Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Black Haired Hotties!

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Black Haired Hotties!
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Hi guys and welcome to our place!

It’s Friday, which means… HOT ANIME GUYS!!! Come on, you can say it! This is just the best week day for you right? I mean, what is better than have a day just to discuss cute guys? Oh god, I would love to do it for a living!

Mel, my lost big sis, is here again today! Say hi Mel 🙂

Hi everyone happy to be back here!!

We already have done the challenge in her place! We talked about blond hotties!!! And they are HOT! You have to go there and see for yourself! I think we really went with two great choices eheh

Here, at my place, we are going to talk about black-haired hotties! That’s right, today is all about the blondies and brunettes (is that how you call it?)! For my pick I had to go with:

Shiba Tatsuya from The Irregular in Magic High School

Shiba Tatsuya

It’s a little strange that I went with a character for an Anime that I ended up dropping… Let me tell you, the Anime may not be for me, but Tatsuya is enough of a fine man to be here and deserve it all!

First of all, he is hot! He is athletic, just how I like it! He is muscular, but not too much! Moreover I love the combination between blue eyes and black hair. I don’t know why, ut probably because this combination is a little rare, since normally blondes are the ones with blue eyes xD

Shiba Tatsuya hot

But, as you already know, being hot is not enough to enter my list! Oh no! They also need to have personality and Tatsuya manages to have 2 of the traits I find more appealing in man. He is extremely intelligent, but he is also kind to others. I mean with this combination I just… *nose bleed*.

Shiba Tatsuya power

Moreover, he also has that kind of mysterious side! I don’t know all of it (since I didn’t see the Anime until the end) but he seems to be from some kind of agency and joined the school as undercover! I mean, he is basically a genius! 😀

Shiba Tatsuya secret

In the end, Tatsuya is just the full package and he really gives me the hotties!!!

If Aomine wasn’t already my favorite Kuroko no Basuke character, the clown that I’m about to present you would be:

Takao Kazunari 


He is the jokester of Shutoku, he is the guy you it is fun to be with. From all the character of the series, Takao is the one I would like to hang-out with the most. He is the type of guy everyone should have as friend. Funny and easy-going, he enjoy teasing people around him (mostly Midorima)


Takao also have a more serious side when it come to show how determined he can be. If he decide to go to Shutoku it’s because he want to be acknowledged by Midorima, he had that goal in mind and he succeed.  He became Midorima shadow,  he is the one who made Midorima change for the better, he is the one who reminded to Midorima the meaning of playing in a team and that it’s okay to not always be sure about what will happen. 


Takao can also be an idiot and seeing him just make me smile like an idiot. 


Uuuuh, that’s also a nice choice! I love how we chose, once again, completely different male characters ahah Well, that way everyone will like this post regarding their tastes… right(?)

Thank you very much for being following this collab until now and voting almost every week! 😀 I hope you are having fun! Comment down below who is your black-haired hotty! Also, don’t forget to vote! 😀 Ah! And don’t forget to go to Mel’s place and see the blond hotties 😉


See You Soon! 😀

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  1. Two fine locking men. I can only just go for the looks on this one but I’m with you Arthi, black hair and blue eyes are special.

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