The Blog Evolution Tag With the Awesome Biblionyan

The Blog Evolution Tag With the Awesome Biblionyan

Hello everyone and welcome to our place!

Don’t know if you have caught this idea Karandi and Raistlin come up with together, but it’s an amazing idea where you are not only able to see your blogging evolution, but also collab with someone who you have been dying to (I mean, since it’s a tag you will have more guts to go and talk to the person, right?)

Well, Raistlin tagged me right away and the moment I saw my name I immediately knew who was I going to invite – Biblionyan!

She’s just an amazing person whose writing is better than mine in 1.000 years. She normally goes for book reviews and if you are looking for what to read next, then her blog is a MUST! So, go now and follow her! We wait…. Done?? Ok, perfect!

Now, although I got tagged right away since this is a collab tag it took a little more time to do it. Biblio and I are a little busy people who end up living in completely different time zones, so it took some weeks until we were able to do this. Nevertheless, here we are!

– The Rules –

Arthis ready for duty
  1. Pick a partner with whom you want to this tag (yes, as mentioned this is going to be a collaboration tag!)
  2. Select a post from the early days of your blog (preferably the very first post you ever wrote)
  3. Select a post from the current days of your blog
  4. Send your selections to your partner and ask him/her the three questions below and also answer them yourself as well.
    1. What did you like about each post?
    2. What do you think has changed the most?
    3. What do you think might change in the future?
  5. Both of you then write a post for the two old/new posts of your own blog, but you include the answers your partner gave you
  6. Link back to the original post of the creators of this tag: Karandi & Raistlin
  7. Try to publish your tag post around the same time your partner does and include The Blog Evolution Logo
  8. Select 3 people to also get tagged (only select the person you want to tag not his/her partner).

So, the partner is done (don’t forget to check Biblio side to see our tag in her place). Everything is linked, it’s time to give you the old and new post:

Old Post – The start of my top10 anime! (Naruto Review)

New Post – I Don’t Understand Why People Hate The Lost Village So Much?

– Old Post: What I liked about it –

Arthis’ Answer

Can I say nothing? XD I mean, I clearly didn’t do a proofread and I didn’t even use the preview before publishing it… Moreover, there are way too few images (and yes, I’ve gone there later and just added an image because there was no image whatsoever).

It also clearly shows that I still didn’t know about how lovely is the Anime Community here in WordPress since I talk about being my taste and not hate on me xD

But… What did I like about it…

I like that I already start my post with “Hi guys and welcome to my place!”. This shows that I’ve already known what would be my blog about – a house where everyone is invited.

I also like that I already go and write as I am talking with you guys and not to myself. In fact, I seem to have lost some of the excitement I had… At least, I don’t use so many emoticons lolol

I also like that at the end of it I’m already grieving for comments lolol It’s nice to see that a year ago I was already with the mind of getting you guys talking and discussing things with me xD

Neko’s Answer

The first thing that I noticed were the emojis! I absolutely adored the emojis as they made the post feel like a conversation between two friends more than a simple blog post. This personal touch was really neat. I also liked how Arthifis took a rather common discussion topic for blogging, particularly anime blogging, and put a twist on it to set it apart from others like it, especially for a first post! It shows creativity and the initiative to deviate from the norm. For example, this is the start of a top ten list, meaning he’s chatting about one anime per post until he gets to number one. This allows him to focus a lot more on each title. I thought it was really awesome that he explained why the anime made it to the top ten list (his love for it, in this case, the sentimentality of it), while still being to explain why the specific title wasn’t higher up on the list due to shortcomings it may have had. It also made me super curious to what his nine through one pick would be, so it worked excellently as a way to draw interest to the post and his blog. I loved all of these things so much! He also has such an inviting voice that makes you want to drop a comment or start a conversation. As someone who’s hella shy and awkward about commenting, I didn’t feel weird or reluctant to want to talk to him about the anime he’s chatting about (in this case Naruto).

– The New Post: What I liked about it –

Arthis’ Answer

I liked the images! Thank god it has images! XD Just kidding…

The things I liked about this last post was that I have a clear structure to the text. It’s easy to understand when I’m talking about the plot, characters, animation, etc. I also like that in a few words you are able to get a good understanding of the Anime itself and if it’s the anime for you, or not.

I also like that I’m able to go a little further besides the story and match with the subjects of anarchy and accepting your fears.

I think I did a nice job defending my opinion here. I tackled an Anime that does not get much love in general and was able to explain my reasoning behind why I think it’s not that bad.

