The Hunger Games: Anime Edition |The First Cannon-Shot

The Hunger Games: Anime Edition |The First Cannon-Shot
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There they were. 8 people doing a circle around a pool of water with some kind of facilities at the center of it. The amount of tension was so heavy that the people were able to feel it in their bones. It was the Hunger Games and not a normal one. Each one participating were masters in their own skills and each one was a great threat for the others survivals. From the look in each face you could see that all of them were already thinking in their strategy and how they would come back alive. In the end, only one would survive so this was a battle to the death, everyone understood that and all of them wanted to come back to their lives, their stories.

A girl voice somewhat mechanic was heard, that was the beginning of the countdown to start this huge battle. One that no Anime show was able to ever to even consider doing it. Naruto took a deep breath. He knew that if he wanted to become Hokage someday he had to survive this. Maybe if he was pushed into this some years ago he would just not move and try to fight everyone head to head. However, he had grown older, stronger and, most important, smarter. He recapped his strategy for the second the battle started, he would had to really be on point with timing and not mess up one bit. While doing this heard the final numbers “3… 2… 1… Hunger Games Start!”.

When this last 3 words ended you could see immediate movement from the 8 sides. Naruto immediately did his hand seals for the forbidden technique he knew so well. Kage Bushin no Jutsu. He created 8 Narutos equal to him. Each one would go and try to follow and spy the other contestants while at the same time getting information in the terrain and one would try to find anything useful inside the facility. The smoke of the technique was not yet settled he was already pulling back and going the furthest he could from the center. He would need all his strength for this battle and while his shadows were getting information for him he would hide in the woods and gather energy to enter sage mode.

The facility was not far way and it would take only a few seconds until Naruto’s shadow was inside of it. From the start he saw that there were many weapons that would help him to fight this battle, but when he was looking more careful inside the boxes he heard steps and hidย in the shadow the fastest it could.

He saw a pair of wings made of silver metal. When this figure started getting closer Naruto was able to notice that those wings were part of a complete silver metal armor. The upper part consisted only of a small breastplate extended to the place where you could find the figure of a hip and ended up with a skirt. It was Erza and herย Heaven’s Wheel Armor. She seemed pissed off, but honestly, who wouldn’t? They had been caught unguarded, told that they would have to face to the death in this sort of arena and that’s it! They didn’t even knew what was happening and who would have done this.

Erza was also trying to find useful things inside the boxes, but she didn’t seem to care about weapons. “Isn’t there any food?” Erza said “I can’t believe I will have to pass without sweet cakes until this ends. God! I’m getting even more irritated! If Natsu was here I could just take all my frustration by beating the crap out of him…”, she went quiet suddenly “Who’s there? I can hear you!”, faster than a second she turned around and looked to where Naruto’s shadow was hiding.

“Did she spotted me? How could she? I’m concealing my presence the best as I can!” thought Naruto to himself. Erza started to slowly walking towards him. Naruto was almost making the shadow disappearing when a small little thing with a hat appeared.

– It is I, Excalibur, the best of the best and who the ladies want more!

– Who? Never heard of you!

– Fool! You never heard of me? How could you not? I’m the strongest weapon in the World! Of course you already have heard of me, the GREAT Excallibur!

– Who are you calling a fool? And no, I’ve never heard of you! That’s a huge talk for someone so small…

– Fool! If you don’t know about me I will tell you my story! Of course you are not the fondest when it come to the brains I see…

– What did you say? – Naruto could see in Erza’s voice that she was going to lose her temper in a short while!

– Fool! Don’t interrupt me! Do you know how luck you are for having the opportunity to talk with me? So, as I was saying…

– Lucky? I’m afraid we have different meanings for that w….

– Fool! Didn’t I told you not to inter….

Everything had happened in a matter of moments. In one moment Excallibur was talking the other is head was rolling in the floor. Erza had killed him faster than a blink of an eye. Behind of Excallibur’s warm corpse Erza was in this moment in a Samurai position after dealing his killing blow panting. She then rolled her head and looked into the eyes of Naruto’s shadow which went to a cloud of smoke immediately.

– God! This guy is even more annoying than Ichiya!

Killometers from there Naruto opened his eyes while at the same time he heard the first cannon-shot. It had started Naruto though while feeling a shiver down his spine.

So guys! What do you thought of that? Did you liked it? I’m not really that much of a writer so I was and am a little scared that I’m not able to deliver good stories with this Hunger Games series, so tell me below! ๐Ÿ˜€ And tell me if were expecting this outcome! xD

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Hunger Games Anime Edition

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. You have style in your writing for sure. Very enjoyable. Liked the naruto perspective even though he doesn’t kill anyone or get killed. You could put this up on a fiction website when your done I’ll bet.

    I’m not surprised that Excalibur was the first to go. I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s not well liked.

    1. Really? Thank you~! I always feel that I don’t have the best words/writing style for this kind of stuff xD Well, I don’t know about that… One thing is doing it on my blog other thing is to put this near people who could be professional writers if they wanted to xD

      To be honest it was a close call xD But yeah, I was definetely expecting this outcome first xP

      1. I think this would actually be very good in comparison to lot of fan fiction work. I’ve spent way too much time reading fan fiction. Half of it sucks and half of it is unfinished. Meaning only 25% of what I have come across is actually good and completed sadly.

        1. Well, maybe I’m just finding my call who knows? ahahah just kidding xP I dunno, it’s my first writing something like this so let’s see how it goes!

    1. Thank you~! ๐Ÿ˜€ I was a little scared that I was doing Erza too “evil” with she killing him in cold blood… But, well that has to happen in the Hunger Games xD
      Thank you~! Looking forward to write it! As you I don’t really know who is going to die next ahah

    1. It was a close call to be honest xD
      Hmmm nope, we can have a twist where all of them eat the poisoned berries and everyone dies, would that work? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. One down! Seven more to go. This is actually interesting. Is Naruto the main character or you’ll cover everyone’s point of view?

    1. Thank you~! Yeap! Just hope that I’m able to come up with interesting deaths every time >.<

      Hmmm… To be honest I don't know! XD Like you I don't really know who will die next, but I think I'll try to do a lot of different perspectives, like changing from third party to the killer and then to the victin and then to a storyteller. My idea is that no one is able to pinpoin who is going to die/kill in the first lines of the post ๐Ÿ˜›

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