My Reasons Why Award | One of the Best Initiaves I’ve Seen so Far

My Reasons Why Award | One of the Best Initiaves I’ve Seen so Far

Hi everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

Kimchisama probably just did one of the best tags ever! The name is My Reasons why and basically the tag is for you to give 13 things that make you happy!

Reasons to be happy

Not gonna lie, I have to do na effort everyday to remembre those kind of things. In fact it really is easy for you to enter into a daily routine and life can be pretty dull sometimes. What I mean with this is as na objective oriented kind of person I don’t reach my big objectives everyday! Everything takes its time and its efforts and the path to reach sometimes can become a little… Sad!

13 reasons to be happy importance.gif

To be honest this is one of the best tags to be answering this week since last one I was a little under the weather! Don’t ask me why, I just was! Sometimes you just feel sad for no reason at all… In reality I’m still trying to figure out what is wrong at the moment for making me feel this way and how can I proceed to my next goal and be happier!

That’s why I tell you this is a great tag! It’s more than a tag, it really helps you feeling better with your life! Moreover, It’s kind of interesting and I’m curious to know what other blogers are going to answer xD

The Rules:

  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • List 13 reasons why you keep going/living (This is borrowed from the book but I’m taking it the opposite direction).
  • Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why.
  • Use the picture that I created in your post. I’m sorry that I’m a bit bad a making these things… But I tried ?

So let’s start (the reasons will not be ordered from most important whatsoever! It will just be displaced random!):

 13 Reasons:


13 reasons to be happy sun

Ok, I’m in the train at the moment going to my hometown and sun is hitting my face, so… Yeah I remembered just because of that! But it is true! I live in the country with the most sunny days in Europe and I just can’t live without it! I hate the Winter because of that! There is something about the Sun (It’s called Vitamin D) that really makes you feel more relaxed and happier! So yeah, I love the sun and it really helps me feeling happy!


13 reasons to be happy blogging

Of course! I mean, I know that I have not been so active around the community in the past few weeks and the reason is simple!! I’m tired as hell! I really need holidays to recharge my batteries, but those are still far, far away, so I’ll try to get back to it the soonest I can, don’t know when thought! I just need some time to myself where I get home from work and I just go play some videogames and rest! :3 Nevetheless, blogging makes me really happy! I can’t even compare myself with the person I was 6 months ago before blogging! I really made a ton of Online friends that I love and I love to hear from! More than that, I also found the love for writing. To someone who never expresses his opinion because “Why bother? Have better things to do!” it really amazes me that I’m having so much fun with blogging my own opinions! This to the point of wanting to make this my career some day! Blogging made me a way more happier person, but also more confident in myself… I just can say: Thank you all! You all really made a difference in my life!


13 reasons to be happy music

I know, I know – This one is a giver…. But music always made part of my life! I even played the flute as most of you know! I just can’t see my life without music! As I also told in this blog I normally hear more upbeat and dance music and that’s because those songs just make me want to move, do stuff and sing (terribly) from the bottom of my lungs! I just love when I’m in my boyfriends’ car with him singing (both terribly) in whatever comes in the radio until our throats are sore!


13 reasons to be happy gaming

I’ve told you this before… At some point of my life, where I was having serious depression one of the things that made me think out of the suicide route was gaming… Gaming is just so much fun and there are so many videogames, stories, environments to experience… I can’t see my life without gaming and I play videogames everyday! Another career I would like to pursue would be in the gaming industry… Although Portugal does not offer much in this are L

My boyfriend

13 reasons to be happy boyfriend

I mean he is the love of my life, I live with him for more than one year now and I just want to pass the rest days of my life and buld a family with him! These feelings wouldn’t be able to happen if he didn’t made me happy XD

My family

13 reasons to be happy family

And in this case I’m talking about my mother and brother! Another thing I thought a lot about when I was fully depressed was how they would react if I did suicide and of course it made me brush off that idea right away. Due to my father dying really young my family had to pass through a LOT! It was not really an easy life to grow up in and all of us had our psychological problems regarding this matter… I’m happy to say that at the moment we seem to be passing a time of peace with life! Nevertheless, these kind of problems made us close to each other, especially my mother and I! We are best friends and it really makes me happy to be able to call her everyday and see her healthier than she was some years ago!

Closest Friends

13 reasons to be happy friendship

I mean, they are basically like my sisters! People who I have been friends since childhood or my teen years… They have seen me grow and become and adult while I saw them do the same! We were there for the good and for the bad and we still get together whenever is possible! Having those close ties with people out of my family really makes me happy and it’s nice to know that there are people out there ready to support me if needed!


13 reasons to be happy anime

I mean, I have to talk about this! The majority of you are Anime bloggers so yeah, Anime makes me happy, but to be honest it really makes me happier since I’ve started the blog! Yeah, I’ve always watched Anime as entertainment and that was that! Yes it was fun and I liked it but I can’t say that it really made me happy, at least to the point as gaming. However, Anime was the way to meet you guys and nowadays I appreciate it a lot and it really makes me happy!

