The Cupid L.A.M.A. Strikes Nagisa!

The Cupid L.A.M.A. Strikes Nagisa!
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Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

First, sorry that I didn’t post anything yesterday. I had a really bad day at work and I just spent my evening drinking and watching stupid funny videos on Youtube with my boyfriend XD

But, here’s the first day in our awesome Cupid L.A.M.A collab and it’s time for me to be the hoster! But, before that, don’t forget to follow the awesome Lina, Aria, and Mel! 😀

My choice was:

– Nagisa from Free! –

Nagisa is excited at least!

For the ones who don’t know Nagisa at all, here’s a little bit of background.

Nagisa is a swimmer in the breaststroke swimmer on the Iwatobi High School swim team together with Rei, Makoto, and Haruka. As you can see, he’s more into the small and cute side. However, don’t let that look deceive you, everything in there is 100% muscle 😀

Nagisa is more of the enthusiastic, straightforward and bold of the group. It’s through his amazing persistence and insistence that the swim team ends up getting all the members to start.

Basically, Nagisa seems the kid of the group and I love him for it. It’s those kinds of characters that always put a smile on you, worries about their friends and always put his 100% into the things he likes.

– Arthis choice –

He seems happy to be chosen! 😀

So, Nagisa was my choice… This way, I should have the perfect choice in the tip of my tongue, right? Well, not really LOLOL Probably should have thought about this a little more…

Of course, we all know, the most popular pairing with Nagisa is Rei from the same show. However, I want to go a little further and find a guy from another Anime.

Since Nagisa is such a straightforward, bold and enthusiastic character I think he would be better with a more chilled character. I mean, opposites attract each other, right? This way, I decided to go with Kuroko from Kuroko No Basket.

This is how I picture them 😀

First of all, both are serious about their own support. Which mean, from the bat, they would understand each other and give space to each other for training and what not. No discussions about taking time from the relationship to train here!

I also think their personalities would work really well with each other. While Nagisa would be the one pushing Kuroko around and being in the center of attention all the time, Kuroko would be able to stay in his preferred place, the shadows. Moreover, let’s face it, these guys would look so CUTE together!

– Aria’s Choice –

The best analogy I have for Nagisa is Yumoto (of Boueibu), who is often in a trio with En and Atsushi. They’re basically the “older brother types” to Yumoto’s “younger brother”, so my choice for Nagisa is based on that dynamic – Arima (also from Boueibu). Arima never steps out of line unless it’s absolutely necessary, so it would be a good match for reining in Nagisa. On the other hand, Nagisa’s playful nature would bring out the best in Arima as well, since the latter has to deal with student council duties, Chevalier duties and Kinshiro on a daily basis (not to mention his plants). Although they might have conflicting interests at times, I’m sure they’d have some kind of common ground which they’d be able to find again and again.

– Mel’s Choice –

Nagisa… sweet little penguin.

I really wanted to pick someone outside Free!, but I failed so I decided to go with a Free! character. When I think about who I can pair with Nagisa, I only have one person in mind that wasn’t Rei or Nittori and it’s…Sousuke….

Yup, the whale shark…This is a crackship for sure, but more I think about it, more I see that could work.

Sou-chan stoic nature will be a great counter against Nagisa tendency to get a little over excited, plus he could also calm him about his insecurity. Yes, Nagisa always seems always positive, but he also has his struggling moment and I think Sousuke could guide him through it. This also works the other way, Nagisa positivity could help Sousuke in his moment of doubt concerning his future as a swimmer.

– Lina’s Choice –

Nagisa – a little ball of happiness, the perfect ray of sunshine. There is only one man for him. Someone who can support him in all his sometimes overly positive ways, who can lead him and guide him. Someone who will thoroughly enjoy his enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Who you might ask, will be patient enough to muster all this energy Nagisa radiates? Takigawa Chris Yuu from Diamond no Ace of course.

Chris is a hardworking, silent man with a firm belief in success. He would go to great lengths to make Nagisa succeed in his swimming and he would support him no matter what would happen. Even if Nagisa would fail he would be by his side and support him. Chris is the man who would help Nagisa reflect on what went wrong and what he could do better. But, Chris wouldn’t only help Nagisa with his career in swimming, he would be there to listen and enjoy this little ball of happiness. He would join Nagisa in his adventurous ways and embrace him each night like the real man he is. He might seem like a cool dude but inside he loves to hug and cuddle. Just like Nagisa does.

– Voting –

And that’s what we have for you today! Who do you think is the best one for Nagisa? The ghost Kuroko, the good lad Arima, the whale shark Sousuke, or the hardworking Takigawa? Also, comment down below who you think is the best match for Nagisa! 😀

See You Soon! 😀

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  1. Hmmm…as I don’t know any of these characters at all (yep…of course I don’t, do I even watch anime I can hear you thinking lol ??) I have to go with the descriptions provided…so..going to go for this one with: Drumroll please: Lina’s choice ??

    1. Ahahah well, we understand that we have a little bit of an advantage when it comes to Anime versus you Raist xD However, if we go to the film industry, things change a little bit ahah

      1. Lol….well don’t know about that, but yeah..that might be true. Though in my upcoming vacation I plan to watch a lot of anime and raise my status from total noob, to somewhat noob ??

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