I’m an introvert! Why is there a problem with that?

I’m an introvert! Why is there a problem with that?

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

I know, I know… I already published a post today and this one is not about Anime or Video Games 😛 But I was doing the dishes and this thought crossed my mind, then I started to vent with myself and then I thought it would be a good idea to express this idea here in the blog (Yeah.. . That’s how my brain works xD). This is a little more serious matter, so it will be a straight down text without the cute gifs I normally use, sorry in advance 🙂

Now… I want to start the post with clarifying what is an introvert! There are many explanations out there in the internet talking about this, so I won’t ramble a lot about it, but basically an extrovert person receives energy when talking with others, while an introvert receives energy when they are alone. Do not mistake being an introvert with being shy or social anxious. It’s true that introverts are easily to be one of them (or both) but they are completely different things! Moreover, I want to stress  out that each person is her own case, so I am going to talk about my case, which may not be the same as yours :3

Let me explain a little more about myself, so you can understand why am I doing this post. I majored in business/management. I already had 2 opportunities of working in marketing and I am, at this moment, looking for the next challenge 😀 Saying that, I already had many interviews… Too many to count to be truthful and I always sensed that there is this unspoken rule that for you to work in management you have to be an extrovert (at least this is what I sense, it may not be true)… At the surface I understand why is that. In management you will need to talk with many different people, do presentations, work in a team… But why do people think that an introvert cannot do that? We can… Probably the difference is when I get to my weekend I prefer to stay at home to charge my batteries instead of going out.

There are many things we introverts excel at, that normally extroverts do not, such as:

  • We love to listen – A thing that makes introverts and extroverts so good friends! One loves to talk, the other loves to listen! So if management is full of extroverts, an introvert in there is really good! Why? Because extroverts like to be listened and we will be there to listen.
  • We are really good at face to face conversations – Even though we may be more silent at meetings, or social events, when it comes to 2 persons conversations we normally loosen up a lot, and since we normally like to listen, the other person feels secure and relaxed enough to drive the conversation, making her feel good.
  • We are more attentive to details – Since we spend a lot more time with our mouths shut, normally we see a lot more than extroverts. We take special attention to the body language and with years of practice we start to understand what the other person is feeling behind her words.
  • We think before we speak – introverts normally do not talk because they are shy or something like that…. Normally it’s because they don’t have anything to add to the conversation. Only when they think that their words have any add value that’s when they speak.

Probably, there are more and I am not remembering it. Of course extroverts are also important and they have their own strengths. Probably you won’t see an introvert to be the star of a party. Extroverts normally are also better when brainstorming because they are way more spontaneous than introvert people.

Now this one I really do not know if it’s a general thing or just for a few. Normally introverts do not have stage fear (I have some other people who agreed that with me). I am an introvert and I have played the flute (Yes I am a musician – not a pro though) alone to a lot of people, I have done a Q/A with a full auditorium and during my college degree I did at least 90% of my group presentations because I wanted to do it. So I really don’t mind to talk for hundreds of people.

That’s why I don’t understand why is there a problem with being an introvert (again, cannot stress this enough not shy or social anxious, those are different things, which I have experienced when I was younger). I think it’s important to have extroverts and introverts working together, why? Because they complement each other!

And that’s all for my rambling! Sorry if it bothered you! Comment down below what do you think about this theme!

See ya soon! 😀

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  1. I have never related to a blog post more than this one! ? I’m a real introvert and I honestly embrace it! It’s a part of my personality and even though I cannot do some things as easily as extroverts might do I can still do them and take pride in that! ? Introverts are awesome!

  2. Well, one thing you don’t have to worry about is that this post bothered me: it did not ? And to make things even more clear : I am a 100% introvert as well. I definitely can relate. I listen a lot, especially lately with a very good friend of mine who is going through some very hard stuff ? The problem is that I sometimes listen too well, and it affects my mood. Which is definitely a thing that has been going on a lot lately with my friend. Still though, I’m not in any way saying it’s a problem being an introvert. In fact I’m proud to be one. Cool post: and as you can see: you are not the only one ?

    1. Makes me happy to know that you liked the post! Yeah I know right? I am the same way! But with time we learn to live more our lives and not let the problems of other to make our day a bad one! It is important for us to be well to be able to help other people 🙂 yeah when I tell about myself is because I know that there are different types of introverts xD

  3. So what if you don’t get your energy from other people or by being alone? I certainly never seem to have any :/

    Seriously though, I’ve always considered myself to be an introvert, but that might not be the right description. I guess I’m somewhere in the middle and tend to have extreme drifts into either from time to time. I may be hikikomori right now, but a total socialite next month. Sometimes I’m fueled by anger and other times I value the ability to stay calm. I can kind of see both sides to any argument, or I can’t relate at all.

    Maybe I’m broken lol. Still this post was food for thought.

    1. I’m glad it made you think! :3 that was the idea eheh well everyone is different and there are many Grey areas not only black and white xD I know that I am an introvert to the bone because even though I am really social I know that I spend a week in a row with some time to be with myself I’ll start to desire that a lot xD however I am also not of those guys which can spend a month at home without having any kind of social activities irl xD

        1. I know that there are some countries where you have that. Not in Portugal though which I think is a really fail in the education system… If you from the beginning learn to give speeches it will scare you less in the future… But what do I know? Xp

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