The Hunger Games: Anime Edition | Assassin vs. Mad Scientist

The Hunger Games: Anime Edition | Assassin vs. Mad Scientist

Rintaro was walking down a forest path when he heard. The first cannon-shot. “Well, at least I am not the first one going down…” he thought to himself.

Rintaro knew he was in disadvantage against his opponents. He didn’t have any kind of superpower and although smart, he knew that Lelouch war strategy was way better than his. The only thing he had was a mobile phone that he found in his lab coat’s pocket. It wasn’t his phone though. It only had one number with name “me” and one message saying “You don’t need a microwave for this one”. Probably the mastermind had put the phone in his pocked while he was knocked out and he knew well what that message was meant to be and he was certain that he was the only one understanding the message inside that arena.

Killua was surprised. From his long years of practice, he knew how to see an easy prey miles away and the moment he opened his eyes inside the arena he realized that Rintaro would be the easiest one to kill, however he wasn’t expecting to be this easy. Killua had been in Rintaro’s tail for a half an hour at this point, during this time he already had encountered two Naruto’s shadows and destroyed them. Rintaro didn’t notice anything, even when Killua dropped his Zetsu to attack the shadows. It was time to attack from the behind and it would be quick.

Rintaro was focused on his mobile phone, if that was the only thing that he had to help me he would need to make the most use of it. From the start he created some easy messages to understand and quick to send. One moment he was looking to his phone screen, the other he was seeing one arm coming out of his chest with a heart inside the arm. He took a moment, but he realized it was his own heart when he coughed blood. Everything went black in Rinato’s mind.

killua heart.gif

A cannon-shot was heard. “Well, at least I am not the first one…” Rintaro’s thoughts were interrupted by a beep coming from his phone. He immediately opened it, only one character was in the screen, an arrow pointing down. Without thinking, Rintaro crouched down and in the next moment he could see an arm in the place where is heart was. He looked up and saw Killua’s eyes with the emotion of surprise, but it didn’t take much until he recovered itself. Killua sharpened his hand and in the next second Rintaro’s head was rolling in the air. Rintaro’s mind went black once again.

killua killing

A cannon-shot was heard. “Well, at least I am not the first one…” Rintaro’s thoughts were interrupted by two beeps in a row from his phone. He looked to his phone, the first one had an arrow pointing downwards and the next an arrow pointing up. Again, without thinking, Rintaro crouched down, but this time, taking the small moment of Killua’s surprise he punched upwards the strongest he could be, ending up attacking Killua’s right eye with the phone’s antenna.

Killua was beyond surprised and jumped away from Rintaro with his hand trying to stop the blood coming from his eye. He knew it without even looking at it, he was blind from that side, probably forever. Killua was not expecting for Rintaro to be able to dodge his attacks. He was certain that he was using his Zetsu to 100%! There were only two answers, Rintaro got lucky or he was way stronger than he appeared to be, to the point of being able to hide is aura completely and he was just waiting for Killua do to his first move. Since Killua didn’t believe in luck he thought that it probably was the second. Way more attentive to his opponent moves Killua took the opportunity of being a little further away to start his Rythm Echo.

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Rintaro looked to his opponent while he started walking slowly around him. Moments later he wasn’t only seeing one Killua but a lot of them, unable to understand who was the real one. Killua waited until he was behind Rintaro and attacked again, a beep was heard and Rintaro dodged. Killua continued to push forward, every attack was faster and stronger. Every time he attacked a beep was heard and Rintaro dodged again. Killua started trying to understand where that sound was coming from, until he saw it. It was the mobile phone that injured him. He didn’t know what was happening, but he was certain that phone was the source of Rinataro’s strength and he had to just take his phone so his opponent was completely powerless.

Killua continued attacking until he was again behind of Rintaro. He attacked again, but this time instead of targeting one of the Rintaro’s vital points he went towards the mobile phone. Rintaro turned around and grabbed his phone with the strongest he could in direction of Killua’s another eye. Killua tried to stop, but it was too late, he wouldn’t be able to stop in time. The phone’s antenna got into contact with Killua’s healthy eye, but this time it went further until it reached his brain.


Killua fell and coughed blood, it seems that he really had underestimated his power.

– How?… How were you able to predict my moves? – Killua asked

– This babe is able to send me messages from the future -said Rintaro while cleaning the phone to his lab coat.

– … What? But I was going towards the mobile phone and I’m pretty sure the phone didn’t ring this time…

– Well, who do you think I am? I am Rintaro, the mad scientist! It only took me a little time until I was able to predict your movements, I may not seem so, but I’m a little smart… At least smart enough to design a time machine.


Killua wasn’t able to see anything, but he felt Rintaro coming closer, closing his eyelids and hear Rintaro whispering “I’m sorry, hope you are able to win the games in other parallel Universe where you in fact killed me”. Killua didn’t know anything about parallel Universes, there was only one thing that he was sure. This was the end for him! “Gon…” he muttered and his mind went black.


A cannon-shot was heard. “Well, maybe I have a shot at this after all” though Rintaro while continuing his walk through the Forest’s trail.

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! Killua was my favorite! :’( And now he’s dead… I hope he is able to win the Hunger Games in the parallel Universe where he killed Rintaro in his first strike! He needs to come back to do the next season of HunterxHunter!!!

Don’t ask me how I was able to write this on time! I’m not gonna lie, yesterday when my WordPress just deleted completely the text just made me want to cry out of frustration! But, ok water under the bridge and here is the continuation! 😀 I hope you liked the story continuation… If you are sad about Killua, well, that’s why I say for you to vote >.< I’m the only one who just needs to accept the contestants’ fate without being able to do nothing!

Being that said, comment down below what you thought about this part and make your bets who do you think is going to win the Hunger Games!

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RIP Killua! You will always be in my heart!

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