Small Update | Blog Design

Small Update | Blog Design

Hi guys and welcome place! 😀

This is going to be a really small post and it’s only to update you that I’m going to do some design update changes! It’s not going to be that huge, but for that I’m going to publish some posts that will wrap up some series that I’ve already ended so that I can use them as featured posts and make it easier for people who visit my blog for the first time find these series.

This way, I’m going to upload during this week (all of them at the same time):

  • Top 10 Anime – A list with links to all the reviews of my top
  • Top 10 Video Games – The same for Video Games
  • 30 Day Anime Challenge – A list with all the links for the 30 Day Anime challenges
  • 30 Day Video Game Challenge – The same as above for Video Games
  • Our Book – A post where people can easily see who wrote each chapter and a link for the chapter, at the moment we only have one created, but while we complete another chapters I’ll edit the post and add it
  • Anxiety series – Small post with an introduction and links for all the posts I wrote about anxiety

And that’s it, after posting all of them they will appear in the beginning of my blog as featured, it’s small but I just wanted you guys to know so you don’t think that is strange when you see me posting 6 posts in a single day! 😛

For this week we will also have a surprise on monday, Kiss Him not Me review on Tuesday, award on Wednesday and World Of Final Fantasy review on thursday!

That is all everyone! 😀 Hope we hade/have a great weekend and we will see each other tomorrow! 😛


See you Soon! 😀

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