Life Update Aug 2018

Life Update Aug 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

Today I’m not that creative and I don’t really know what to write about πŸ˜€ I have some ideas in my backlog, but I’m not feeling good enough to write about those themes today. This way, I decided to just go with a small life update. Talking a little bit about working, streaming, what I’ve been playing, watching and things like that. I normally love to read posts like these, so I hope you also like to know what is happening in my life at the moment. Let me start with my blogging stats xD

– Blogging Stats –

As you can see, I’ve been increasing views since the beginning of the year. However, May and Jun were pretty much a downside of those values. This happens because that was the time when I stopped for a month to do some blog updates πŸ˜€ From what I can see, probably August will be the same, around 1.2K views since I’ve got 635 and we are in the middle of the month.

However, something that doesn’t show in these numbers are the number of posts I’ve written in those months. Meaning, it’s normal that in months that I’ve wrote and put out more posts to have higher views, right? That’s why I always prefer to see my average stats by post, and not see them all together. Unfortunately in WP we only have for year to date and not monthly stats for this. (Yes, I could go and divide the total views by the number of posts, but then I wouldn’t be taking account views from posts shared in the earlier months).

So here’s the total comments, likes and words divided by my total posts. As you can see, although my average likes per post is not really that high – 26, I’m really happy when it comes to comments. I’ve been able to make you guys to speak up and talk with me (17 times per post) which makes me absolutely happy! Thank you guys so much <3 When it comes to views, I was able to gather 10.1280 views total, which will give me roughly 67 views per post. However, we need to take in mind the posts I’ve wroteΒ in 2017 because of the long tail and this means that number decays to 41 views.

As you can see, my most viewed post in 2018 was put out in 2017. However, I have to say that this one has been the one getting more views from Google πŸ˜› Regarding the others, taking out the “Entrance” which is my homepage, you can see that most of the posts in there are somewhat more personal and about my life than Anime or Gaming in general. Well, that bumps me out a little a bit, but I hope the changes I’ve doing lately on my content will change that! πŸ˜›

Now, where the people come from? From WordPress of course! However, it actually amazed me to see search engines and social with so many numbers. Other thing was, all the amazing people who sent their readers to my blog. I couldn’t thank you enough! You are awesome people and everytime I’ll see a way to help you grow you are sure that I’ll be doing it <3

Β – What I’ve been Doing –

With the stats out of the way let me tell you what I’ve been doing! πŸ˜€

First, I’m sure you already know about my start with streaming. It’s been around 3 weeks, I’ve finally found a good headset after having to trade the first 1 I bought, twice and I’m trying to go full mode! To be honest, it’s a little lonely most of the time and I know I have much to improve. Nonetheless I’m still giving at go and who knows… Maybe Twitch will help me living my dream sooner rather than later.

Then we have my full-time job, digital marketer. I’ve started a new project this monday and well… I’m already feeling annoyed. We are buying media from a company and it seems that I ended up having a point of contact that is just incompetent… I mean, we are doing campaigns for a job, I tell this person that the campaign can only go to people living in the EU and she just made the campaign without taking that into account. I talked to her and she said that was how things should be done… Guess what? I just got a CV from a person who is outside EU and therefore is not legible to work with my Clients. This mean, I paid for someone to click in my job advertisement which is not of my interest at all… So, yeah, we begin with an excellent start -.-” So, yeah, that’s what is happening and I discovered that I hate to work with incompetent people, specially when I’m paying them! Yaiiii -.-”’

I want my money back!

Gaming wise, I’ve been playing (and streaming) Kingdom Hearts: Re Chain of Memories. It’s almost done and then I’ll be playing Kingdom Hearts 2 πŸ˜€ It’s the first time playing and I’m loving it eheh On the PC, I’m trying to find something nice to play, but still not there xD Nevertheless, I still have to finish Perseverance: Part 1, a game which stream key was given me by participating in a giveaway from Two Happy Cats! Thank you a lot πŸ˜€

Anime wise, as you know I just finished Vampire Holmes, so I still didn’t pick the next Horrible Anime to watch. More than that I’m in the last episode of Free! Eternal Summer with my boyfriend and I continue to watch Steins;Gate 0 every week.

– Conclusion –

Fight – Oh… Fight – Oh… Fight – Oh…

Sorry completely forgot!!!! I joined (finally) the gym!!! Don’t have much to add, just wanted to let you know xD So basically, my daily life has been pretty crazy with no time whatsoever for anything besides work, blog and stream. But, well, that’s how it is!

Sorry for the non-creative post today, but it’s 10pm right now and I didn’t know what to write for today. Hope this is enough and that you had fun knowing how my life is going! What about you? How is your life going? Tell me all the tea in the comments, you know I LOVE to know how my readers are doing πŸ˜‰

See You Soon! πŸ˜€

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  1. Life update works. Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy lately.
    Thanks for sharing your stats and insights. By the way, since I actually took your advice about occasionally adding in the alternate text and description for my images, I’ve had a lot more hits from search engines (though some of those have come from some interesting search terms). So thank you.

