6 Anime Like Tower of God

6 Anime Like Tower of God

Love it or hate it, Tower of God is one of the most popular Anime debuting in 2020. It’s easy to understand why. With a fast-paced story with a lot of action and interesting characters like Khun, it’s no wonder most Anime fans have at least heard about it. I even chose to follow Tower of God throughout the Spring Season and reviewed it a few months ago. Unfortunately, season 2 is still far away, and it’s expected to get to our screens only in the Fall of 2021. Thankfully, until then, there are a few Animes like Tower of God that you can watch. Better still, most of them already finished airing, which means you’ll be able to binge-watch all of them if you’re interested.

1. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Off all the Anime I’ve watched, Hunter x Hunter is, without a doubt, the one that came most to mind while watching Tower of God. Both start with a dedicated arc where characters are undertaking an exam and Khun reminds of Killua a lot. The main characters also have similar personalities. Although Gon isn’t portrayed as weak as Baam, they share the sympathetic trait of treating everyone respectable and making friends with everyone. Hunter x Hunter is a great Anime for anyone who enjoys watching Shounen. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you to.

2. The God of High School

If you’re looking for a more recent Anime, then The God of High School might just be what you want. It’s one of the most popular Anime from this Summer season, and, from what I’ve watched so far, it promises a decent show to follow. In this case, The God of High School is similar to Tower of God due to its fast-paced action scenes. The show revolves around a competition where there’s a fight for each new episode. There are a few problems with the show, but if you’re just in for the punches, you’ll love it for sure!

3. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (DanMachi for short) is another popular choice among Anime fans. Like Tower of God, DanMachi features a setting where characters (named adventurers) fight their way through a dungeon to find magic stones that can then be sold for money. The show has seen both positive and negative reviews, but everyone boasts about the fighting scenes’ animations. Therefore, if you want to start a new Shounen featuring fast-paced battles and great animation, you can’t go wrong with DanMachi.

4. Angels of Death

Satsuriku no Tenshi

Angels of Death (or Stasuriku no Tenshi) also features a plot where the characters have to climb up floors each episode in order to survive. However, unlike Tower of God, Angels of Death presents a darker atmosphere that can be enjoyed by people who prefer a more gore setting. Off the bat, the main character wakes up inside a creepy hospital with memory loss and has to start running right away to save her life. It’s a quite decent Anime, which although having a few flaws, can be enjoyable to watch.

5. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online doesn’t need presentations. As one of the most successful Anime series of this list, everyone has heard about SAO at least once. Although the show is quite different regarding the plot setting (the characters are inside of a game while on Tower of God the tower is the actual world), there are a few similarities to Kami no Tou. First of all, it’s a Shounen with plenty of fighting scenes. Secondly, it also revolves around the fact of climbing something in order to succeed. While characters from Tower of God need to reach the tower’s top floor, characters from Sword Art Online have to go through each video game level. Nonetheless, they both represent each new level with a completely new world.

6. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss

If in Tower of God characters have to climb up the tower to reach the top, in Made in Abyss characters need to descend the crater until the bottom. Despite this, both Anime shows have completely different environments on each floor and the main characters start as weaker than anyone else on the Anime. That being said, Made in Abyss is a way darker show that isn’t for the lighthearted. Don’t let the cute characters deceive you, there are plenty of messed up scenes and there were times where even I had to look away due to the gore content being showcased.

With these 6 recommendations, I’m sure you’ll have enough to watch until Tower of God’s season 2 debuts! If you have other Anime like Tower of God don’t forget to share your recommendations down below ?

7 thoughts on “6 Anime Like Tower of God

  1. Wow…for a change I’ve actually seen three of these! SAO, Is it Wrong and Angels of Death. Have to admit that I didn’t particularly enjoy the lastnamed though? I still have yet to watch Tower of God..just wish there were more hours in a day, that’s for sure?

  2. Congratulations! You’ve convinced me to watch Hunter X Hunter, which, for some strange reason, I have always been convinced would be a disappointment for me. That and God of High School, which I avoided but now am leaning towards watching, are the only shows on this list, including ToG, that I haven’t seen yet. I’m also reading the ToG webtoon, and I expect the anime will have several good seasons ahead. SIU is a top notch author and plotter, besides the obvious artistic talents.

    1. Eheheh glad to know! It’s a great Anime and I think you’re going to like it! Just be aware that the Anime stopped airing before finishing the story. There are many episodes and I know some people don’t like to watch unfinished work

  3. That won’t deter me. I don’t know how anyone could watch anime and not be prepared for unfinished works. A satisfying conclusion is nice, but it is a rarity when an author really closes with a proper punch, e.g. Akudama Drive. For me it’s all about the ride, e.g. Akudama Drive.

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