Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Double Kill!

Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Double Kill!
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Finally Nice was able to reach the desert part of the arena. Erza and him had decided that they would part ways for now! While he would go to attack Lelouch fortress, she would try to find Pikachu and kill him. The idea was simple, both of them in the finals the sooner they could and have the battle of the survivors. Other reason was, if they continued teaming up and killing the others as a team in the end they would have to fight each other in the moment since none of them trusted completely in each other.

The fortress was easy to see, it was right in the middle of the desert and it was the only thing in sight. However, that meant that Lelouch was also able to see his targets coming miles away. The best strategy Nice could do was to wait for the night and attack during that timing!

Hunger Games Anime Edition Nice waiting.gif

– Damn! That yellow rat is hard to find! – Erza though to herself. She was starting to get pissed off! She had been looking for Pikachu hours now and there was not even a hint of where that pokemon was.

Hunger Games Anime edition Erza pissed off.jpg

The night was settling in and Pikachu finally saw Nice moving. He had been for hours just sitting behind the bushes nearby listening to his music.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Pikachu waiting

Nice, not knowing that he had been followed by Pikachu all this time, got up. At this moment he only had one thought on his mind. How to enter that castle ruins and kill Lelouch without being noticed. Since it was night he thought that his work would be slightly easier. If he had luck, Lelouch could be sleeping right now, or just preparing to do it.

However, Lelouch was not stupid at all. He knew that people would try to slight inside the castle at night because of his location and he was prepared for that. It was true that you would have more difficulty trying to see anyone who was coming miles away, however he had a strategic spot where he could see anyone coming from the forest nearby. He was completely sure that any kind of attack would be done from that side, it was the only one that presented any kind of advantage for the attacker, and he was right.

hunger games Lelouch waiting.jpg

Some hours passed and there it was, the attacker. Nice was not completely stupid either and he knew that trying to hide himself in that desert would just be impossible. So he decided to go head straight and in his own calm pace. At least he would show that he was not afraid at all of Lelouch.

Lelouch saw Nice figure appearing. “It seems the time is now!”. He got up and went to the middle of the only entrance possible inside the castle. He wasn’t going to hide or anything. He only needed one thing, to look into the eyes of Nice before he was able to do a thing and that was it! He would have won! He got to the main entrance and satย in the throne at the end of it, looking straight forward to the main door. He felt a little anxious, but he was prepared. Everything would end soon.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Lelouch sitting on throne.jpg

There was only a thing that Lelouch wasn’t expecting! Minutes later after Nice a new figure appear. This time was Pikachu. He had his serious face put on and was prepared for business.

Nice looked through the castle, circulated it and stopped again in the entrance of the main door. There was no other entrance possible. For a ruins that castle was really well constructed, there wasn’t even windows in that. The only place to enter was the door, nothing more. For the watchers there was only some possible spots to look out for intruders, the towers. Nice knew where Lelouch had been on lookout throughout the day. He wished to himself that it was during the day and not the night. If it was the night Lelouch had already an advantage.

He took a deep breath while putting his headphones on. It was time. He thought about his options and he decided the best one would be to enter with all what he had instead of a sneaky approach. The idea was simple, if Lelouch was on the other side waiting for him the one doing the first move would win and doing this, at least, Nice would have the surprise factor. He put his right hand in position to snap his fingers the fastest he could and entered with full force.

Hunger Games Anime edition Nice preparing.gif

The doors opened making a bang. Lelouch was not expecting that intro and just felt himself jumping from his chair. He looked at his adversary to tell his command, but it seemed it was too late. “kill Yoursel…” Lelouch said while Nice snapped his fingers.

Meanwhile Pikachu had found a small hole where he could fit. It was true that there was no other opening to people to enter, but that was the main thing, for “people” to enter. To someone way more little than an average person there was a small hole that led to the main hall. Of all the contestors, he would be the one small enough to fit in that small hole. He went to the main hall the same time Nice did. Knowing already the power of Nice he knew what he had to do.

The same moment that Nice snapped his fingers Pikachu used the quick attack move. The idea was not attacking, but to be able to see Nice moving. Lelouch was moving in slow motion while Nice was getting closer to him, ready to make his final blow and get closer to the Hunger Games finals. However, something happened.

With his fist millimeters from Lelouch’s heart, Nice was able to see Lelouch lips ending the phrase. Immediately he stopped. He didn’t know what was happening but he was not able to move. Only one thing resonated in his mind while his eyes blanked. “Kill Yourself!”.

Hunger Games Anime edition Lelouch power.gif

– Yes Master – Nice said in aย monotone voice.

His arm went down. Lelouch took out a dagger from the throne he was seating and passed it to him. Nice got it and immediately put it against his heart. “It will only take a second” Lelouch though with a creepy smile in his face.

That was the moment Pikachu was waiting! Both guys were completely relaxed now and it was now the time to attack. Pikachu started running towards the middle of them using the quick attack move again. He stopped in the middle of them and discharged the most electrical vault he could.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Pikachu quick attack.gif

Erza found a cavern to spend the night. She was not able to find Pikachu that day and now that the night was up in the sky the chance of getting attacked from surprise increased. This way she though the best way to do it was sleeping through the night and try to find Pikachu in the next morning.

The moment she closed her eyes 2 cannon-shots were heard. She got up in her back right away. “2 cannon-shots” she thought, “did Nice kill both Lelouch and Pikachu at the same time?”.

A robotic, yet female voice was heard throughout the arena.

– Double Kill! Pikachu is in a killing spree!

Erza couldn’t believe it, that small rat was able to take out 2 guys at the same time? It seems that it was against him that the finals would be. She had to rest for that battle, it was going to be a hard one. However, Erza couldn’t fall asleep… She was in fact scared of Pikachu.

Hunger Games Erza prepared for battle

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It seems that Pikachu just took out 2 contestants in one killing blow! Were you expecting that? I certainly wasn’t!!! Comment down below your thoughts about this episode!

Next week will be the finals and we will know who will in fact survive the Hunger Games! So, don’t forget to vote! ๐Ÿ˜€



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  1. How did Pikachu make it to the finals? There is so much wrong with that.
    This was great fun to read mind you and I’m kind of glad Lelouch isn’t in the finals given he isn’t exactly a dynamic fighter, but Pikachu taking Nice out kind of hurts.

    1. Well, Pikachu was able to be in the right place in the right time ๐Ÿ˜€ Wrong or not, let me tell you… Pikachu didn’t receive any vote to die in this episode! So, people really seem to like him! xD

      1. I know. It is one of those fandoms I don’t really understand because he kind of looks like a yellow rat to me, but I get lots of people love Pikachu. And I loved how you used the environment and the characters to create a plausible story where this might happen. I’m still kind of devastated that Pikachu killed Nice.

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