Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Grey/Silver Haired Hotties!

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Grey/Silver Haired Hotties!

Hello everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

This is just my week!!!! In Mel’s we talked about white-haired hotties (don’t forget to check that out!) which you all know it’s my ultimate crush! Here at my place we will talk about grey/silver haired hotties which let us all be honest here, it’s basically the same thing!

You may think that after so many white/grey/silver-haired hotties that at some point I’ll just end up having none, well you are wrong! I have many more inside my pocket! For today I bring you:

Kakashi from Naruto Series

kakashi cool.gif

This is one of those guys that really don’t need any kind of introduction! We all know him, even if you never watched Naruto! When it comes to looks, I mean, look at him! Do I need to explain any further? I thought not! 😀

But, what Kakashi really shines the most is in his personality. After all this is a character which has been with us for… Are you ready? 16 YEARS! Feel old yet? Yeah, Naruto had its first episode in 2002 LOL (and the manga started in 1999 double LOL). Well, being around for 16 years this means one thing, there is going to have a lot of character development and I don’t want to do any spoilers for the courageous ones who are still thinking on watching the all thing, so I’ll try to give the least information possible!

kakashi cute.gif

Well, Kakashi is the leader of Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke team and he is great doing it. Althought not the first impression he gives at all, Kakashi is in reality a really caring sensei and wants the best for his pupils. It’s not that late in the game where he says to them to run and let him die so they can live.

Moreover he also teaches valuable lessons. The first and one of the most important for team 7 is the importance to work together as a team and put their own divergences away. Something that can be really difficult when you have 2 rivals and one girl who puts one of the guys in a way greater place than the other.

kakashi one million years of pain.gif

Of course all 3 of his pupils are going to grow and it will take a time where they will surpass the teacher by meeting other people and learning from others that are more powerful than Kakashi. When this comes we are able to see Kakashi’s past and childhood. Not going to talk too much about that, but let’s face it, isn’t he one of the characters that grew the most from child to adult?

And well, let’s not forget that is always late and loves to read porn books while teaching his pupils! Not really that important, but it’s funny! Oh! And let’s not forget the episode where Kakashi’s team tried to figure out how his face was under his mask!

kakashi face.gif

Perverted Kakashi of course….

My choice is not perverted…okay maybe a little, but one thing is sure is that he is really sly.  If you know me you should also know my love for the series “Seraph of the End” (read the manga, don’t pay attention to the anime). I never miss the occasion to talk about the character I’m about to introduce you: 

Ferid Bathory 


** little warning, this will contain spoilers if you are not up to date with the manga **


Ferid can be seen as one of the villain of the series, but frankly even if I have no clue about his goal, I doubt his is a villain, yes he is a vampire and vampire are considerate as bad in the series, but the human are far worst. Yes he killed Yuu “family” and he did the same with Crowley‘s friend back in the time…a loooong time ago during the crusade. But he didn’t kill Yuu, he didn’t go after him, I mean he is a vampire and Yuu was 12 at the time it would have been easy for a vampire as strong as Ferid to catch Yuu. And the way he treat Crowley prove he is not totally bad, since he doesn’t want to tell him to much about what he is planning, he doesn’t want Crowley to be tortured, therefore I think Ferid care a little bit about people around him.


But even if he seems to care about Crowley who he see more like his friend, Ferid is still a grey character. His goal is not unveil yet and we doesn’t know where he stand. If he is the one who disclosed the information about where was the noble vampires in Nagoya to Guren. I have the feeling he did this to make sure Krul Tepes, the Vampire Queen of Japan) leave the Vampire underground city, but I doubt he was only seeking her power, there is probably something else under that, he use her to set a trap to his “father” the former 2nd Progenitor after all ( Yes I do think he tried to trap him, Rigr/Saito is not stupid after all).


Ferid is a gray character, gray as his hair…and don’t forget he is fabulous.

Uuuuh, nice choice Mel! 😀 Well, as you know I wasn’t able to put the marks last week, so here is the update! Two weeks ago I won in both sides (uuhuuh!!!) and last week Mel won in her place and well… We chose the same guy in my place, so it’s a tie! This way the score at the moment is:

Arthifis 710 Mel

So, I was able to come back a little, but I’m still losing xD Let’s see if I’m able to come back on top this week… I mean it’s supposed to be the week for me to shine ahah xD Again, don’t forget to visit Mel place and droll over the white-haired hotties there and don’t forget to vote!


See You Soon! 😀

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  1. That episode where the group tries to take off his mask is like the gold standard for fun anime fillers. Everything is so well-done.

    Great choice this week!

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