To Zombie Or Not To Zombie? There is No Question!

To Zombie Or Not To Zombie? There is No Question!

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So this weekend I went and binge played Last of Us remastered and as any kind of content I play or watch about zombies I tried not to think much about the logic behind the Zombie outbreak because I just don’t think a Zombie Apocalypse would work out as we see in any kind of media. Sorry for everyone who has been working things out to be the most prepared possible for that day.

However, after I played this masterpiece and enjoyed myself to the maximum I started giving more thoughts towards it, I even dreamt with the zombie apocalypse 3 days in a row!!! So, without further a do I’m going to give you my ideas why I don’t think a zombie apocalypse would work out.

This movie just has the dumbest premise xD

Zombies are Stupid

Let’s start with this! Unless you are playing Last of Us in grounded difficulty level (maximum), Zombies throughout the world tend to be just plain stupid and let’s face it, it makes sense! Coming from any kind of background for the virus to spread out Zombies are supposed to be completely aggressive and just attack any kind of people they see/hear (depending if the story introduces blind Zombies or not), now, even a tiger knows that when he is hunting he needs to hide himself, play the stealth game and only attack in the perfect moment. Well, zombies don’t have any kind of this thinking, they will just blindly go and run towards you despite any kind of obstacle or consequence.

giphy (1).gif

Now, humans are smart (even the dumbest ones of the package) and this way have the power to create strategies. It doesn’t really take much of a search to find historical events where a party with way fewer members were able to overrun an opponent way stronger using their brains. This way we would quickly enough find strategies to defend ourselves and eradicate the zombies.



What is the first thing that we do when some kind of disease or virus break out? We quarantine the sh*** out of it! And with zombies would just be the same! So, unless the disease started all over the World at the same time, which seems to me to be a little impossible, there would be a lot of measures implemented so that the virus didn’t spread across the globe.

But, let’s think for a minute that the zombie virus did spread all over the World, even then I think we would be able to survive by creating quarantine spaces. Now, in Last of Us that’s what they did, but they were pretty dumb while doing so! They decided to create quarantine zones in the middle of large cities which are completely destroyed at the moment… Why doesn’t this work? First of all it is way easier for zombies as also people who are infected but still not turned to enter without anyone realizing such as the sewage system for example. Moreover this also brings another problem, food shortage. If you are in the middle of what once was called a gigantic metrpolis most probably you won’t have space to grow crops and so on. This way, the food system will fall into giving away rations and guess what, those tend to end, specially when time passes and you stop having ways for you to move yourself such as gasoline.

I think if what would happen, what armies around the World would do with the survivors right along would be to go to a space in the middle of a plane where they could start a new. This way it’s easier to understand who enters and who leaves, you are able to start making agriculture and raise cattle and basically start living as a society. A poorer society, yes, but a living one.

Such Piece!

Bite being the most common way to spread the Virus

Let me explain, from the little knowledge I have towards public health, biting is NOT one of the easiest way to contaminate in any kind of way. The most easy way to spread virus is towards the air, we all have to breathe right? And when you are in the middle of the street with tons of other people it is way too easy to inspire what others are expiring and this way that’s why is so easy to spread a virus towards air. I mean don’t you have a cold season in your country? Well, those colds don’t only come from being “cold” outside.


Moreover, we have freaking clothing that can stop bullets, so stopping bites does not seem to be that difficult. Yes, I know, in the beginning not many people would have the opportunity to get one of those, but after the panic passes and things settle down you start to be able to manage things again and it doesn’t seem something that difficult. You need specific processed materials to do that, you say… Well, in wars there are soldiers dying just to be able to secure a strategic area, this would be the same.

But, let’s say that the virus spread as in Last of Us, through the Cordyceps Fungus (which is a real thing by the way, but only affects insects) and you can also get “sick” if you inspire its pollen… Well, to be honest in Last of Us they were able to work a way around pretty quickly, with masks, so that also seems to be easily fixed. Moreover, these fungus, as most of the fungus, prefer dark spaces with a lot of humidity, so it’s easy… Just don’t go to those kind of areas. Now, if we are talking about the insects being able to pass their disease to humans, then that would be completely another story and way more difficult to survive.

Yeah, it’s not pretty

Zombies are made of Human Dead Flesh

Now, this is what is more common in most of the stories and that’s why I’m going to address it, however it doesn’t mean that work out for every kind of plot. For example, in Last of Us the zombies are not dead, they are people who are sick with a living parasite implemented in their brain.

