. And, as annoying as it is, it is a good thing. <3 I think people who have issues themselves transfer them on others. It is their way of feel better i suppose. I don't really care, all I know is that I will never do the same to my kids that my mom did to me. Constantly telling me I need to loose weight and tell me that I can get better. Also, force me to eat up. That screwed up my relatinship to food. A whole other story though. Anyway…

        I think that people will retweet your work if it is good, yes. I try to if I catch it. I've been a bit bad at it this summer because of reasons you all know about. My absence and all but yeah if you like something you should retweet it I think. And I think people do. This last week or so I have seen a lot of retweets from people. It's nice.

        1. Yeah, I also think that! That’s why I don’t judge my mother when she says those kind of things πŸ˜› I know those comments come from a caring place πŸ˜›

          However, I think that mothers should know when to cross the line… Happy that you are going to go in another way with your kids!

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