Who Would Be the Best Dragon Ball Girl to Date – Chi-Chi or Bulma?

Who Would Be the Best Dragon Ball Girl to Date –  Chi-Chi or Bulma?

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People like me who have watched Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z when they were little beans sure know that Dragon Ball has come up with its share of babes and chicks other than those that only exist in Master Roshi’s daydreaming. On the one hand, we’ve got the independent, ready to kick anyone’s ass 24/7′ Android 18 who sure made us forget the fact that she’s not even human. On the other hand, the attractive, beautiful blue-haired angel who can turn anyone’s world upside down by a mere sneeze launch, who showed us how it’s like to date two girls at the same time without getting caught. Ah those good days when we used to crush on these characters. But the fans who’ve been watching the series since day one sure know that two girls stood out.

In the beginning, there was a Bulma. A girl everyone had a thing for due to her cute ponytail, charm, and attractiveness. Moreover, since she got to be on some adventures with Goku, we were able to know more about her. Later on, we had Chi-Chi, who’s cuteness knows no bounds and makes us want to hug her all day. You know these were the best girls Dragon Ball had to offer when the top two chads ended up with them. Of course, there’s no dating culture or tinder in Dragon Ball, only Yamcha’s constant hitting on girls (Bulma mostly) and getting shot down every other second. So let’s take a look at the perks and the downsides that would come hand in hand if you were dating one or the other.


If you’re looking for a peaceful, ordinary life, where waking up, going to work, coming home with enough money to bring food to the table is enough to satisfy your desires, Chi-Chi is the girl for you. She cooks like a boss and comes up with the best rice dishes out there. Moreover, she pays great attention to her kids’ upbringing making sure they are well educated and grow up into fine men – she even tutors her children.

She’s strict when it comes to manners and traditions as well, making her the ‘old-school’ type of lady. Those things matter a lot in life, though, as children brought up by those kinds of mothers have strong values and morals and are sure to achieve a lot in their lives. Plus, she’s got that adorable face that’s sure to keep your eyes fixated on her all the time. She’ll take the best care of you and the family while ensuring she nags you if you’re lazy and not going to work. If you’re looking for a lifestyle involving you working and spending the rest of your time with your family, Chi-Chi is the best girl you could ask for since she knows how to take care of things when it comes to household maintenance and raising children.

You don’t have to worry about anything besides your job. But at the same time, your kid can’t be the strongest child of the strongest father since she wants her kid to be a scholar and someone who’ll contribute to the society rather than contributing to the surgeries one would get later on.


She’s the one the playboys would go for. However, she also shoots down all of them since her aims and goals come before anything else. If you’re a lazy bum who doesn’t want to work and wishes to live off a lady for the rest of his life and solving every problem by sweet-talking, Bulma is the girl for you. She kind of owns Microsoft in Dragon Ball, which makes her extremely wealthy and a bit high maintenance, as she’s always ready to get a facial or any other spa treatments. When it comes to kids, she’s more the type of mother who lets her children do whatever they want and be wherever they wish.

With hair you’ve never seen before, she’s the childhood crush of a lot of us. She was the first girl we wanted to talk to, don’t lie to me now. Moreover, if you’re a tech enthusiast, her place will be like heaven for you, as it includes everything you could ever ask for. You also get a hypergravity training zone to hit those necessary power spikes to bring down the mightiest of foes out there. What’s more, with the number of resorts she owns, holidays are sure to be an out-of-this-world experience. While Bulma’s totally unpredictable and attention-seeking, she’s still down to Earth, ready to help anyone in need. She isn’t greedy either, which makes her even more charming and attractive.

For the ones who want an exciting life, Bulma is the girl for you. Bear in mind that she won’t be easy to conquer, though, so hang in there. Let’s hope she notices you at some point, and you aren’t shot down like Yamcha, becoming a meme for the rest of your life in the process.

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