Day 26: Best Anime Fight | Awesomeness lvl 1000

Day 26: Best Anime Fight | Awesomeness lvl 1000

It’s day 26 of my 30-ish Anime Challenge!!! First, let us see the list of the challenge (You can click any of the days before to go to the post of that day :P):

I feel that I am repeating myself with this challenge… I’ve already talked about Hunter x Hunter fight when I answered about my favorite attack and I think I also mentioned another fight or two along the way… So it starts to get difficult doing this!!!!! (First World Problems!)… And tomorrow I’m going to talk about the most badass scene, which normally also involves fighting… GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! So, for today I’ll go with just one pick ok?????? Sorry for no honorable mentions :/ So the one I’m going to choose is:

Madara Uchiha vs. The Five Kage from Naruto Shippuden


 I don’t have much to say about this… I would be horrible to comment any kind of sports (e-sports included) event… I don’t really know what to say to show how awesome this fight was… Basically it’s a god vs. 5 of the finest shinobis in Naruto.

I really love this fight, first the attacks you see are like SS-rank and they really went over the top while designing them. Next you don’t have a dull moment, I mean it’s 5 vs. 1 (although the 1 has the upper hand LOL) so there is always something hapenning. Last, but not the least, it’s the fight that (at least for me) really shows the five villages fighting together!


I dunno… Probably the explanation is not really that good and for someone who didn’t see the fight won’t understand why is so awesome, but hey!!! It’s something!! xD

My favorite GIF starting today!

What do you think about my pick? And which anime fight do you see as te best one of all time? Comment down below! 😀

See Ya Tomorrow! 😀

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