Why I Say Personality Is Everything As a Content Creator

Why I Say Personality Is Everything As a Content Creator

Hello everyone and welcome to our place,

This week I didn’t have any tag to answer and, to be honest, I am way too lazy today to go and refresh the “Purchase of The Week” series. This way, I decided to write a post about how important is to show your personality when creating content.

I’ve already said this many times, but here we go again! One thing that you always need to have in your content to grow a community around it is by having a small difference versus all the other creators. What I mean is, everyone can review the same Anime, but, only one person will be able to write it the same way as you do and that’s… Well, you!

You heard her!!

However, by only saying this I feel that comes out a little bit of a way too broad and unspecific comment. Yeah, it’s true, of course! We all know it! But, until which point does it change your content? Well, I’m going to give an example which in fact served as the trigger to write this post.

During this 2 weeks off in vacation I ended up consuming a little bit of YouTube. This is something that I’ve been doing less and less. This way, it felt good and relaxing to come back to the old ways and just lose myself into YouTube.

The Youtuber that sparked this though process was Jefree Star. Jefree Star is a guy (and a queen ofc) who is a beauty guru. He has a multimillionaire cosmetic company, but still has the time to make videos for his fans in YouTube.

There are many things that Jefree Star is that would not make him my Youtuber to watch. First of all, he focuses in a beauty review channel. In other words, he basically buys everything that comes out in stores and reviews it. Secondly, he is not really the type of guy that I would talk to or be friends with. Not that he’s a bad guy, just because we don’t have much in common.

Nevertheless, I ended up watching a LOT of his videos. So many in fact, that now my recommended videos are all from beauty gurus. Now… Why the hell did I watched so many videos from him?

– Personality –

That’s a personality too! :3

The fact you relate with his personality or not is irrelevant. As I said, I don’t relate to him at all! However, the way he presents things, the way he talks with people and how is so truly him throughout all of his videos just made me want to consume more and more.

That’s it guys! There are a ton of beauty gurus out there reviewing the same products as him. However, I ended up to watch his videos because of his personality. Only that! There was not any kind of useful information to me, neither I understood any type of tea he was giving away as he talked. I mean, I don’t really know what is happening in the beauty industry, especially the American one.

That’s why I always tell you that showing your personality is the most important when writing content. It’s important to give your opinion, write/talk with no filters and just show yourself to the World. That’s how you get a community, that’s how you get people to comment, agreeing or disagreeing with you. I’m not kidding, people like that!

Reigen approves

I mean, why would people stop reading company’s magazines and start reading blogs? Stop watching TV and directed themselves to YouTube? Because they want to read/watch real people. People who are not afraid to give their own opinion even if it’s not a common one. People who are not about bashing a game just because of the views.

I mean, corporate is not bad… At all! There are many companies that I love (In the end I’m still a manager after all) but I also ended up falling inside this trend. Wanting to see and read real people’s work! That’s why the moment a YouTube starts over editing and overproducing their videos I instantly lose interest. Not that it’s a bad thing (and I’m happy to see my favorite Youtubers going further and further). However, that’s not why I’m on Youtube.

– My Own Personality –

Ok… Maybe I hide some parts… Or maybe not… You will never know muahah

Some people have been calling me someone who has found their place in the Anime WordPress community. Someone who, at the moment, is an influencer and an “important” person inside that community.

I couldn’t be happier to read those statements, of course. Nevertheless, I never make a huge deal out of them! Only reason is – I don’t want to go over my head and just become an obnoxious person thinking I’m better than anyone. In reality, I’m just as good as someone who is starting as I also feel that I’m still way to little to even consider myself as an influencer lolol

However, those kind of comments made me think… Yeah, it’s true that I’ve been growing in a steady pace, people seem to come back and read my stuff. And, something that makes me extremely happy, I end up having several comments in almost all my posts. I wanted to understand why is that.

Thinking=Eating in my book

I came up with personality. It’s not like my personality is better than anyone’s. But, from the beginning what I “sold” in my blog was kindness, “I’m here to help” and no filter kind of vibe. Not because I intended too, just because that’s how I am. That’s why I always share my knowledge and made the Arthis Classroom series. That’s why I also created my anxiety tips posts.

So, in the end, I think people come back because of my personality. It’s mine and no-one will ever be able to copy it! I’m here for people who prefer to read lighter posts and that they can relate (or not) and feel that there is always openness to disagree and say whatever in the comments.

– Final Thoughts –

Ups… I got sidetracked for a second… Sorry!

