Arthifis and Irina misinterprete Steins;Gate 0 – Part 2

Arthifis and Irina misinterprete Steins;Gate 0 – Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

I’m so happy to tell you that Irina and I are making a collab together! Basically I just checked one thing in my bucket list ahah 😀

This will be a 4 part post/collab, and you are in the moment at second part of it! If you still didn’t read it, you can go check the first part at Irina place ^^

For this conversation you will have two colors. The one with the blue color is me, Arthifis, the more “cream”/”Orange” is Irina!

We will be talking about our theories from an Anime we love – Steins;Gate 0 and well, is just basically a conversation between Irina and me being geeky about Steins;Gate xD Just a disclaimer, we are doing theories only taking into account the Anime (not the games) 😛 So think of it just knowing what is happening until the last episode of Steins;Gate 0 😛 It does have spoilers though, so beware!

Steins Gate Theories
Well, it depends in what you do for fun… I guess!

We start with Irina talking about Yuki: 

Yuki: Mayuri talks about her cosplay friends all the time. She had mentioned Natsumi and Kaede in passing. I believe we briefly see pictures of them at comiket, but not Yuki. Yet at the beginning of 0 they’ve clearly been friends for a long time and she’s familiar with everyone from the lab.

It seems I was not the only one seeing this… I went with the reasoning that, since there was no so much time spent in the lab, I mean Rintaro was not there to begin with… This way, Mayuri had more time to make friends and include the group with the rest of the people in the lab. Nevertheless, this is not explained whatsoever and it’s only my own ideas about this subject 😛

That makes sense – mind you it just gives Mayushii an extra week or so but she’s the sociable type…

Steins Gate Theories Yuki

Suzuha: How …I mean…OK first of all a worldline where Kurisu is gone but Suzuha is still there, just hanging around, is a little odd. Suzuha clearly believes that the threat of war is still there so what is she doing? But mostly, how does she know everything. Yesy Suzu is from the future and is privy to certain information but she shouldn’t have anything against M. Braun. Even if she went through all the different time jumps with Okabe, she doesn’t have reading steiner, she wouldn’t remember it. If I’m following right, this is a worldline where the time machine was never realized at all, there is no reason for Suzu to know about Braun or Moeka or even that Daru is her dad. And how does Daru know anything. I assume Suzu told him about the time machine because it needed repairing however. There are a lot of questions to be answered here.

I already commented that part in the first part of the collab eheh xD

Steins Gate Theories suzuha.gif

Stuff that would really need to be explained:

Kagari: I refuse to believe that Suzuha would not tell anyone about Kagari sooner. That just goes completely against her character.

I never thought about this! Although I have to say the way she appearead in the Anime was lazy, to say the best. But, regarding Kagari itself… Well, first I thought she was the child of Kurisu… Now, that it seems that it is final that Kurisu will not come back from the dead, I’m going to say that Kagari is Amadeus 2.0

I mean, look at her! You can see the resemblance of Kurisu by far! So, I believe that in the future they will incorporate Amadeus memories into a child/robot which will become Kagari as we know now.

If you think like this, it makes sense Suzuha never talked about Kagari in the first show. This, because in the Steins;Gate line Kurisu does not die and therefore, even if Amadeus is created, it will never be a copy of Kurisu. I mean, it doesn’t make sense she is alive 😀 This, way everything makes sense… Nevertheless, it would make more sense that everyone would already know about it. What I mean, is in the line of Steins;Gate 0, Suzuha would have talked earlier!

Steins Gate Theories kagari.jpg

I was thinking clone rather than robot.

I’m going to disagree with your thesis here. Since memory conversion was a long time project of Kurisu’s lab it makes perfect sense that they would use her (or one of the labs scientists) as a subject whether alive or not. Uploading memory data doesn’t hurt the subject and it’s much easier to evaluate the data if the control group is restrained to the researchers.   

Moreover, Suzuha wanted Kurisu out of the picture, it’s Kurisu’s input that gets everything started – so if a loose copy of Kurisu is running around at the same time as Okabe is tinkering with kitchen appliances – that’s even more reason to find and keep an immediate eye on Kagari, in my opinion.

Unless Suzu wanted to *discreetly* eliminate the problem…cough…cough…

Steins Gate Theories suzuha 2.gif

I gave this a thought and because of your comment I think I got something here. There is something that felt a little strange to me. In Steins;Gate 0 there is no remark about Kurisu’s father stealing her theory whatsoever…

What if it is because of this -> Kurisu’s father stole the papers and delivered them to the americans, in this case her and Maho’s professors. They tried (and failed) to create the time machine. So, the way they decided to do it was to go ahead with Amadeus and use Kurisu’s memory hoping that the program would develop the theory again by itself enabling the possibility to go even further with it!

