A small update and a BIG THANK YOU!

A small update and a BIG THANK YOU!

Hi everyone and welcome to my place!

Today I am going to do a little update on what I am thinking to with my blog and I want to take the opportunity to also say a big thank you.

This way, let’s start with my newest little project – Anime blogging party at the living room:

First of all I want to thank Irina for the small promo she made about the Facebook group! Of course I already thanked her in private, (way too much many times – to the point it must have gotten awkward) but I wanted to thank her publicly. Probably you all know her blog and you are already following her, but if not, go spread your love to her blog (you can click HERE). I already told her, but I can’t stress enough how she is an inspiration to me regarding treating her community and as a blogger.


I want also to thank everyone who joined the anime blogging party! We are starting to do something here and all of us will part of it! As I told you in the post, this group is NOT about me… It’s about all of us (the anime community) making new friends, sharing our work and growing all together!! Please, spread your love also to them (Just click in their name and you will go to their blog xD)


I’m still trying to figure out ways to make everyone to interact with each other and make some trends inside the group… But hey! I’m new to this thing, so I’m sorry if I don’t deliver it right away 🙁 But I’m doing my best to come up with ideas!!!!

If you didn’t join the group and you want to, you can find it right HERE!


Now, this promo made more that launch our anime blogging party… In ways I wasn’t really expecting… It’s funny how a small promo post made my views and visitors go through the roof… In the last two days I had almost the same number of visitors, views and new followers I had in one month and a half in blogging! Again, cannot stress enough how thankful I am to Irina and to all of you who gave it a try and showed your support by joining, commenting, liking or even just viewing 🙂 With this evolution I had to sit for a little bit and think in ways to level up my game to deliver you the best I can to entertain you 🙂

So, here is where it comes the update 🙂



The design of my blog is really simple and it worked really well at the beginning because I didn’t have much content at that time… However, at this moment if someone wants to find a specific post will have some difficult time, since this theme just puts all posts one after another (full written). This way I am looking for new themes that can make your life easier (well… If in fact you are trying to find something in the blog which you may not xD). Moreover, have you noticed that my hyperlinks are in black instead of blue? Well… Basically with this theme I can’t change the color of it -.-‘ so I really need to try new themes. I don’t know when this is going to happen, I may find the perfect right away… Or not! xD And to tell you a secret… I’m a little perfectionist when ti comes to design (Ok… Ok… not a little it’s in fact a lot…. and it’s not only about design… It’s about a lot of things xD)


For the new people in here and to the older ones who may have not notice… At this moment I am doing my top 10 series and they are almost finishing. I’m happy to tell you that I already have some ideas on what to do afterwards. The anime part is already pretty solid, but I am having a little trouble to find a good series to the Video Games part 😛 I’m not giving you away anything for now, but stay tuned to know what I am going to do eheh

Other thing is… I still did not start my digital marketing series… To tell you the truth is because I don’t see myself as a guru or anything like that. However, I think I just found the best way to do this series… I am going to tell you my experience with it. Even though I love digital and social media, I never really worked with it until I got this blog. Moreover, most of my friends are not anime lovers, this way, to get people read my blog and follow my twitter (Facebook page I do have some friends following me xD) I had to start from zero learn from it and find ways to leverage things to make people at least see my blog! So, I’ll write about what I found and how am I working to make my community to grow. Do not expect that I already have hundreds of followers because I don’t xD I’m still a newbie! 🙂

And that’s all I had to say for you today guys!

And…. Again, thank you for your support, it made me really happy 🙂


See ya soon! 😀

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  1. I’m not really active on Facebook, but I already joined your group and I hope that can be more active there in the future. By the way, a few (just a few) people said that my blog design is pretty good, and so I can help you with the blog design if you want. Of course, with a different theme and anything. (*I live in an internet cave now, because my laptop is in service so I need to find a new pc. But then people at work said I can get a week off, so here I am with quite a lot of spare time, and I glad if I can help.) ???
    message me here: https://fb.me/nesha5971 or https://twitter.com/nesha5971.

    1. Thanks a lot! 😀 tomorrow I am going to go trough all themes and start creating the idea for the design! Afterwards I will most probably come to you then eheh if there is something I can do for you just tell me 🙂

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