Small things

13 reasons to be happy small things

I know, that this is cliché, but I really think it’s true! For example last week I went to my hometown and my mom, as usual made me the food I love the most to make me happy. At the end of the weekend I came back to my own home and my boyfriend had just cooked me a meal that I have been asking for a week! It’s small but it really made me happy! It just shows that I have people in this World that think about me to the detail of what I like and dislike and act accordingly to please me! It really makes me think that being alive is good!

Being alive

13 reasons to be happy being alive

To someone who had depression and even though of suicide sometimes it really makes me happy to just… Be alive! Really, life is so full of opportunities! When I look back it just makes me happy to have survived the disease that is depression and I struggled time enough to get to today. Things really do get better and I, sometimes, just can’t believe that I’m living the life I always wanted!


13 reasons to be happy loving myself

I’m not conceited, neither I rub in everybody’s face that I’m the best person in the world whatsoever, in reality I’m way too humble which makes me feel underconfident many times. Nevertheless, I love myself, inside and out! It really is nice to see myself in the mirror and love what I’m watching! This is one of my greatest battles – to be confident in my own skin and I’m overjoyed that I was able to conquer it! Of course this is something that needs continuously work and it’s really easy to disappear so I need to work it out everyday and be able to pshych myself up when feeling more down.


13 reasons to be happy creating

I just love creating things! That’s why I went with marketing as a career! It really makes me happy to write a story, make a design for a social media post, think of ways to get our community together… Everything! I love creating and I hope I never stop it! Although I would love to have more time to do it L

You guys

13 reasons to be happy loving anime community

Yeah, I already talked about blogging… But to be honest, the onl thing that makes me continuing writing and invest time in my little place is you guys! More exactly your comments! J I love when I see that my post was interesting enough to create a discussion! For me it’s the upmost reward in blogging! From those comments I was able to make Online friends who I love and made me go up and beyond and create other stuff that I would never do alone. One example is my long-run collab with Mel! I’m just loving so much doing it and I think our friendship is building up with every post we are putting out! So, yeah thank you all that take your time to visit this little place and like, comment, follow or just reading my stuff! You really make me happy and I just can’t see my life without you guys!!!

And that’s it, those are my 13 reasons that make me happy! I’ll be tagging 10 people for this one since I’m really curious (and I want you to do this excellent exercise):

The Nominations:

Hope you liked this post and if you feel that there is some point that resonated with you leave me a comment! Thank you Kimschsama for this tag (and for tagging me). This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen in the blogging community! If you are not following him just do so! He is a lovely blogger and he deserves all the love of this community! I mean, look at this tag! 😀

13 reasons to be happy loving closing

See you Soon! 😀

0 thoughts on “My Reasons Why Award | One of the Best Initiaves I’ve Seen so Far

  1. Thank you so much for your post and it is a wonderful way to start my Monday! I’m glad it was an encouragement to you and it is nice to see the sun coming out more and more. Us bloggers need that sunshine!

  2. Love post Arthifis and really great to read. I actually did this a a few weeks ago but thank you so much for thinking of me.

    1. Yeah I thought so since Kimchisama tagged you at the same time as me xD Nevertheless, since I almost don’t tag you for anything nowadays since you are being tagged all the time and this really is a nice tag I decided to show that I thought about you 🙂

    1. Ahahah Well, I only remembered the sun because he was hitting me in the face while writing the post ahah No problem! I’m curious to see what you will write eheh

  3. Awww, Arthifis… I knew I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, if you need someone to talk too, you can talk to me… (I’m usually on twitter these days hehe… You can message me there. 🙂 ) Depression really sucks. And I couldn’t help but have the feels as I also experience everything you mentioned, the bad and the good. My favorite though is 10th – Being alive. Every night before I sleep I just thank God that I once again conquered another day. Im still alive and depression didn’t win. And every morning I thank Him once again for another chance,..

    Stay strong Arthifis and Keep going.

    1. Ooooook thank you so much Lili! 😀 To be honest I’m good, fortunately I’m not suffering from depression anymore… I just need some time to myself to understand what is my next move and what objective I’m going to put in my life xD

      Yeah, I was commenting with my mother the other day when I wrote the tag… I think only people who have suffered from depression understand how something so basic can be a motive to feel happy 😛

      Thank you and you too! ^^

      1. I’m so happy for you… You’re such an inspiration to people like me who still suffer it from time to time. And i can completely understand that you have to take some time to to truly know what’s next in your life…I think that’s because you’v been through such hard ordeal, which is depression, that you’re now more mature to think more than twice about the things you’ll do and want in your life.

        Again I’m happy for you. 🙂

        And Im glad you have your family and boyfriend. 🙂 🙂

    1. No problem! 🙂 I really recommend to do it! It’s a nice exercise to remember the things you are thankful for and see life from a bright side xD

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