So, let me explain you something, if zombies are in fact… dead, then they have a small problem… Their flesh will start to rotten and let me tell you… If you put dead meat in the sun for some time it gets rotten pretty quickly, so unless all zombies are in Antarctica then they would just be hopeless when the next Spring/Summer comes. Their body parts would just start to rotten and just break at some point, and let’s face it, a zombie without legs and arms can’t do much does it? It’s not like they have the capacity to construct a wheelchair commanded by voice or something.


United States would not be the place for the virus to start

Almost every kind of media regarding zombies the outbreak always start in the United States, let me tell if the virus would in fact start it wouldn’t be in the States or any kind of developed country overall. Look at what happens today, we have been faced with some outbursts of new virus that were massive regarding spreading fast and killing rate/pace, where did most of them started? Africa, why is that?

Ebola Spreading

Well, I’m not a voice of reason in that department (or any department for that matter) but it’s not rocket science to understand why is that. In the developed countries we have all sorts of things that you don’t have in a third world (obviously) being one of the most important, Medical Care. Now, let me say what would happen if someone started turning to a Zombie in the U.S.A…. They would come to the hospital while still conscious and the moment he started to have “anger issues” and tried to bite someone he would be restraint and not be able to move until the doctors were able to understand what was happening, if not that, they would just be put to sleep. Now in a third world country that would be a completely different matter, people would just not go to a doctor because, well probably they wouldn’t have one to go, and would end up turning and biting other people.

Zombie virus is not a silent “disease”

Let’s say that all Africa people turned into zombies (no racism, just because that’s where it would probably happen due to statistics ok?)… Well, normally people turn into zombies pretty quickly so it’s not like they would be able to catch a plain and go to their own country and spread the virus… And I never watched a zombie swimming, but even if they were able to do that, it’s not like they would be able to cross the ocean or the Mediterranean sea (to be able to go to Europe).

The only way they were able to do would be crossing to Asia (and for that they would need to be a little bit smart)… Well, the World would just focus on protecting that part and kill any zombie on sight until they were able to find a cure.

Choice of Weapons

Last, but not the least… Normally in video games and series/movies you always get a normal weapon to kill zombies like… you know, with bullets! If you are like me and play the games in a challenging way you will probably only receive a knife or something for close combat that diffults way more your chance of survival. However, in the real world, since we are smart, we would just choose the best weapons to kill zombies (even if they ARE dead and can only be stopped by cutting their head), which would be flamethrowers… Think of it, even if one hundred zombies came crawling to the quarantine door they would just be burnt. Alive or dead, their body is not something that would make you say “hard as steel” so they would burnt really quickly and turn into ashes…

giphy (2).gif

I think that’s it! To be honest the only way I see a real zombie outburst dooming the World population would be if the disease was transmitted trough insects, we have some of lethal diseases like that which we were able to construct vaccines after many people dying. However, since this would make everyone just go nuts it would be really difficult to find a cure. Moreover, insects are the thing that are able to live in the most dire conditions, so they would be able to live all across the World. But, let’s face it, if something like that was supposed to happen, it would already have happened, even if not with the zombie virus… with any kind of virus, so I would say that the probability of zombie virus in humans is low (and I’m being negative… Or positive depending in what you want to happen). In the end, yeah I think a lot of people would die, specially where the outburst started, but I think more people would actually die due to crowd panic than zombies attacks.


And there I rest my case! From anxiety to zombie apocalypses! What do you think of this turn? I said this would be about random thoughts of mine!!!

Tell me in the comments if you think a zombie apocalypse could happen or not? Tell me your reasoning behind it, I love discussing these kind of things and probably there are people out there way more informed into this than me!


See You Soon! 😀


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  1. I think if a zombie outbreak would happen it would be more like 28 Days. Fast acting disease that initially might be able to be quarantined but sooner or later will spread.

    1. I just went and google 28 Days and I found a comedy movie ahah But I was able to find the movie, it’s 28 Days later xD Still didn’t see that one, but I’m surely will this weekend eheh Maybe it will change my perspective on this

  2. Humans are smart? Some of the comments I read on YouTube make me think otherwise haha. I agree that in real life a zombie outbreak wouldn’t be a threat in first world nations.

    1. Ahahahah!!! Well not everyone can be the brightest of the pack xD But let’s say that they are at least a little bit smarter when compared to zombies… I hope? I still have a little bit of faith in humanity, but yet again, I don’t go to the Youtube comment section so I can preserve this hope xD

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