I’m Moving… And You Are Coming With Me!

I’m Moving… And You Are Coming With Me!
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Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

I think it’s no surprise to anyone since I’ve talked about this a few times by now. But, I’ve been thinking about leaving WordPress.com and go to WordPress.org. A friend of mine purchased a dominion and got a host recently and he gave me the opportunity to play a little bit with it.

Well, I already knew that there were a lot of perks by moving to WordPress.org. However, this was the first time I actually tried some themes and played with everything… And, boy, I got excited! The truth is, in a cheaper way I’ll be able to include and change many things in the blog that I always wanted to do. Something that would cost me around 400€ (yearly) here at WordPress.com will cost me around 50€ (yearly)… Something like that… Well, this is basically what I’ve been paying right now just to have the personal plan here at WordPress.com!

It’s a huge difference!

The only thing it was drawing me back was the (miss)interpretation that I would lose having my posts in the WordPress reader. However, after carefully looking for information, it seems I’m able to continue having my posts appearing in you all readers through using Jetpack! This way, there is really nothing pulling me out anymore.

I just didn’t do this earlier because of the Ultimate Arthifis Guide. But, with that one finished and done, I think it’s time for me to start working on this! Since I want to be completely set in January (so I can start the new Anime season completely set), I’ll be doing the move during December. This way, I’ll probably be less active during this month! 🙂 Nevertheless, I will still come from time to time and since I’ll be doing something major this month, I want to make sure that I’m able to post that out when the time is right!

So, basically, this is just a small update about how I will be moving our place to another country! Oh, before I forget! I will also be changing my blog a little bit! The content will be focusing more in Anime and I will probably even delete some older posts which I feel that don’t have a place for this new era that our place will enter.

So, yeah! That’s basically it! This month I won’t probably write as much and I hope that from January onwards everything will be set up (and better than it is today :D)

See You Soon! 😀

32 thoughts on “I’m Moving… And You Are Coming With Me!

  1. Hope it all works out! And please let me know if they’re pushing Gutenberg there, too–if not, I might follow your lead. (I reallllllllllly hate this d*mn Gutenberg thing! I’ve managed to avoid it so far by going to the Traditional Editor thing, but heaven knows when they might yank that rug out from under my feet. . .)

    1. That makes us both of us! From what I’ve seen they are also promoting it in the WordPress.org but it doesn’t seem they will be making you to work with it if you don’t want to. However, the traditional editor in WordPress.org is different from the one we get in wordpress.com.
      The best way for you to see it is trying out. Just put the name of your site and then /wp-admin
      So, basically -> https://anotheranimereview.com/wp-admin 😀

        1. Hey David! So, I haven’t started working with WordPress.org yet (still trying to figure out a domain name which is not taken ahah). But, I got an email from them saying that for the people who don’t want to adhere to the Gutenberg there will be a free add-on for the WordPress.org users which is basically the “old” editor 🙂 Hopefully that’s the info you were looking for

          1. I dislike like Gutenberg. It is NOT WYSIWYG. If you want a fancy layout, it isn’t the choice for you. Handles posts with lots of graphics poorly. Many of the options for the regular editor either don’t exist or are buried so deep I can’t find them. The standard editor is not a work of art but I can do what I want to do. Nothing is easier in the Gut and commonly used things that used to be one click away are now several. Some just aren’t there. End up having to edit and save in html. Reopen it in Gut and they’re gone.

            I understand the old editor will still be available as a plugin after Gut is standard.

          2. Yeah, Fred, that’s right! You have a plugin with the classic editor (I’m using it haha). Truth is, I believe Gutenberg is still too new. It needs some time to be worked up and make it more user-friendly. For now, it’s just a mess!

    1. Ups, maybe I explained myself wrong! I pay 30€ as you (for the personal plan). However, to have the same freedom as with self-hosting I would need to go with the business plan here on WordPress.com which is basically 400€ a year xD

    1. Exciting news! 😀 However, I’ve been in personal plan for a while now xD What I’m going to do is leave wordpress.com and start self-hosting at wordpress.org 😛 Sorry, maybe I didn’t explain myself clearly >.<

    1. Of course! 🙂 The blog/website will be focusing only in Anime and Visual Novels starting January. However, I’ll still be releasing posts with tips and tricks for Anibloggers ^^ Going to WordPress.org will be there of course eheh

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