I mean, it took me an inspiration moment to think about this, but it does make sort of sense, right?

Now, about you alluding that Suzuha tried to kill Kurisu *discreetly*… You just made a knot in my brain! XD If I remember correctly she was the one that wanted to save Kurisu, right? I mean, she was the one urging Rintaro to go at least one more time.

Steins Gate Theories brain knot.gif

That would be second Suzu – the one who came back. She and Kurisu didn’t get along at first and I don’t think Suzu wanted her dead she just wanted her away from Okabe and mostly from the phone(microwave).

This said, the only reason I can think for her to keep Kagari a secret from the gang is that she wanted to make sure they never meet. But then, why bring it up now?

Maybe because they were not able to save Kurisu and therefore became a major problem? Basically, going back in time to save Kurisu stopped to be the most urgent the moment Rintaro decided not to go back.

Does the time travel machine have powers to change timelines though? I thought the time machine could only go back and forward in the same timeline. But, if we think about this, then the time machine would not really make sense to be present in the alpha timeline since Kurisu is alive…

Ok so as far as I know, sci fi time travel theories usually fall into one of 3 groups. The first is the collapsable possibilities single line. Basically right this very millisecond every potential future is available but as soon as you make a decision or action and observe the state of reality around you, all the potential variables collapse into one leaving you with a single reality, then you move onto the next millisecond. (the cat is both alive and dead check) You can think of it as a series of microscopic dots, just before you get to the dot its an infinite plane but as soon as you reach it, it becomes a single point, all the points eventually forming a line.

Steins Gate Theories timelines.gif

This is sort of an old school, there is only one reality theory and it comes with a lot of paradox problems but there are workaround theories. In this case the time travel machine takes you back to a previous dot, obliterating everything that happens after that and giving you a new infinite blank slate.

The secoNd is the interconnected multiverse. Think of it as travelling along a line and every decision, action you make takes you along a branch, while the alternatives take place on different branches.

So here your time machine bring you back to a previous point in the line so that you can take a different branch but the branch you came from doesn’t stop existing. It’s just one of those alternate realities you didn’t happen to venture into.

Finally you have the parallel universe theory, where every single possible timeline, expressing all possible variable exists as a single thread all parallel to one another and we are not tethered to any of them. Wew move across them subconsciously.

Steins Gate Theories multiuniverse.jpg
How I imagine Irina right now

This has a somewhat fatalistic view of time travel as in the time machine has a realty/worldline in which everything was already established. Let me try to explain it this way. Let’s say you buy a very expensive watch and it breaks after a week. You’re so bummed out you decide to travel back in time (or send your past self a message) to stop yourself from buying the watch. In this theory, you will not become someone who has never bought the watch but someone who bought it then traveled back in time to stop themselves from buying it, which is a distinct and separate reality.

Is this too much… I’m a huge geek about this stuff.

If I remember correctly, Steins;Gate is based and a multiverse theory and their time travel device creates a small localized wormhole that allows to send a small bit of information from one spot in space time to another, including one in the past. So I figure it falls under the second option. Your not creating a new reality or timeline (as in the first) and you’re not skipping to another timeline all together (as in the 3rd). Your retracing your steps and taking a different fork in the road, but your not bombing the other road…

Does that make sense?

Steins Gate Theories mindblown
Sure it does…

Does it guys? Well, wait until Thursday when part 3 and 4 will come out and we continue the conversation! 😀 Don’t forget to thank Irina for the class! 😀

Also, share with us your theories in the comments eheh! ^.^ Again, thank you so much Irina for doing this with me eheh!

Steins;Gate 0 Mayuri cute

See You Soon! 😀

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  1. Well as I said yesterday over on Irina’s blog, I am one of the few people that did not really enjoy the original Stein’s Gate (shhh…don’t let Irina hear this again?) But I do plan on rewatching it and giving it a second chance. Maybe I will like it more the second time around. I do have to say having read both of your posts now…that I think you both own timemachines as you seem to know what too much about the subject of time travel ?? Great post! ?

    1. Don’t worry, she can’t hear you from here! 😀 Ahahah, well as every kind of media, it’s not for everyone! 😛 The pace in the beginning is slow, maybe that was what made you not liking it XD
      Ahahahah I would love to! I could do so much work if I had one!!! However, I’m pretty sure Irina will build one sooner or later! Thank you ^.^

      1. Phew..glad that I am safe lol.
        Yeah…the beginning of the series was weird…but on the other hand even though I did not like it as much as most people seem to do, it also kept spinning around in my head, which is a good thing. So I am giving it another go at some point.
        Lol…yeah knowing Irina, she probably will ??

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