Big… Small… Ok! MEDIUM Life Update – Semi-Hiatus & Secret Project Revealed

Big… Small… Ok! MEDIUM Life Update – Semi-Hiatus & Secret Project Revealed
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Hey everyone and welcome to our place!

You probably already have sensed that I’ve not been as active as usual reading, liking and commenting your awesome posts! Well, this post is just to explain what is happening at the moment and I thought it was better to say that I’m going in a semi-hiatus πŸ˜€

cruise Anime.gif
Is it just me that always pictured going on a hiatus is like doing a cruise?

First, what is the main thing that is taking my time to the point of taking time from stalking you! Well, my company is hosting an event April 10th, event that basically I’m more or less in front of it! So I’m doing the calls inviting people, design of every content we are using for communication, digital marketing, basically almost everything that has to do with marketing in an event. From the strategy to put postcards over Universities and restaurants. At the same time I still need to manage to do my “normal” work, so as you can imagine… It’s been… Interesting to say the least xD

Anyways, the event is about the trends about the European Digital Job Market. If you are interested in that we will be streaming you can register here and just watch it from home πŸ˜€ We will have some cool speakers and it will be in English obviously πŸ˜€

But, that’s not all! As you know I’ve just started a long duration collab with the marvelous Mel which also takes its time! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it here! πŸ˜€

Anime boys Collab
Props to Mel to have though about this awesome collab and designed this excelent thumbnail

Then there is another secret project that I can’t talk right now, BUT there is another secret project that I will be revealing now!


excited anime.gif
That’s a pretty accurate GIF on how I took the news!

I can’t even put to words how happy I am! It’s not paid, however I will be able to start writing for a website, meet all this cool people and well, I hope start making a name for myself in the Portuguese Anime Industry (which is pretty small ahah).

Everything I write there I continue having the author’s rights. This means that it will not be any problem using the articles written to the website in my own blog. The only thing I will need to change is translating it to English xD Other thing that can happen will be that some of my posts will have now “Originally written at“, this because even though we all know that I’m the one writing both articles, Google can see it as plagiarism. The same will happen there! Some posts there will have written “Originally written in”. Nonetheless the details… HOW FREAKING COOL IS THIS?

Happy Anime
I can’t still really believe that I will be doing this >.<

However it will take some time for to get used to the website and their editor board (since they use and not

This leads me to the next thing… I’m going to try episodic reviews for the FIRST TIME EVER! Basically, I’ll be covering one Anime from the Spring season I still don’t know which one, but it will be between Persona 5, Steins Gate 0 andΒ Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai. We’ll see… But, ok expect me to start also writing some episodic reviews eheh

Of course… To be able to do all of this it will take a LOT of work. So I decided to go in a semi-hiatus. I’ll continue to post (don’t worry) and I’ll be active on Twitter, but until this event of my company don’t end I won’t be able to read post, comment and so on… Unfortunately. I’ll try to do some catchup on the weekend, but we’ll se how it goes, since I’ll be passing my saturday working!

That is all everyone! Sorry that I won’t be so present for the time being and not commenting that much! I’ll try to compensate when I come back! >.<

typing anime.gif
My life in the past few weeks xD

See You Soon! πŸ˜€

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    1. Yeah, they are! I only need that this event day passes so I can be a little less tired when I get home from work! πŸ˜› I really need to come back to Discord -.-” We’ll try my best to be around there more!

    1. Thank you Karandi! πŸ˜€ I do hope so! In work is going more or less well, not as good as I wanted to be honest, but well, will continue to do my best ahah

  1. Oh wow Art-san! Lots of changes~
    Congrats on the Portugese Anime Website and hope the event is a GREAT success!!
    The collab, I’ve already expressed my thoughts on that…
    And episodic reviews!
    Woah, you just picked a crazy burden up! Good luck and looking forward to that too!

    1. Oh thank you so much Auri-nee! ^.^ I do hope so to! At least I’m working my best to happen that way xD
      Well, I’m just going to cover one Anime ahah not more than that at least for now xD

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