    1. Glad it does! πŸ˜€ Yeah, it’s been crazy…

      Really? That’s great! I’m really happy that it’s helping! I couldn’t be happier than to know that my classes are actually helping people eheh Thank you for the feedback!

  2. Completely forgot to add some additional texts in the alt title. Just a question; If I were to add them after posting, will they still count towards the SEO or does the initial posting makes the difference. I know what I have to in future a) not be lazy b) add them XDD

    1. LOOOL Yeah, you can add it afterwards. Just make sure Google indexes it! It may happen that it takes a little more time for them to have clicks though. However, it’s better to add them than not xD

      Ahahah, I completely understand you! I have the same problem! I’ve been slacking in adding the alt titles actually >.<

  3. Wow, I never realised how much content you churn out! Give yourself a pat on the back! What’s your secret to juggling a full-time job, other hobbies, relationship commitments, and blogging? I expect that I’ll be working again before too long, and I’m a bit worried about that!

    Anyway, I like hearing what’s going on in my favourite bloggers’ lives too! I wouldn’t mind more of these type of posts!

    1. ooooh thank you so much! <3

      Well, I think everyone is different. But, this is what I do. At work I don't use all my lunch time to have lunch. I always eat fast and work on the blog in that time. Moreover, while my colleagues do their short breaks by watching videos on YouTube or something like that, I usually use those breaks to write a bit or read other peoples' blogging.

      Now, I get out of work at 6pm and normally I've already wrote the post for that day.

      If it's gym day I go like this – gym until 8.30pm, have dinner until 9.15pm and start streaming at 9.30pm. I end that around 10.30-11pm and I still get some time to watch Anime or just chill out a bit browising Youtube and so on!

      This time, these are the hoobies I have – blogging, streaming and gym.

      On the weekends I don't blog, stream or work. So I take that time to chill out with my boyfriend/family. However, from time to time I'm able to work a little bit on the blog or my twitch channel.

      In the end the rules are simply: having fun with blogging and streaming, making it a relaxing thing rather a job. And not procrastinate even a bit. Unless it's the weekend xD

      Thank you <3 Happy that you liked it eheh

      1. That sounds like a packed schedule! It’s not really my business, but I hope that you take the time to take care of your mental and physical health too!

        I wish that I could publish blog posts as often as you, but I think that I’d start to put too much pressure on myself to continually produce content and it’d stop being fun, ya’ know?

        1. Thank you for your concern! πŸ™‚ Well, I always try to take the weekends off. Even if sometimes I have to one thing or another to hooby/twitch, I always take the time to spend with my boyfruend and relax πŸ˜€

          Completely understad that since I got in one time that I wasn’t feeling to have as much fun as before. However, I was able to change that by changing my mindset. Yes, I have a schedule and I want to regularly put content out. But, if I feel too overwhelmed or that I’m not having fun I’ll just stop and don’t post πŸ˜› Until that time, not even once I got a day that I felt that I was blogging because of the pressure.

          Nevertheless, I really need to have sort of a schedule to do something. If I do not, then I’ll just procrastinate and do nothing ahah >.<

  4. Wow…you seem to have a lot going on right now! And those stats are just truly impressive! ?? Way say sorry though? This post was totally fun to read, so there is no way on Earth you need to apologise for that…for even a single second ??

    1. What can I say? I want to do a lot of things! πŸ˜€

      Ahah thank you <3 nothing compared to yours I guess, but yeah, I think those were great numbers to achieve in my first year blogging eheh

      Ooooh, you know, I normally always put something creative and though provoking (or at least try to ahah) XD but thank you, happy that you liked it eheh

      1. would be surprised…my stats really aren’t that great. But honestly I have never really cared for stats in the first place. For me the most fun thing is talking to all these awesome people like yourself. ??
        Haha…I DO know that, which is why I always love your posts ??

        1. Hmmm that’s hard to believe raist xD it’s 100% that I’m not being able to read everyone’s posts. However, most of the time I see one post of yours you have a lot of likes and comments xD maybe you are tLking in proportion to your follower base? I think that is just natural since there are many people who follow and do not read anything you put out xP

          1. Haha…no, it’s quite simple actually: I don’t have a very regular posting schedule. And because of that..there are days that I hardly get any views at all. But really, as I said that is totally fine, as I don’t much care about stats ??The only thing that I would really hate is if no absolutely no one would read my posts ??

          1. Haha….as there seems to be a completely no offensive on the move currently to make me blush every day, I figured it’s about time someone else get a chance to do so as well: So I will crawl out from under my rock: It’s all yours lol ??

    1. Maybe because you aren’t putting as much posts or aren’t blogging so much time as me? I don’t know. Everytime I see a post of yours it always seems to have a lot of likes xD that’s why I also published my stats per post because it’s easier to compare xP

      Thank you~! XD

    1. Thank you so much! XD not gonna lie, it’s a little scary since it may happen that I don’t have any good improvements to add ahah xD

      I’ve played for a little bit and it seemed really nice eheh probably going to finish it this weekend and review it next week xP

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