Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Pink Haired Hotties!

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Pink Haired Hotties!

Hi everyone and welcome to my place! πŸ˜€

So… This is getting harder and harder! If I struggled with the purple-haired guys what can I say about the pink ones!!! I don’t know many male characters whose hair is pink and the ones I know are not really that interesting (at least for me). The first one I remembered was Natsu, but to be honest he is not really a guy that makes me vibe that much… I find him a little annoying to be honest. So, this way I went with:

Kizumi Shigino from Free!

kisumi shigino cute.gif

So… After writing this I saw that Mel chose the same character as me! AHAHAH Well, it seems there is no voting in my place this week!

Basically I only started watching Free! not that long ago and I’m still on the beginning of the first season. This means I never saw Kizumi in the show. I don’t really know how he is as a person and today I picked my boy only because of the looks >.<

kisumi shigino handsome.gif

Yeah, went complete shallow today, but hey! If you want to know more about him, you just need to read Mel’s part ahahahah >.<

My reason for picking him is because… Well he is HOT! That is it! He is athletic I love his hairdo, basically you can never go wrong with that kind of hair and I love the shadow of pink in his hair πŸ˜› Moreover, I also love his purple eyes πŸ˜› He is just hot all around and for today that will need to suffice πŸ˜€

kisumi shigino sexy.jpg

From the GIFs I’ve seen and so on he also seems to be pretty lad-back and us fun to be with you! He has that kind of aura that automatically makes you want to befriend right way! πŸ˜›

More it goes more difficult it become for me to choose character with a certain hair color, I knew a few purple haired and even less green haired, but pink it’s the hardest but I do have a character (if I didn’t had this day wouldn’t exist)

My pick for the pinky days is the bubbly bubble gum hairedΒ 

Shigino Kisumi from Free!


We don’t see him a lot apart from Eternal Summer and the movie Starting Days (High Speed) but what we see from him is enough for me to fall for his bubbly personality.Β 

I have the feeling on of the major reason why I liked him it’s probably cause he remind me a lot of Kise from Kuroko no Basuke, happy-go-lucky guy who like to had fun and is really care free.Β 


Despite his laid-back attitude toward life, Kisumi care about his friend and about his little brother. He is there to listen to his friend concern even if they are not practicing the same sport or going to the same school and he is always there to cheer on his little brother during his swimming lesson.Β 

Kisumi might only be one of the many support character of Free! but his smile and laugh is one of the purest thing of the show.Β 

So… Yeah, there is no vote this week at my place!!! Ahahah this is really funny! I wasn’t expecting at all to chose the same character as Mel at all! Well, we are both winners today!

Regarding how is the score I’m not going to tell you today because Mel’s on holidays, I’m on holidays and therefore communication is a little harder now, I’m always out of the house without my computer.

But, well, there is no voting in my place, but there is voting in Mel’s place! πŸ˜€ So, don’t to forget to check our collab in her place we talked about green-haired hotties! πŸ˜€

kisumi shigino goodbye.gif

See You Soon! πŸ˜€


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