Neko’s Answer

My favourite part about this review is how straightforward it is. Arthifis recognises a lot of flaws or imperfections of the anime and doesn’t make any excuses for them. Instead, he takes the focus off the negative aspects by spotlighting the good traits. It creates a lovely balance in the review that will really help anime watchers of all sorts to get a feel for the series, in this case The Lost Village, to determine if it will be a good fit for them or not. He also discussed somethings outside of the normal review structure, such as specific themes, to help show that the series has more depth than it gets credit for, which is something I always look for in anime. The review also flowed smoothly from one category to another, which added structure and was super pleasant and engaging for me to read, as an anime watcher myself. It also made it feel more informative. He still has that inviting air that makes you want to keep talking, but there is more confidence and a more natural flow to everything that makes it hella charming.

– What do you think has changed the most? –

Arthis’ Answer

The images! Not kidding here! Visuals are important in a blog post! So, one of the things I think it changed the most was that in the latest posts you get some nice visuals to see when reading a bunch of words together that I call a post.

The structure also changed a lot! My thoughts are way better expressed now than before.

I also am a little bit more objective when writing a review. Although I still give my opinion and try to be personal, I try to get a little more int the business of the review instead of putting my thoughts out there completely everywhere xD

Neko’s Answer

Structure is the quality that stands out the most to me. There is a definite flow to the posts—a beginning, middle, and conclusion—that makes everything feel more professional. This structure also adds an air of finesse to the reviews whenever Arthifis is describing both subjective and objective reasons to watch/not watch something. Even though the reviewing has gotten more professional, it’s never stiff and strictly-business, so to speak. There is that touch of his fun personality that helps give the reviews a homey and welcoming vibe, setting it apart from other reviews/blogs. The overall tone of the newer post also felt like it was imbued with far more tenacity and much less nervousness. This heightens the zeal and enthusiasm that Arthifis feels for the subject matter. Honestly, as a reader, I couldn’t help but feel excited right along with him, which then helped maintain a level of synergy for me that made me want to keep reading more of his work.

– What do you think might change in the future? –

Hopefully, I’ll get my own robot army!
Arthis’ Answer

This one is probably easier for me to answer since I know my objectives to my blog xD

At this point, I’m trying to go away from reviewing so many Animes and go for more personal posts where at the center of it is some kind of event that I watched in Anime (or the Anime itself).

I also want to continue and improve my written English. To be honest, it is not even near the quality I want to.

I also want to make my posts even more of a conversation between you and me.

Being these the objectives I hope that’s how it might change ahah

Neko’s Answer

Honestly, I feel like his writing style and professionalism is going to keep skyrocketing. In less than a year, he’s already made tons of progress, and this level of growth can only get bigger and better. I also think that his passion for the things that he talks about is going to be the biggest strength for the blog. As a reader of reviews, when I can gain a sense of the joy and delight that someone feels about their hobbies and activities, the level of happiness it brings them, it gives me a great sense of comfort. This is a beautifully personal quality unique to Arthifis’ blog, and it was one of the things that drew me towards his blog initially. It’s also an uncommon trait. I think one day in the future, Arthifis’ blog is going to be a pivotal resource in the anime/otaku blogging sphere, particularly one that isn’t afraid to show you both sides of the coin and allow you to make your own decisions based on the information provided, which is another uncommon, yet much needed, characteristic. I also think that his level of discussing the intricacies of a series beyond the technical and simple facets, such as the deeper meanings of themes and motifs, is going to become more progressive, which will create a whole new dimension of interactive charisma to the work and content he creates.

– Tagging –

Your turn <3

For this one I’ll be tagging the following awesome people:

And that’s it! Thank you so much Karandi and Raistlin for doing this awesome tag! And, also, thank you so much Biblio for accepting doing this tag with me! You are just a plain awesome and made me blush from head to toes! Guys, again, don’t forget to read the collab at her side! 😀

Now, I throw the ball to you guys! Answer the same questions in the comments if you feel like it! I would highly appreciate it eheh

See You Soon! 😀

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  1. Thanks so much for responding to the tag. I really enjoyed reading this post, and Biblionyan’s. Also, I hadn’t read your old post so I love getting to see one of your earlier posts. I know this tag takes a bit of work so I’m really glad you took the time and hopefully you had a lot of fun with it.

  2. I already read Biblionyan’s post earlier tonight, and I can’t even express how thrilled I am to see the first two posts for the tag that Karandi and I created. You have both made an amazing post for it, and it clearly shows that you put in a lot of work for this. Like Karandi said, it’s definitely a post that takes quite a bit of time, but it’s also very nice to see that you had so much fun with this!
    Also…I read a post earlier today which basically comes down to: We are our own worst critics. Which is so true. Your style of writing is unique and it already showed in your first post too, which was a delight to read. The older post is as much a part of your blog, as the new one is: and it already showed your great and heartwarming way to talk to people. Which is what that post did ??

    1. Oh thank you so much! 😀 And thanks for creating it together with Karandi, it was a lot of fun to do it eheh

      Thanks a lot… Again 😀 But, well… compared to nowadays that one is not really that good ahah However, I agree with you, it makes part of my blog and is a great part of the evolution I had as a blogger in a 1 year time xD

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