Let’s Talk About Pride

Let’s Talk About Pride
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Hi everyone and welcome to our place! πŸ˜€

Going to be real with you! I don’t know what or where or how is this post going to go lolol This line of thoughts just came to me some days ago and I want to write about pride!

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Just something I want to add before jumping into it! My company’s event was yesterday! It went ok and I think people liked it, but it was way far from what my objective was. However, it met the company’s objectives so that’s good… Right? Well, what I want to say is that finally my life is coming back together and become “normal” again. This way I’ll be again scrolling through your posts and become more active again! πŸ˜€ Maybe I won’t do it right away since I feel I train just passed over me and probably I will need some days to rest since I’ve been full speed mode for more than a month now! However, expect me to come back in the following days eheh Now, let’s jump into it.

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When you talk about pride in these days normally people are expecting you are going to talk about pride in being black, pride in being asian, pride in being a woman, prideΒ  being in the LGBTQ+ communities… You know, “minorities”! I put that into quotation marks because it really depends the environment/society you have around you! Probably the LGBTQ+ and women are the ones that ends up being worldwide. However, when it comes to race it really depends where you live right? I mean, if you go to Japan you won’t heard pride in being Asian… I mean, they are but it’s not a topic needed to be addressed… You understand what I’m saying?

To be honest, each one of these minorities are a subject enough for a serie of posts since I would need to explain the history part (which I don’t even know in totally) and all the steps that were made and that are being made at the moment to be able to have more balance in our society.

LGBT Pride.gif
But, yes! I’m proud of being part of the LGBTQ+ community

But, that is not what I want to talk about!

I want to go to the highest minority in the world! It’s such a minority that is only composed by 1 person!

That minority is YOU!

Proud Naruto You.gif
Yes! YOU!

We all know this, no one is equal to another person! Which it always amazed me because we are billions out there. However, because of the place you were born, the society you grew up, the education your family gave you, school, etc. combining with the person you are and those traits that were just born with you, people end up being pretty different from each other. Even if you find someone who is similar to other there will always be differences between them! Not even twins end up being complete replicas of each other when it comes to personality! Think about it for a second… Think about everyone you have met until today… Is there anyone who you would say it has completely the same personality as other? No, right?

Proud different.gif
Maybe it doesn’t go so well with the paragraph before, but they are CUTE!

So, in the end you can say that (even if there is some completely equal to you in the other part of the World) you will be the only person that you will meet in your entirely life that is… Well, like YOU! Ok… So what do I want to get with all of this talk?

Let’s be pride of ourselves!

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As someone who is way too much perfectionist with himself, this is something that I’ve been struggling (and still am) a lot with. I also think that many of you relate to this though. Thinking that what you put out there and how you are as person is not good enough. Even if people tell you that you are more than good enough, that you are great or brilliant, you thank them, but at the same time think to yourself: “This person is just being nice! I know that I am not that good”.

From my 25 years of existence I started to understand that one of the most important things to succeed in life in general is confidence! It doesn’t really matter what is your career path, or even life path… You will need to be confident to conquer your milestones and your objectives. I think that for you to be able to get to the point you are naturally confident you first need to be pride of yourself! Then, you start having more easiness and thinking to yourself “I can do this!” or “I’m good enough!”.

Now, I’ve written a post where I talk about feeling that I am not good enough to make blogging my career. So, this post can be a little weird to come so few weeks later. However, I think it’s something that I changed into myself after that post (being that said post a huge help). To be honest, I never felt so good in my shoes for a long time and that comes a lot for feeling proud of myself.

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The events that I think that changed me is that I am now 25, which seems to be the age that my mind turned and decided that I will not continue to change my ways (especially in the workplace) to feel myself included. If for some matter I don’t feel that I fit in then that just means that company’s culture is not for me and it’s time to change and look for another.

Other thing that built a LOT my confidence is my blog! To be honest I never felt that I was someone who would in fact inspire people! Well, yes… You cans say that seeing my blog growing and seeing your likes/comments was also something that I wasn’t expecting and that made more confident. However, in the end, for me the thing that could the most is when I wrote about anxiety, time management and things like that where in the comments people told me that felt inspired by me and were going to try to take some of the tips to see if it helps! That made me the most happy I ever felt (inside the all of the happy moments I had with the blog community ofc). I really felt that I was able to touch someone and that made me incredibly happy.

proud and happy.gif

The third is my current job. I’m the only person in Marketing at my company. Although I was hired initially to only do digital marketing of course that had to change… I mean, digital marketeers do not manage events xD That made me going out there without a safety net and makes me push myself out of my comfort zone almost everyday. I don’t know if this is going to end well or not. However, I can say that I’ve already grew a lot in the 4 months that I have been here and well… It made me proud of myself and therefore confident about myself.

