Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Blue Haired Hotties!

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Blue Haired Hotties!

Hi everyone and welcome to our place! πŸ™‚

Today is Friday which means…. Hot Guys!!!!! If you still didn’t read Mel’s post, we talked about Brown Haired Hotties and oh boy we picked some fine men!

At my place we will talk about even hotter guys! Why? Because they are blue haired, which for me is just exotic and exotic is… HOT! For you to understand how much I like blue as hair color, that’s the color I would love to paint my own hair someday xD

But enough about me, as any human being I have physical flaws and that’s why we droll over Anime guys, right? They are always perfect! So, my pick for today is:

Aomine Daiki from Kuroko No Basket

Aomine Daiki Kuruko No basket hot Anime guys
by Narukoto

Well, Mel wrote her part first this week here at our place and well! That was lucky!!! When I was picking my blue haired I had a lot of trouble picking between Kuroko and Aomine… Thank god I went with Aomine! I mean, it would be fun if we both picked the same guy, but then you wouldn’t be able to vote πŸ˜›

Nevertheless, I think it will not be the first time Aomine will appear… We ALL know how much Mel loves him! πŸ˜€

Probably I will not be as good describing him as Mel will do at some point, but I’ll try my best. Let’s start with his looks. You probably already understood that I prefer guys that are a little more athletic. Well, Aomine plays basketball (and is great doing it) and due to all his training his body got to the proportions that just work for me! Muscular, but not too much! More than that he has that great blue hair that I love and those blue eyes… Basically he has everything I could look for in a guy xD

Aomine Daiki Kuruko No basket hot Anime guys

When it comes to personality… Not gonna lie… I didn’t like him very much when he was introduced in the Anime. However, with time his character grows and he ends up changing little by little. He is incredibly badass, but at the same time he also has his sweet moment. Moreover, although trying to hide most of the time, he is a really kind person! Basically, he is a great guy overall and the only part I didn’t really like in the beginning ends up changing along the story.

Aomine Daiki Kuruko No basket cute hot Anime guys

That is so UNFAIR!!!!!Β 

My choice shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone unless you forgot that one rules, the rules stating that we can’t pick the same character more than one time. It’s because of this rules that I stopped my choice on…

Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basuke


One of the comment I heard the most about him is how bland he is for a main character, not only he is a main character of the series he is in, but the series title have his name in, so why doesn’t he seems to lacking any special feature. Simple if he would have stand out too much, he wouldn’t have be able to be the Kuroko that we know, the one working in the shadow. In other word his lack of special feature is his strongest quality.


This is one of the thing I like with Kuroko, no matter the situation he never forget his role and why he is there. He have a lot of determination and this determination pushed him to achieve his goal and proving wrong the Generation of Miracle in the same times. He never gave up and he always believed in his way of playing basketball, he always believed that unity is strength.


He have a lot of good value, plus he is a cutie pie, each time he smile an angel is born.


So this was my choice for this week!

See you next week ^_^

And that’s it! Regarding the match, at the moment it’s (completely forgot about this last week!):

Arthifis 57 Mel

Basically, today is all about Kuroko No Basket over here! πŸ˜€ Who do you prefer Aomine or Kuroko? XD Don’t forget to vote! πŸ˜€ Also, share with us your favorite blue haired guy on the comments πŸ˜›

See You Soon! πŸ˜€


0 thoughts on “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Blue Haired Hotties!

  1. Kuroko’s eyes are just amazing. ? I love both guys but Kuroko is too cute. Aomine is more of a man. Also, it took so long before I actually liked him while Kuroko was instant love. I don’t think I actually found him that bland. ?

  2. As much as I’m unfamiliar with Kuroko no Basuke, from what I do know from hearing about the series in passing I’d probably have to go with the title character…but is it just me, or is the poll not working? I tried opening the post in a few places, and either way it doesn’t show up.

    1. Really? Sometimes it does have bugs -.-” sorry about that πŸ™

      Are we following each other on twitter? If so message me there your vote, or I just can add a vote to Kuroko since that’s the one you seem you want to vote for πŸ˜›

    2. I think you can vote right now! Don’t know what happened but the pole wasn’t there or even created for that matter -.-” Sorry for that!

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