Top 6 Sports Anime You Must Watch!

Top 6 Sports Anime You Must Watch!
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The manga and anime industry is very rich content-wise, and every year we have new references in various genres. The sports sector has been fortunate recently, with some great classics providing a good basis for top-quality new sports-based Anime. This being the case, we shall answer the following question today: What are the best sports anime to watch?

Below are our favorite old and new sports-based Anime that you won’t be able to stop until the end:


Haikyuu stars Shoyo Hinata, a high school boy who happens to see a volleyball game on his way home and immediately falls in love with the sport. After much hard work, he joins the school volleyball team and, in his first official match, loses badly to another team, led by the arrogant Tobio Kageyama. Shoyo vows to get better and defeat his newfound rival next time, but to his surprise, they end up being schoolmates in high school. If you love sports Anime and great stories about rivalry, Anime like Haikyuu are very easy to enjoy!

Kuroko no Basket

We are presented with a team that plays basketball at Teiko Junior School, which is very good at beating its opponents. They’re so good that five of the players are called the “Miracle Generation”. But, at the end of junior school, each one goes to different high schools.

Kuroko Tetsuya, our hero, was the last player on that team, number 6: the introvert who nobody notices. He is sent to study in Seirin High, where he meets his new friend Kagami Taiga, who is also passionate about basketball, having played a little in the United States.

By chance of fate, Koruko’s school will have to face the schools where his former classmates go to an inter-school championship. They need to quickly get better if they want to compete at that level!

Hajime no Ippo

The series tells the story of Makunouchi Ippo, a rather introverted young high school student who is constantly harassed by a group of bullies. After being saved from a beating by a boxer named Takamura Mamoru, Ippo gets extremely interested in the world of boxing.

In order to become great at this sport, Ippo starts to train hard to be accepted by Takamura’s gym and thus gradually make his way as a professional boxer. Will he be able to achieve this? Will Ippo be able to make a name for himself in the world of professional boxing?

Yowamushi Pedal

Based on the manga written by Watanabe Wataru, comes this entertaining story that will introduce us to a sport that isn’t spoken about enough – cycling. Our main character is Onoda, who’s used to ride a casual bicycle on long trips from his home to Akihabara (90 km away). He soon meets other cyclists at his high school and realizes he’s passionate about this sport.

It’s an anime with all the ingredients to enchant you, the kind you start and can’t stop. In other words, those Anime you wait for every week with a smile on your face, ready to receive your dose of happiness and forget about your problems.

Diamond no Ace

Diamond no Ace showcases the Seidou High School baseball team’s evolution on its way to becoming the best in Japan. On top of that, the main character – Eijun Sawamura – has to keep the promise he made with his teams of overcoming all odds and becoming the country’s champions.

This Anime can make you go from laughing out loud to crying or screaming quite fast. In Diamond no Ace, you can enjoy great scenes showcasing giving your all, with effort, struggle, and improvement, which makes watching this Anime an incredible experience.


What we see in Free is a moving story about friendship that develops in a competitive sports environment (swimming) where the main events relate to the reconciliation of an old group of friends. The subtle drama in this play is not juvenile or adult – it happens in that middle-ground moment, where you feel stuck and don’t know what to do with life.

The characters are not sure how they should move forward in their relationships. Due to this, the Anime debates about getting what you think you want and what you really need. A great show that makes you think about life in general.

These are all great choices for anyone who wants to enjoy quality sports-themed Anime.

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  1. Kuroko no basuke ? I’ve been meaning to watch Haikyuu, maybe this is a sign to finally pick it up. Can I also add Prince of Tennis to this list? ?

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