My Love Story | 5th Anniversary

My Love Story | 5th Anniversary

Hi guys and welcome to my place! 😀

Today is a very special day for me! It’s the day my boyfriend and I started dating… Five years ago! God… Time flies my friends! This way I’m not going to post another Award Monday but, don’t worry, it will come out on Wednesday! 😀 you

Now, I’ve spoken here and there about my relationship, how could I not? It makes part of my daily life and constantly shapes me as a person and some of you guys commented about how they could see my love through my words and things like that and that you would be interested in hearing about my love story, yes IT IS a love story the ones that seem coming from a movie, so what a better occasion to post it today?


First let me give you a small background, although I am 100% nowadays that I will end up with a guy and not a girl (in this case with THIS guy of course) it was not always like that. I’ve had my share of girlfriends and only when my last girlfriend and I broke up, I decided it was time for me to start exploring my “gay” side, of course it took some healing afterwards, but when I was 19 years old I started actively looking for a gay relationship. Back in the day there was no Tinder (God, so old) and this way I browsed the Internet and found a website more or less serious where many gay men had profiles and so on. Not going to lie, as the stereotypes go, there were many there that just wanted to have sex which was not what I wanted, to the day I’m still not able to understand how can people do casual sex, for me sex is too important and a deep connection to someone, so casual sex was not for me. I did meet some guys and talked with some in Skype but none hit off until the day a guy, in this case a singer which for me makes the person hot almost instantly started talking with me and we started dating. Although I knew this was not going to go anywhere it was fun and I liked him, it was my first boyfriend and we ended up breaking up after some months because he wanted me to go to his house and I wouldn’t… Basically he just wanted sex and I am not a guy thaaaat easy, from that day he never spoke to me again! LOL never

giphy (1).gif
F people like him!

So back to this website there was a guy that was always making friends request the thing was… His photo only showed his legs and I clearly said in my profile that I would only talk with faces, of course this was a warning for d*** pics, but legs also entered in that condition. However, during a few months this guy would just not stopped asking and asking and well, I was already the point of I don’t care anymore, if he wants sex I’ll just send him to his momma.

I accepted, we started talking and we just kicked off from the bat. My memory is horrible so I can’t even remember what we talked anymore, I just know that we talked for hours and hours changing subjects all the time and well enjoying ourselves with a great conversation. From those days forward we continued to talk, subject never seemed to end and from there I felt myself falling in love. It was strange to be honest, we only talked for a week or so and I was completely in mad with him, it seemed that I knew him for years and I had 100% thrust in him. The time came until we made our first skype call and I was pleasured with a face even better that what I saw in the picture! (I can’t even tell you how many hours I past looking to his skype ID pic just day dreaming). used


We finally ended up making arrangements for us to meet for the first time and you guess it! It was exactly today 5 years ago! We went to a public garden just well, to talk a little bit. It was little awkward at the beginning not going to lie, but after some minutes we were talking as we did when we were in Skype and a few hours later we were kissing… We look to each other and were like “What now? Are we dating? and I answered “Well, it seems we are!” and that’s it we started dating! 😀 in


I was in college back in the day and lived with my godmother who didn’t know I was gay while he was also in college but lived with his parents. The thing is I never ever had invited a friend to sleep in my godmother’s house while for him… He never slept over at friends’ houses, especially from Lisbon (he is from one of the cities near Lisbon). Never the less, the next week I was the one inviting him to sleep over at my house. We were dating for a week guys!!! Well he came over and I, the person who gives so much importance to having sex made the first move and lost his virginity in that day (I was 20 at that time by the way). Looking back, it was something completely out of my mind to do! He could just have been lying to me and wanted nothing more than sex from me, however I don’t know really why but I completely trusted him and well I’m happy I did because we are now moving together and although not in paper we are basically married. kitchen


From there we started a long distance relationship, we would be together one/two weekends a month together and our love alway grew more and more… Even today I have times where I realise something new about him that makes me love him even more!!

For our friends we have the perfect relationship and although we think we do it’s not like we never have problems, we do have problems, we are both strongly opinionated and we constantly have different thoughts about something, however we do think that we have the perfect solution to solve our problems. We never go to bed upset with each other, we always talk it out and solve the problem before going to bed, even in days we have to wake up early to go to work in the next day! We even came up with a game for when you both try to have reason, the one who ends up to be wrong even though telling he was 100% completely sure has to do 10 push-ups and the place we are doesn’t even matter… I mean my boyfriend already had to do them in the grocery store muahahah!


By the end of the day the most important thing is that we share the same values and the same dreams and we respect each other! Yes, we may have different opinions and we may be completely different regarding some superficial things, but what counts is the deep stuff and there we are completely synchronized.

Why did I fall for him in the first place? You may ask… Well, there are many things that make me think that is just the great guy in the World, but in the end I think it all started with his intelligence! My ultimate turn off is stupidity and being dumb, so seeing someone so intelligent made me get interested right from the bat! Of course the part of being funny, kind, cute (as the way he does things not his appearance), positive, extroverted, confident but vulnerable at some times and being extremely awesome also helped XD

That’s all for today folks, for the person who is this for (you know who you are!) I highlighted a puzzle for you to crack! It gives you the directions for your next step, if you crack them all you get your present, if not… Let’s just say I bought something that I can also enjoy 😉


See You Soon! 😀

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    1. Thank you! ? oh yeah you can say that again… We were extremely lucky because in those websites is just almost impossible to find the right person -.-

  1. That’s one hell of a ride, but at the same time, very sweet!
    Why didn’t you post this during valentines for extra effect on us single dogs?

    1. Oh thank you! Xp well two reasons actually xD first we don’t celebrate Valentine’s xP second I wrote a hidden message in the post that will lead him to the next puzzle xD when he cracks all the puzzles I’ll give him his present xD

  2. See, if romance was actually written like this, I would be a fan of it. This was beautiful Arthifis, thank you so much for sharing a bit of your love with us.

    1. Ahah Thank you! Although if romance was written so direct as I write there wouldn’t be enough story even for one episode xD I’m happy that you liked it!

        1. Nah I’m too straightforward! If wrote the romance animes I’ve seen they would just be on two episodes! One for them to meet the other to start dating xD

  3. Aww this was such a sweet post to read! I’m so happy you have found someone you love and congratulations on 5 years together! I hope you’ll both continue to be very happy together! ❤️

  4. 5 years is a long time, and I know that preserving an LDR for so many years isn’t easy at all. I’m so proud of both of you for continuing to love and support each other. Congrats on the 5th Anniversary and be happy!

    1. Oh thank you so much! And you are completely right! We had many fights because of the distance but well we were able to remain strong are now living together xD

  5. I really love your story. It is just looking like a story from manga ? it is making my heart feel warmer , you both are such a cute couple. I wish you two to stay together for rest of your lives? and next time make sure to upload your pictures ?

    1. Oooh thank you so much! XD well yes it is true that it is a good love story! Don’t know if it would be enough for a manga though! It’s way too straight forward and without many bumps in the road xP ahahah to be honest we don’t have that many pictures together! We are all always kidding that when we have kids they won’t be able to see anything about their parents when they were younger ahah

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