My 15 Favorite Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun Designs on Redbubble

My 15 Favorite Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun Designs on Redbubble
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Redbubble is the perfect place for artists to make sales from their artwork. They only need to upload their designs, select which items they want to go with, and everything else is managed by the company. Now, for me (who can’t draw even if my life depended on it), Redbubble is the perfect place to get awesome items at an affordable price from the shows I love the most. Not only that, but it also feels good to help smaller designers to make some money off their hard work. The truth is: I probably spend more time than I should browsing Redbubble, so I thought, “Why not write an article with a few curated items that I love the most”, and that’s how these series started.

For my first article, I’ll be looking at Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun, my favorite Anime from the 2020 Spring Season. There are affiliate links throughout the post, so be aware that if you make a purchase from one of my links, I’ll earn a commission. That being said, I’m not associated with any of these designers, and this is an honest compilation of my favorite Hanako-kun designs at Redbubble. Let’s get it started, shall we?

Disclaimer: If you find any artwork on this article that belongs to you and was unlawfully uploaded to Redbubble, tell me here, and I’ll take it out from the article right away. Of course, you’ll need to report them on Redbubble as well, as I don’t have any association with Redbubble besides being an affiliate.

1. Hanako-kun x Yashiro Below Umbrella

Hanako-kun x Yashiro Below Umbrella artwork

I love the color of this design by celestialuden1. Both Hanako and Yashiro look cuter (maybe even cuter than in the Anime itself), and I love the candy theme going on. Maybe getting it on a poster/canvas print would be too much, as I don’t have any room where the pink background would look good. But it would look quite nice as my phone case or spiral notebook.

2. Hanako-kun Holding Yashiro

Hanako-kun Holding Yashiro

I love this design. I believe it’s inspired on one of the Anime’s promo images, but the design looks clean due to the soft pink going on. I wouldn’t mind getting this on a t-shirt or canvas print. However, I’ll have to give it to the designer – umim – for the image placement. By downsizing it quite a bit, the smartphone cases also look awesome.

3. Hanako-kun Starring at the Moon

Hanako-kun Starring at the Moon

Does this one really need any explanation? The artwork is just beautifully done, but I’m sure I’ll pick this one up when I get bored of my Displate metal posters. Unfortunately, the designer doesn’t have a name (or is it withoutname?), but they have various gorgeous Hanako-kun artworks for sale.

4. Hanako-kun Surrounded by Mokke

Hanako-kun Surrounded by Mokke

It’s a shame that celesstuff didn’t place the design a little better on the phone cases, as this would be another cute way to showcase the love for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun through my smartphone. That being said, the artwork really works on the throw pillow, tote bag, and travel mug. Obviously, you can also get it as a sticker and place it wherever you want.

5. Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun All Characters

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun All Characters

I’m not sure whether this is an original design or a collection of images from the Anime itself. However, they look awesome on the t-shirt. It’s quite impressive how Bothaina (the designer) was able to get all the main characters in the same place without feeling too overbearing. For this one, I will definitely go for the long sleeve t-shirt and rock this print this Autumn season. You can also get each character separately, which is a nice option.

6. Hanako-kun Artwork

Hanako-kun Artwork

From the same designer as number three, this is another image that I would be more than happy to get as wall art. Apparel is also available, but it doesn’t look as nice, and I’m not sure if the art isn’t too detailed for phone/laptop case. But, hey, you may like it that way, so there’s that as well.

7. Chibi Hanako-kun Embracing Yashiro

Chibi Hanako-kun Embracing Yashiro

I’m a sucker for Chibi figures. But, hey, it’s not my fault that all characters look cuter on this version, is it? Designed by Chibify, this artwork can be obtained in clothing, phone cases, mugs, pillows, etc. For me, though, I would get it as a fridge magnet or notebook. At least those are the items where I think the design looks best. The apparel is ok, but I would prefer it if it was smaller and around the chest area (you know where some clothes have a pocket).

8. Hanako-Kun Face Mask

Hanako-Kun Face Mask

Considering I’m writing this while we’re still surviving the pandemic, it just makes sense that one of my favorites would be on a face mask. What I like about this one is how simple it is. It’s a freaking face mask, so I don’t want something super detailed, way better only having a kanji character and the two spirits. It’s designed by shroomsoft.

9. Cute Main Characters

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Cute Main Characters

I’m going to cheat a little bit, and just put all these three designs by Voom in one place because I don’t want to end up with a long list. But damn, these designs look cute! In fact, most of the designs for Hanako-kun from this designer look really good, especially on notebooks, stickers, and phones.

10. Hanako-Kun Sketch-Like

Hanako-Kun Sketch-Like artwork

Probably the T-shirt I’m gonna get next – this design just looks so freaking nice on a black t-shirt. Designed by TRISKOVA, you can also get this artwork on posters, stickers, phone cases, mugs, and whatnot.

11. Cute (A Bit Depressed) Hanako-kun

Cute (A Bit Depressed) Hanako-kun

Again from TRISKOVA, this Hanako-kun design, where he seems to be asking for forgiveness after doing something wrong, looks great on a black T-Shirt. The character is drawn truthfully to the original design, but I think it’s the orange background that makes it look so good.

12. Hanako-Kun Compilation

Now, I know these are images from the Anime itself, as I did screencaps of these to add to my Pinterest account. However, the three of them side-by-side like that, and with the background color selection, it just makes it a completely different level. You can get it on everything you can think of, but I’ll say that Bothaina should haven’t even added the mosaic style as an option, it just looks terrible on everything >.<

13. Hanako-Kun Sketch-Like Version B

Can you guess from whom is the design? Yeah, it’s TRISKOVA again (if I ever write about my favorite designers, I already know one who already delivers). I believe I don’t need to explain much about this one. The drawing looks awesome, and it looks great on clothing. It also works well with the smartphone and laptop cases due to the more centered image and black background.

14. Minamoto Kou Sketch-Like

Minamoto Kou Sketch-Like Artwork

Ok, ok… I know I’ve been boasting about Hanako-kun all of this time, but hey, I love Kou as well! This is one of my favorite images from him. I like the sketch-like design, and I love he’s holding Mitsuba’s camera. My only problem is that the image cuts Kou’s hair on the top, which looks a bit weird on clothing. That being said dojaes’ design has the perfect size for prints, phone cases, and stickers.

15. Mitsuba Art

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Mitsuba Art

I’ll finish this favorites’ list with Mitsuba. I know that the image isn’t drawn as the original design. However, I find it so freaking cute (especially the pink shades, which work very well with each other). It’s designed by TsuruRoach, and I think the artwork looks the best on an artboard print. You can also get it on stickers, phone cases, notebooks, magnets, and more.

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