The Hunger Games | Anime Edition

The Hunger Games | Anime Edition

Hi guys and welcome to my place! πŸ™‚

I had this idea that I think it will be really fun and entertaining for everyone! I think everyone knows Hunger Games right? Well, Why not doing an Anime Edition of that? How is this going to happen?

Well, every week you will vote for the ones you want to die and the ones you want to kill another person. Next week I will write the event where the person voted most to kill someone will kill the person most voted to die and that’s basically it!

For now we will have 8 contestants chosen by me but, depending if this goes well or, for the next season of Hunger Games you will be the ones giving the characters you want to participate. Basically I think it’s a fun idea that in the end will make people to engage with each other (I hope xD)! So, let’s go over the contestants (From Erza onwards every image was gotten at MAL):

Naruto Hunger Games

Naruto Uzumaki:

I think everyone knows him, but for the people living under a rock, Naruto Uzumaki is the mai character of the long-run series called Naruto. For the Hunger Games we will go with the teenager Naruto.

He is seen as the Ninja World Hero and he is know to win even when the odds are against him. His main powers are cloning itself and a powerful “air ball” called rasengan.

Will he be able to also win this time?

Pikachu Hunger GamesPikachu:

Another well known character inside the community! Pikachu is the main pokemon and companion of Ash Ketchum.

Pikachu is known by his cuteness and friendly side. However, don’t let this deceive you! When it’s needed he is able to send eletricity beams everywhere!

Will he be able to live and return to his favorite trainer?

Β Erza Hunger Games.jpgErza Scarlet:

Erza is one of the main characters of Fairy Tail. She is part of the Fairy Tail Guild, a group of mages that take on bounties and works from all kind of requests.

Her magic is called requip which lets her wear many different magic armors and even change them while fighting. Each armor has its own power, so she needs to strategize which one is the best for each solution.

Will she be able to come back for season 3 or her dead corspse will stay in the arena?

Excalibur Hunger Games.jpg


One of the most annoying characters in Soul Eater and in the Anime World in general. He thinks way too much about himself and is way too conceited.

However, for the ones who are able to stand him, he is know to be the best weapon in the Soul Eater World!

Will he be the first dying or will he be able to talk himself out in each situation until the end?

Killua Hunger Games.jpgKillua Zoldyck:

Gon’s best friend in the show Hunter x Hunter, he is the voice of reason of the pair. He may seem young and cute, but don’t let his looks deceive you! His family is renown Assassins’ group and he has been teached in the ways of the assassin from birth.

He also uses eletricity as his main power combined with two yo-yo’s and extreme speed.

Will he be able to come back to his beloved friend?

Nice Hunger GamesNice:

The main character of Hamatora and member of the group with the same name. Nice is always broke and is a too impulsive in most of the times. However, don’t let his carefree look deceive you since he is a genius thinker.

Speed is also at Nice’s side since he can see sound and control it, using that to his advantage. However he does need his phones in his ears to do so!

Will he be able to survive with his geniusness?

Lelouch Hunger Games.jpgLelouch vi Britannia:

LelouchΒ is son of the Emperor of Britannia and he’s leader of a rebel group with the objective to free Japan from his fathers’ hands.

His mains attributes are his geniusness towards strategy thinking and his ocular power which lets him give an obligatory order to anyone. Though it only can be used once in each person.

Will he be able to come back and lead his people to victory?

Rinataro Hunger Games.jpgRintarou Okabe:

The only one without a special power. He is a mad scientist and the leader of the Future Gadget Research Establishment, a group that was able to create a way to send text messages to the past.

This way, his main traits to win will be genius and creative thinking and his 100 character text messages from the future.

Will he be able to win only by knowing a small portion of the future?

And those are the contestants!!! Next week the killing will start and this way you will need to start voting TODAY! You will have until Sunday 23:59 (GMT Time) to vote and when it ends I’ll write the post with the event chosen.

From today onwards I will post the Hunger Games instead of Anime reviews. To be honest, this was to become my friday post, but after this weekend I realized that it’s just not humanly possible do everything (since I need to watch the Anime that I get at the random generator within a week). This way, for now I’ll postpone my reviews for a short while and the objective is to start building some king of stash with review posts in a way that I’ll be able to have enough reviews to watch the Animes I’m getting at the random generator without having to binge watch or just lose my entire weekend watching the Anime πŸ™‚ Until this series end I’ll drop a review or two if I think the timing is correct.

Voting Closed!

And that’s it for today! Depending on your voting I’ll come back next week with the first kill in our Hunger Games! Comment down below if you find this fun or not! Your feedback is always appreciated! πŸ™‚

Hunger Games Anime Edition

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you! πŸ˜€ Well, it happens! I did try to pick some more well known, but it’s just normal that there will always be characters that people will not know, so don’t fret about it xD

      1. Oh, but I am completely lost when it comes to anime one should know about. You are talking to the person who hasn’t seen Cowboy Bebop (which apparently is something one has to see or else one is a bad anime fan or something smh) and just a week ago watched Akira for the first time. I have watched exactly 1,5 episodes of Naruto. I do know more than well who he is though. So, I don’t think I am the norm when it comes to know about these things. ?

        1. I never saw Cowboy Bebop and never saw Akira… Now I’m doubting myself…. ahahah just kidding! XD Well, it’s interesting having someone who are into Anime and didn’t watch the “popular” ones! Interesting like in a positive way XD

          1. Bad fan, Arthifis, bad fan. ? I actually started to watch Bleach but got lost somewhere around episode 40 and since then I haven’t really felt like taking it up again. I like Ichigo though so maybe I should. ?

        1. Well I was talking about the hunger games xD but nope I still need to finish season 2! Loved season 1 though! And yeah my Favourite were also nice and Murasaki xp

          1. Oh yea, the game yes it would be cool if he stay alive for a long time.
            Aaaaaaaa season 2…. will say nothing about it other than I enjoy it even if I wanted to strangle someone…

            You know we should totally do a collab about handsome anime characters one day ?

          2. Ahahah since I’m going to be a little more relaxed around the random Anime reviews I’ll going to finish it in the near future!

            Ooooh I’m completely into that!!! Tell me your availability and we’ll work it out!

          3. I have a lot of review to write…a lot ?? slowly finishing the Fall 2017 one.

            Since we will mostly talk through Twitter, I’m pretty much available anytime.
            But my day off are usually Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

  1. You are literally bursting with ideas! I actually only know most of these through various pop culture things and anime reviews. I haven’t seen any of these anime, but it will still be interesting. Personally, I’ll be rooting for pikachu.

    1. Oh thank you! This comment made me happier than you may think since I’ve been feeling a little more negative in the past few days… But I’ll talk about that tomorrow ^.^

      Oh that’s a shame πŸ™ I did try to go with the most popular ones this time so people would engage more :X

      1. Hey, I knew most of these even before I started watching anime, so I would assume most people have an opinion on the characters like I do, regardless of watch status.

        *looks over at plyasm* I’m wondering if he’s telling the whole truth… ? lol

    1. ahahah We’ll see! xD (But just between the two of us I also hope that!) Thank you~! I’m also excited to see who is going to live and who doesn’t πŸ˜›

          1. Sorry, I guess I miswrote. I knew you were with me, I just instinctively say the world “actually” when I agree with someone. My bad.

          2. No harm done! XD just a little misscommunication between us xP although I have to disagree on something with you… Even if he was important to the story he’s way too annoying so he would deserve to die nontheless xp

          That’s where it is! πŸ˜€ Try to scroll down to the beginning without taking attention to the posts so you don’t get spoiled ahah Hope you like it eheh

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