Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Support Characters

Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Support Characters
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Hi guys and welcome to my place! 😀

Welcome to the first day of the Anime Men challenge greatest collab ever! And when I say first day, I say it like in my blog since we also just published in Mel’s blog our First Anime Crush *blush* You guys… I was just a boy *blush* Either way, you can read it here! Why don’t you take advantage of that and just follow her! We all know that you love Anime hot guys and that is the hottest place In WordPress town you know?

So, here, in my place we will be discussing *role drum*

Support Male Crush

support male character.png
There are many ways of support!

Ah guys don’t forget to vote ok? As you CERTAINLY read in Mel’s post we are doing a contest with this and well, let’s say I’m pretty competitive!

So, I’ll start if that’s ok for you Mel! I mean you clearly need ME to show you the ropes in how to describe Anime men! Just kidding! Or am I?

Killua Zoldyck

killua cute.jpg

My support male crush is Killua of course (No, Irina, please don’t come back at me again for calling him a support character! Can’t we just love him both and be happy with it? Where is your Canadian heart? Killua has power to kill us both so don’t be jealous ok?). – just another parenthesis that I’m putting under hyphens… Does it notices a lot that is late and I’m tired as hell? It does? Perfect then! –

Ok, where was I? Killua, right! So, why I did I pick Killua… I mean look at this:

killua walking.gif

And this:

killua cool.gif

And this:

killua cute.gif

Are you not convinced enough? Well, ok… Let me see then… What does turn me on?

  • Intelligence – He’s a freaking genius and the voice of reason of the entire Anime
  • Athletic – I mean, look again at the pics above
  • Cute and cool – He has it both!
  • White hair – Don’t ask me why, but something I learnt with this challenge is that I probably have a fetish with white hair
  • Comes from a dark background/family – JUST KIDDING! Just kidding! Of course, that’s not a requisite… Ok, maybe since it’s the second in a row…
  • But more than that is eextremely loyal, a great brother to his younger sister and goofy/funny! So yeah it has everything.

But yeah, like Avril Lavigne was saying in the early 2000’s “He was a skater boy, she said see you later boy, He wasn’t good enough for her” the only difference is that I’m not a “she” and is more than enough for me! Ok, just kidding again… I love you Cucunucu! <3 Why am I apologizing… You also have your own Anime boys crushes, so yeah I’ll stand by my feet and say that he is more than enough for me! That’s it for my part! Please Mel, I don’t know how you are going to beat freaking KILLUA, but give your best shot!

Hmmm Since I haven’t watch HunterxHunter yet (please don’t throw rock at me) I can’t tell if my choice would beat Killua…

Hiiragi Shinya from Seraph of the End


This shouldn’t be a surprise for some, for the other you just have to take a look at my blog header.

I liked Shinya right away for his precious nature and his general attitude with life.

But to really tell you why I like him, I have to enter the spoilery territory (nothing major tho).

Shinya wasn’t born Hiiragi, he was adopted by the prestigious magical clan (ok his parent sold him to them) in order to see if we would make a decent husband for the older daughter of the Hiiragi, Mahiru. In order to do that, he had to prove he was the best of the best and kill his rival, he wasn’t even 10 years old.

Even after being officially adopted, even if he had won the competition, even if he wear the Hiiragi name, he doesn’t have any illusion, he know he will never be part of the family and the “real” Hiiragi will always make sure he knows is place.

Then he met the guy who would change his life (literally), Ichinose Guren, and Shinya decide that he will forever remain loyal to Guren, not cause they were friend, but because they shared the same goal which was to bring down the Hiiragi family and make the world more fair to the other families. And even after Guren betrayal, Shinya still decide to follow him even if in the end, the Major-General might meet with the death.

His loyalty to the Lieutenant-Colonel Ichinose is the main reason why I like him and why I think Guren definitively doesn’t deserve to have it as best friend.


Now it’s your time to pick! Who do you prefer? The really cool and awesome Killua, or the ever faithful Hiiragi? To be honest it IS a little hard since both are two white-haired beauties! (If you can’t use the poll for some reason comment down below or tweet/DM me or Mel 😀

That is all for today everyone! If you still didn’t read Mel’s post you can do it here! We discuss our ever first male crush! Aren’t you just dying to know who did I had the hottiest when I was 13? You aren’t? Well, go read the post anyways xD


See You Soon! 😀

0 thoughts on “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World | Support Characters

  1. Well, i really don’t know much about any of them but Killua is totally adorbs and the net is full of cute and also hot (as in not a little shota) fanart of him so yeah, he’s my boy if I have to chose. Other guy is handsome and admirable though.

  2. It’s really a shame I haven’t watched HunterxHunter cause I’m pretty sure Killua is a great character.
    I have to say I was really debating between Shinya and Hughes… ?

  3. I haven’t watched Hunter x Hunter either, but I have watched some Seraph of the End, and I liked Shinya when I watched some of it. Plus he’s played by Jerry Jewell in the dub, which is a plus, along that gorgeous hair!

    1. Completely understand that! 😀 To be honest I don’t even know how Shinya is as a character besides what Mel said xD But he’s hor I’ll give her that

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