Day 9: Favourite Anime Villain | They Also deserve our love

Day 9: Favourite Anime Villain | They Also deserve our love

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It’s day 9 of my 30-ish Anime Challenge!!! First, let us see the list of the challenge (You can click any of the days before to go to the post of that day :P):

Most of stories there is always a villain or an antagonist each one with their desires and motives, so it’s hard to pick one villain (I will go with 2 this time). I also think that we should show more appreciation for villains, as Karandi expresses really well in the post Three Reasons Why Being a Villain Would Suck.

I also think that there is a thin line between a villain and a hero. Probably if I was in their shoes and with the powers they have I would take the same course of action, Kira from Death Note and the protagonist from Persona 5 (I know that one is not an anime… YET!) are some examples. If I had a death note I would use it to punish people who did terrible things and if I had the opportunity to change people hearts so they can be kind and realize what they are doing is just wrong I would also do it! However, I do know that making justice with your own hands is not acceptable in the society we live in, but sometimes the justice system we have doesn’t work. Irina explains this thin line in an astonishing way in her post The Thin Line Between Hero and Villain, even though it’s more focused in My Hero Academy, it really is a good read.

So, for this challenging I’m not going to take into account general villains who I don’t really believe they are villains, such as Kira for example. The main rule I implemented to myself is that they need to kill innocent people even though they did not have to do it. I also have 2 picks, one taking into account is motives and background, other just well… I love him as a character even though there is not really a motive for being a villain. So first pick:



Now, I don’t see Pain as a bad guy… He lost a lot with the Ninja War and in reality he just wants world peace, even if that means killing everyone who might start a war. He decides to destroy all ninja villages, starting with Konoha. Now, killing everyone is a little much to me, but I really can understand how is feeling and why did he took that course of action, from young age the only thing he knew was about war and combat, this makes him to go into a state of mind where the only way to end this is to destroy the source of all evil, ninjas… Even if he ends up killing villagers which are just innocent people, it’s all for the greater good, basically he takes the positive answer for the dilemma of killing a few to save many. After meeting Naruto he has the opportunity to understand that there are more than just bad people in the world, he ends up believing in him and stops the attack (that’s the main factor for me saying that is not really a bad guy). I think it is one of the villains who I understood the most and that I felt if I had the same life as his, I probably would do the same thing as him.

Second Pick: Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter


In a completely different note, Hisoka just does whatever he wants. The only motive he has is to fight strong people and everything he schemes and does is to achieve that objective. He doesn’t kill Gon just because he feels Gon’s potential and wants him to mature his fighting skills… So he can then fight him and kill him LOL He only thinks about himself and I don’t think he has any friends… He only sees people worth fighting or tools to achieve the goal of fighting someone worth his while. I do hope that in the second season they show a little more of Hisoka’s background! I’m really interested in seeing how he was as a child!

So, those are my picks for the best villain ever. What do you think of my picks? And who is your favourite villain of all time? Comment down below!!!!

See Ya Tomorrow! 😀


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  1. I haven’t finished Hunter x Hunter yet but HIsoka is really creepy. Great answers and I’m enjoying following the challenge so far.
    Thanks for the link to my post.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the challenge! 🙂 I was scared that the amount of posts would deteriorate the posts’ quality >.<
      Don't need to thank me, I really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Hisoka was definitely one of my favorite characters from HxH. And I get how Pain is hard to consider as a villain… well I mean aside from the massive number of people he “killed”. I guess he’s just really relatable.

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