Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Male Villain Anime Crush

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Male Villain Anime Crush

Hi everyone and welcome to our place!

It’s fridaaaaaaaaaaay!!! You know what that means right? Mel’s visiting and we are going to discuss hot stuff in here!!! If you still haven’t seen Mel’s post you can do it here! If you have the hotties for men with glasses then that post is just for you!

So today we are going to give those villains a little love! They also deserve it you know? I mean, it must be a little tiring to be mean all the time!

Mine is easy peasy! I didn’t even had to think more than 5 seconds to get to my answer:

Hisoka from HunterxHunter

Anime boys hisoka.jpg

First of all, he is a fine man! I mean look at his body! He completely has everything on place and is handsome as hell! I also love his hair, clothing, the tear + start tatto and I love how he normally uses cards to attack! I mean he’s just too freaking cool and too freaking hot!

anime boys hisoka naked.jpg
That butt!

Now when it comes to his personality… Well, he IS a bad guy, so it’s only natural that I don’t really like his way to things right? Well, I don’t! He is one of those kind of guys that don’t look to the means of getting to a goal! Nevertheless, there are some things I like about him and try to also do it in my life!

He is a man with a goal! Ok, his goal his to find strong people to fight, that’s all! Nevertheless he works his way to the fullest to be able to get what he wants! In reality it’s the thing that pleasures him the most! To the point of being even a little sexual about (ok, maybe a lot)! Nevertheless, he is always scheming and working things around so he can fight with the strongest people on earth! He doesn’t care about good or bad, he just wants to fight and that’s all!

hot anime boys hisoka cute.gif
He’s at least good with animals though!

He also is a really smart guy! If you seen the Anime you will understand what I’m saying, for the ones who didn’t watch it, well… He just goes on and beyond to achieve his goals! He does all of these kind of complex and difficult plans so he can get to his goal! In reality, most of the times you will see that the characters are doing the things he schemed them to do it! He’s basically a puppeteer of human beings and he’s great at that!

male hot anime boys hisoka funny.gif
He also ends up being the comedy factor for the Anime

In the end you end up not knowing if he’s really a good, bad, or just neutral guy! One thing is certain, he tries to get his wishes with all his strength and resources!

No matter if we like them or not, villains are an important part of most series, sometimes where is villains you can’t just stop yourself to like and this is the case of my anime crush villain,

Makishima Shogo from Psycho-Pass


Makishima is the kind of villain that I will sympathize with cause of his goal, his ideal, which is show to the world the true behind the Sybil System, to free people, to let them think by themself without having to fear the consequence of that they might thoughts.

Makishima is not only really good-looking, but he is also intelligent, he knew what to do in order to make thing move, in order to bring the spotlight on the flaws of the system, he knew where to look to get the information he wanted.Β Β 


With this intelligent come a cultivated man, he can easily quotes philosopher without any problem, he room his filled with book, yes book tangible book instead on e-reader (He won a lot of point here since I was never really fond of e-reader).


To accompanied his intelligence and knowledge, Makishima is charismatic, he can easily gain people trust and he know what to do and to say in order to be seen as a good guy.Β 

On top of that, that beautiful white-haired creature is a good fighter!

If only he wasn’t a villain he would be the perfect man to bring to your mother.


Well and there you have it! Although I have to disagree with you Mel! It depends on the mother you have! If your mother is also a villain she would be more than happy to meet these guys as your boyfriend! πŸ˜€

Now, regarding scores! Guys!!! I’m coming back!!! It seems that I have won yet again both challenges last week and with this come-back Mel and I are now tie!

Its 4-4 at the moment!

As usual! Don’t forget to comment who is your favorite villain down below! It doesn’t need to be one of ours (for that we have the voting), but really your favorite villain! That way you are doing the challenge with us and it makes everything funnier! πŸ˜€

Now, again, don’t forget to read our collab in Mel’s place and don’t forget to vote! πŸ˜€



See You Soon! πŸ˜€

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  1. I am working on my boys and I actually find it hard to find a villain. Not just a hot villain but a villain at all. Other than that I have to do my boys from last week to. Plenty of boys this week… ? You choices were awesome…. even though I actually never have seen them in action but they were eyecandy for sure. ?

    1. ahahah It’s going to be 4 in a row (That I’m going to read in a bit!) πŸ˜› thank you~! We do try to please you all the best we can ahah xD

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