Day 27: Most Badass Scene from an Anime Character | More Fighting Scenes \o/

Day 27: Most Badass Scene from an Anime Character | More Fighting Scenes \o/
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It’s day 27 of my 30-ish Anime Challenge!!! First, let us see the list of the challenge (You can click any of the days before to go to the post of that day :P):

Again… I feel I am repeating myself… When I think of badass I think about fighting… Does it ring a bell? Yeah it was what I wrote yesterday!! God… I really don’t know what to pick now…

Well… after some thought on this some ideas appeared!!! Yaiii \o/ So i’ll give you several… It’s not fair to tell you that one is special and the others are only honorable mentions because every each of them are in the same step. Let’s start with the first pick:

Naruto defends Tsunade – Naruto


There are many badass scenes in Naruto, but I had to choose this one. When Tsunade is completely frozen by the sight of blood while fighting Kabuto, Naruto defends one of Kabuto’s attacks with his forehead…. It was really cool and it was the action Tsunade needed to snap out of it and start behaving more as her past self.

Maka transforming into a weapon – Soul Eater


Although the end of this fight was not really what I think as a good ending, the fight itself was awesome. Being the climax when Mako exceeds herself and transforms into a weapon, being one of the few that can wield and be a weapon at the same time! Just loved it!

Killua using Godspeed against Youpi – HunterxHunter


Now, Killua is a badass and cool character throughout all the anime, but it was against Youpi that he showed his full strength. It really was awesome for him (someone who always flew when he saw an opponent way too stronger for him) to go against Youpi, an opponent completely out of his league. It was just…. BADASS!

Yuri giving a kiss to the judges – Yuri on Ice


Now… Yuri on Ice is more known by his comedy and beautiful part than badass scenes, but when Yuri blows a kiss to the judges for the first time it was just badass!! I really liked this scene because it really shows that when he’s on the ring he’s a completely different person, much more confident than his true self (and sexy!).

That’s all for my picks! 😀 What do you think of them? Also, which badass scene from an Anime character would you pick? Comment down below! 😀

See Ya Tomorrow! 😀






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