Day 17: Favourite Male Anime Support Character | They Deserve a Show of Their Own

Day 17: Favourite Male Anime Support Character | They Deserve a Show of Their Own

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It’s day 17 of my 30-ish Anime Challenge!!! First, let us see the list of the challenge (You can click any of the days before to go to the post of that day :P):

Hmm.. aren’t the sidekicks also a support character? I really don’t understand what a support character in anime to be honest, but I will go with everyone that is not the main character (?) So even if they are secondary and not “minor” characters I will see them as support. I’ll go with support characters that I think they deserved to have their own show as main characters.

Well, if there are many main characters to choose from, the support ones just makes that amount times 1000. It really is difficult to choose just only one, so as I did as other challenges. I’ll give you the one that came to my mind right away and then some honorable mentions:

Shikamaru from Naruto


I just love this character so much! For someone who reclaims himself as lazy and doesn’t want to bother about anything he goes beyond his own strength to help his friends. He’s a master mind, calm (or at least tries to seem that way) and really loyal to his friends. He is one of those characters that I would love to have as a friend (Although I wouldn’t play strategic games with him!). Even though he doesn’t really steal the spotlight the majority of  the times, mainly because he doesn’t want to, I could really see a show with him as the main character. They did an arc focused on him in Naruto and i was one of the few fillers that I truly watched and enjoyed it.

Isaac Netero from Hunter x Hunter


Well… What is not to like about Isaac? The leader of the hunters association, one of the strongest out there, but then when you really have the possibility to see him, he is just one of the kindest persons in the show. I love how he is! He’s really intelligent, but more than that he’s human and accepts everyone. I would love to see a show featuring his life (well, they could pass all those years when the only thing he did was punching the air non stop for years).

Fraken Stein from Soul Eater

Fraken Stein.gif

From what I said in the past about Rintarou you probably know that I like mad scientists, and well Fraken Stein just does the trick. He’s just completely mad and funny, but at the same time sane and wise! So yeah, he’s the full package. I also love the thingy he has to always adjusting his head’s screw! 😀 I would love to see a show featuring him as the main character, it could be about all the experiments he did to his own body for example.

George Miyagusuku from Blood+


“Father” of Saya, I love how wise and gentle he is. Not everybody brings someone as Saya to his own house and raises her as her own daughter. It is heartwarming to see how George cared about Saya and when it was time to let her go he did. He’s just a really fine man and a really good father. I hope I can be as a good father as him! I would love to see an anime like slice of life, just showing his daily life while raising Saya.

That’s all for today folks! What do you think of my pick? And who is your favorite support male character? Comment down below!

See Ya Tomorrow! 😀


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