As a conclusion, what I want with this post is that you start feeling more proud of yourselves! Yeah, you are going to make mistakes and you will probably sometimes feel that when your life is going against a wall that you are not good enough. Well, I’ll give you this opinion: Those are necessary in our lives and they give you the opportunity for you to overcome yourself. I’m going to give you a small example:

A day after my “Am I Good Enough?” post, I ended my Final Fantasy series reviews and I tried to completely make it difference and be more funny and engaging as I told you I wanted to do. In the end of that post I asked people for feedback so I could understand what I was doing right and wrong and basically improve myself. TPAB came and made a huge comment telling me the things that he thought it was missing and he was completely right. Well, that could be a strike to my confidence since someone who normally likes my game reviews just had made some critics with this posts. Well, it didn’t feel that way in a bit. To be honestly I didn’t even feel sad about it! I felt happy! Why? Someone had taken a part of his busy life to help me improve and well, I took that information and I always bear it in mind!

super sayan proud.gif
That’s when we go super sayan style!

This way, when someone does not go as well, take it a lesson and a way of improvement! Do not be too hard on yourself and just see that as an opportunity for you to grow even more awesome than you already are! πŸ™‚

Only one last remark, being proud of yourselves is a good thing and should not be seen as you being self-centered or something like that! I’m not saying for you to start telling everyone how good you are! I’m telling you to say to your mind’s voice who is always telling you are not good enough that you are awesome! πŸ™‚

proud anime thesys.gif

I think I’ve written more than enough and I know you are all busy people without the time to read a thesys at the moment so I’ll stop (for now! :D) Nevertheless, I want to leave you with a game!

I’m going to start a tag when putting this post on twitter which is: Write the 3 best traits have that come first into your mind and tag 3 other people! The idea is for you to remember what makes you the awesome person you are!

If you end up not being tagged you are more than welcome to go and write about in the conversation and tag 3 people who you want to make them realize how awesome they are! If you don’t like twitter do it on the comments! I’ll do it with you ok?

The 3 things that I love about myself that come instantly to my mind are:


proud creative.gif


Proud Intelligent Anime.gif

Good Person

Proud Good.gif

For now it is all, but in the future I will also write about the physical traits too since we all have our insecurities! πŸ˜€ Hope you liked this post and that you start getting yourself more credit! You are pretty awesome and you need to know it!

Pride Anime Goodbye.gif

See You Soon! πŸ˜€

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    1. Oooh thank you! ? But let us stay with 3 because I dont want to blush to death ok~? Xp

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it and I hope you remember every day how awesome you are!

  1. Ah, now all the notifications on twitter make sense. Sorry, I wasn’t wading through 80+ nominations this morning to find out what started that.
    Pride is an interesting topic but it is one of those that always seems to be a double edged sword. Too much pride and confidence hinders self-improvement or even the desire to improve or take advice, whereas too little leaves you fairly crippled and unable to act. Finding a balance is needed to try, to act, and then to reflect on how it could be done better and to try again having learned from previous actions, advice of others, and further learning in general.

    1. Sorry about that… I even started the tag by tagging you so basically you just got all of the notifications xD

      Yeah I’m completely with you! But to be honest I think that the Anime community in here is needing a little more pride/confidence in themselves!

      However I completely agree with you! Too much ego and you stop developing which is really a bad thing x/

      1. Don’t worry about the tag. The answers were fun to read once I knew where it started. It was more that it mostly happened while I was sleeping so I just woke up to a swarm of notifications and tweets that didn’t have much context.

  2. What an inspiring post! I think it’s very important for all of us to be proud of ourselves once in a while… Thank you for writing this~

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it eheh I think it’s really important especially if you are like myself and just too hard in yourself xP

  3. Awww Arthifis, you’re really a fuzzy furball of light. Catching up with your old articles, you’re just so smooth at transcribing all things with a spice of positivity!! Just like the topic of pride which people tend to associate it with the negative connotation, you translated it into an emotion that we should use to transform ourselves for the better!
    You know, I’m sure this wordpress community is on its way to ‘enlightenment’ status in no time ^^. <3

    1. Ooooh thank you so much! You really just made my day <3

      I don't even have words to answer to your comment since I feel most of the time that I'm not that great of a writer! It really makes me happy to know that you love my writing that way eheh Thank you so much and I hope this post helps a lot of people ^.^

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