Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | BL PAIRINGS!!!

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | BL PAIRINGS!!!

Hi guys and welcome to our place! 😀

This time around you won’t have only one hotty! No, no, no (read as Family Guy maid)! Today we have TWO hot guys and better than that, they have to be together in some sort of pairing! Being that just shipping or from an Anime! I’m really enthusiastic for this one! So enthusiastic that I will have to give an honorable mention xD

At Mel’s place, although it’s only one hotty, it’s more than enough! We talked about our hotties from the Romance genre! And you know romance always have the best hotties!

So, let us start for who I picked for the best BL pairing:

– Yuri x Victor from Yuri on Ice!!! –

Yuri and victor kiss

Yes, both are really fine and handsome alone. But, when you put them together… *rainbow throw up*! They just work so well together! That is not even a question! 😀

The thing I love the most about this pairing is how their relationship develop in such a natural way. Yeah, it’s true that in the show itself there is no confirmation that they are in a relationship. However, I think it’s more than common sense that they have feelings for each other! AND I LOVE IT!

Yuri and victor give hands

I also love how Victor is always teasing Yuri! It may be with a peck in his cheek, it can be by getting way too close, or just appearing naked in front of Yuri. This of course, is a result of the culture clash. Russians are way more open to get “touchy” than the Japanese (although in Russia there is still a long way to go for the LGBTQ+ community….). However, this makes me remember my relationship a little bit. Probably, that’s why I felt so attached to it from the beginning 😀

Yuri and victor Cute

However, I had to add one honorable mention:

Hinata Shouyou x Kageyama from Haikyuu!!

hinata shouyou x kageyama cute
Fanart by Oops

I never watched Haikyuu in my life. I don’t know any of these characters. But, one day, my boyfriend was browsing my secret album in Pinterest. That album is of course full of… Hmm… Let’s say handsome anime boys in ways that you shouldn’t show to minors (?)

Well… As I said he was browsing my Pinterest and commented “You really like Hinata and Kageyama, don’t you?” and my answer was an honest “Who?”. Yeah, I didn’t even knew who he was talking about. But then, he showed me. I had a LOT of pictures of those boys together! These pictures were pinned in different days/weeks so I didn’t even noticed what was I doing until he had commented it xD

hinata shouyou x kageyama hot
I can’t find the artist -.-” But, great drawing *.*

So yeah, I don’t know them, I don’t know if their personalities would work together or not, I just know they seem really fine and cute together! So, yeah! Although this one is not for voting (unless Mel picks it, of course), this is one of the best gay shipping I’ve ever seen xD

I concede you the win for this week, my pick will have so trouble to win against VictUuri…

Anyway my pick shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who know me and who stalk my blog, I talk about his pairing more than once, I even wrote a fanfic for them…

Midorima x Takao


Ship name MidoTaka, while I’m perfectly aware that they are just friend, I just love their relationship in the Kuroko no Basuke series. If Kuroko is Kagami shadow, Takao is Midorima shadow. 


I just like their chemistry in and outside the court, the way Takao make fun of the tsundere Midorima and how the latter respond to that. I’m never tired to see them together. While we all know Kagami really trust Kuroko, the level of trust Midorima put in Takao during the Shoutoku vs Razukan game it different I think and that’s probably one other reason why I like the two of them together so much


On the court both make an amazing duo, Takao his the one who make Midorima play in team and not keep the ball for himself, Takao teach him that it’s okay to rely on the other sometimes that he doesn’t have to make all the work.

Takao’s goal when he decide to go to Shoutoku was to be acknowledged by Midorima, not only he succeed, but he became the shadow of the Tsundere Carrot.

© @ huka 52
© Gusari

And there you have everyone! 4 hotties just for you! 😀 As you probably already know I’m in holidays at the moment and I’m not using the computer, so this post is scheduled and I don’t know the results from last week poll. So, this week there is no score, sorry about that guys! >.<

And since Mel just gave the win I’m just gonna take it, so no voting this week! KIDDING! 😀 Thank you Mel, but it’s them who need to say who is the best pairing 😛 So, don’t forget to vote and comment who is your favorite gay shipping! I need it… For science! 😀

– Voting –



See You Soon! 😀

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