Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Teaming Up!

Hunger Games: Anime Edition – Teaming Up!

Pikachu woke up with sounds coming from the nearby bushes. It was already night-time, which meant that he had been sleeping for some hours.

He was still in a bad shape and decided that he was not ready to start a new battle right away. Being the most silence he could he went inside the bushes that would go around from where the noise was coming. However, he miscalculated the distance and he got near enough to hear people talking. “Strange!” he thought in his Pika, Pika language. People talking calmly in the Hunger Games was not something that you would expect. With curiosity he got a little closer so he could understand what they were saying!

Hunger Games Anime edition bushes.gif

– I’m telling you! The best way to finish this is for us to make a pact!

– Why would I make a pact with you? Only one person can live in this game! Making teams just seems unnecessary!

– Think about it for a second! If we team up we have more probability to go to the finals! Then we just need to fight each other and the strongest one wins!

– That seems like cheating…

– Well, there is nothing in the rules that says we can’t do this! Moreover, this is kill or being killed! If I have to cheat to have a bigger chance so be it!

– Very well… I do want to survive this! I will team up with you! However, this relationship is pure business!

– Oka…

– And don’t double cross me! Or you will suffer for it!

– Okay! Okay! Don’t worry!

Pikachu was in shocked! He forgot how close from death he was for a second. He then snapped out of it and ran away the quickest and the most silence he could. People teaming up? This couldn’t become worse!

Rintarou woke up with the first lights of the morning. He was able to find a small cave and sleep there. He felt revitalized! He had heard 3 cannon-shots only in the day before. If things continued like this the game would end sooner rather than later.

He got out from the cavern and look around seeing if anyone had found his hideout. It seemed that was not the case. There was a small lake nearby, there he could wash himself up and catch some fish for breakfast. Something that he knew that was important to survive the Hunger Games was continuing doing these human things! Without them you would just start losing it. And if you did lose your head then your death would just be a certain thing.

Hunger Games Anime Edition cavern.jpg

It was a nice morning! Rintarou could hear the birds chipping while walking the forest trail towards the lake. It was then that someone appeared in front of him. It was a kind of red-haired guy with a headset resting in his shoulders. “Damn it” Rintarou though to himself. “It is way too soon in the morning to start a fight! The best I should do is send a text saying just to avoid this place overall!”

While Rintarou was taking out his mobile phone from the lab coat, Nice was putting his headset in his hears. The moment Rintarou pressed the first button to start writing his text Nice snapped his fingers. Next moment his mobile phone was not in his hand. Rintarou looked around without understanding what happened and then he saw it… His mobile phone was now in Nice’s hand. “How the hell did he do this? More importantly… How the hell am I going to survive this?”.

Hunger Games Anime Edition Nice.gif

He moved a step closer to Nice while thinking at 200km speed in how he was going to solve this tricky situation. He then felt warm in his hands, he looked below and it was his own blood. He looked to Nice and there he was, without moving an inch… He also didn’t snap his fingers… “How the hell did he do this?” Rintarou though while falling down in the ground. It didn’t take much time until he went unconscious.

– You know… I could have done this one by myself! No need for your help – said Nice to where Rintarou was.

– Well… We are a team, right? Then let’s just finish this the fastest we can!

A new cannon-shot was heard. At the same time Nice’s partner was cleaning their sword in Rinatarou’s lab coat.

– So… Nice, who is our next target?

– Still, don’t know Erza! Let me think for a bit!

Hunger Games Anime edition Erza serious.gif

Hi guys and welcome to our place! 😀

Because you know… Having one killer is not enough! 🙂 This time the voting for the killer was equal for Nice and Erza and I though… Why not make them team up for this episode? What did you think? Did you liked it? xD

We are almost at the end everyone! Only 4 more alive! This is the time to vote! If you don’t then you won’t be able to save your fav character! 😛 I’m going with Erza to win the Hunger Games! I mean, Girl power and all xD Who do you think is going to win? Comment down below eheh

Now, for the voting: As usual, if you can’t use the poll tell me so in the comments and make your vote there! You can also vote by sending me a DM or tweet on Twitter @Arthifis 😛

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See You Soon! 😀

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  1. Nice vs Erza, I would like to see that. The question is, does their team fall apart in the next instalment with one of them taking on the other, or does Pikachu avenge Rintarou? Can’t wait for the next one.

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