In the end, I think personality is the most important thing you can add to your work. Remember, a guy that does not (or intends to) use make-up at all, ended up passing hours of his vacancy time watching a beauty guru’s videos.

In the end, just be you. As in the “real” world some people will like you, others won’t. That’s life! However, this way you will create an impression to your readers/viewers. And believe me, there will always be people out there who relate to you, or even if they don’t, they will just watch your beauty videos because of you.

See You Soon! 😀


0 thoughts on “Why I Say Personality Is Everything As a Content Creator

  1. Duh! Of course you are an important person in this community. Posts like this, and all the other post that you have written recently are just incredibly helpful to starting bloggers and veterans alike. So no wonder people are saying that you are important (and then of course there is the fact that you are a great person period, so there is that).
    I completely agree though: The posts that I enjoy reading the most are the personal ones. Those little touches that make a post just more interesting to read, instead of summing up a dry number of facts. So, you are totally right: personality is certainly what can make (or break) a post ( or video ?)).

    1. You are too kind Raist! <3 Nevertheless, I prefer to see myself as a tiny guy in the Anime world ahah Way less pressure like that and 100% sure that I don't get too confident.

      Right? In fact, I'm in the work of starting to do reviews more personal… Going to take a while since I seem to have hit a wall and still couldn't understand how am I doing that ahah

      1. Well…it’s like I said yesterday to tetrax4berium in a smilar comment: you don’t realise how important you really are. Even by doing small things you make a difference, so really you are one of the greats right now in this community. And if you don’t believe that, ask other people: they will probably give you the same answer.
        I try to put something personal in a review when I can (it doesn’t always lend it self for that depending on what it is that I review) But it does make it a lot more fun to write too. You can do it: I have faith in you ?

        1. Thank you very much Raist! ^.^ Although I’m not sure I’ll be asking other people about that ahah

          I mean “Hey, how are you? Do you think I’m a huge blogger?” – that just seems plain wrong ahahahah 😀

          Oh thank you! It’s hard though, I always stick with my own opinion of course, but I would like to show more relation between me and the Anime/Game I’m reviewing, if that makes any sense xD

          I know you do, that’s one of the reasons your posts are always so good! ^^

          1. Haha, I guess that’s true, though knowing every one in this community, I’m pretty sure they would have no problem answering that question.
            And yes, absolutely that makes perfect sense ?
            Aww thanks, that is very kind of you to say so, now you are making me blush here ??

  2. At the end of the day there are plenty of people reviewing and analysing anime. Your personality is about the only thing that will distinguish your writing from anyone else’s because you are unlikely to make a totally unique observation about a show. I think finding your voice is a really important step for a blogger.

  3. I had a thought of writing a discussion about our blogging styles and how it identifies us, and here you’ve put it out really well, especially the part where you explained “there will always be people out there who relate to you”. I think this is extremely important, and a helpful note to motivate us if we get a little down with blogging statistics. Like… statistics… it’s just a number right? Surely having a real virtual connection beats having many weak links. But hey, an interesting personality will always encourage connections, and that’s what people need to realize too 😉

    Thanks for sharing Arthifis!

    1. I’ve seen you already did it xD I’ve read it and I loved it! I still wasn’t able to comment though (I was on my phone).

      If I knew I would invite you to do a collab 🙁

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m happy that you related to it! And there is nothing more I can ask for than having someone pick my work and do an excellent philosophy around it! 😀 That’s just crazy and the ultimate happiness

      1. Haha XD, I think you meant negativeprimes. I haven’t wrote a blogging discussion piece on personalities yet.
        But hey, I don’t mind taking that pseudo-identity 😛 Make sure you thank him at his post ^^
        Oh, and I would definitely be more than “more than happy” happy to do a collab wih you. And I would be just as happy to see a collab between you and NegPrimes 😀

        1. The hell? You are right! 😀 You know what happened? I got your comment and shortly afterwards I got the link ahahah in my brain I thought it was the same person and that’s it ahahah Oh god! >.<

          Yeah I did of course ahah xD

          Well, since you still HAVE NOT written the post I would be more than happy to make a collab with you! 😀

          We can also add NegPrimes ahah 3 guys talking about personality xD

          1. Hahaha XDDD Short-circuited XD
            That sounds like fun, adds a lot of personality to a post on personalities XD
            Oh I initially had a draft idea on summer festivities that could involve a bigger group of bloggers if they want to participate. Am thinking of posting onto the Fb group as August comes to see if anyone is interested.

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