Finally an Anime I Can Relate – Aggretsuko

Finally an Anime I Can Relate – Aggretsuko

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So, I’m trying to go a little further with my posts about Anime. I’m going to try to stay away from my “normal” way to write reviews. I’ll try to find things in an Anime that resonates with me and just write about it!

Today I bring to you one of the funniest Animes I’ve ever seen in a while – Aggressive Retusko!

The original Aggretsuko was a 100 episodes, 1 minute each. However, Netflix picked this show and started delivering it as a 10 episodes season with 15 minutes each.

The Anime follows a 25 year cute female panda who works in her dream company’s accounting department. However, not everything is as good as it initially would seem to be. Without a doubt, the main aspect that made me laugh throughout the 10 episodes was:

– Relatability –

Don’t take me wrong, I LOVE Anime. However, something that I knew from the start (and I still know) is that they are not really relatable.

Having my soul taken away when trying to resurrect a deceased parent and then have the same soul attached to an armor set by my brother? CAN’T RELATE
Having the possibility to create clones? CAN’T RELATE (would love to though)
Having perfect bodies with NO HAIR at all? CAN’T RELATE (Would also love to though)

And the examples could continue. In fact, not even when I’m watching Slice of Life Animes I can relate at all. I mean, Portuguese and Japanese cultures are way too different. So I don’t understand all the difficulty to talk with girls, hitting on and off with someone you love, indirect kisses… All of that… I love to watch it, but can’t relate at all xD

So, it was great (and fresh) to watch an Anime that clearly described my day-to-day in most of the jobs I’ve been.

– How Is Aggressive Retusko Relatable? –

– Characters –

This is not a review, neither I want it to be. So, if you want to actually read a nice review of it I advise you to read Will Sirius’ review! In fact, that was the post that made me want to watch Aggretsuko in the first place! 😛

But, to the question! Aggressive Retsuko is relatable especially in its characters. All of them are perfect pictures of people you will find in a job or another.

I’m sure you will find your colleague in one of them!

You have the stupid boss who is always telling how much work he has, although you clearly see that he isn’t doing anything at all. The colleagues who suck way too much the same said boss, Aaways saying yes to everything and lying into his face just to compliment him.

But, there’s way more than that! The important female employees in the company who always show that are completely way out of reach by how cool they seem. The friend who could become a private detective with all the information they are able to get from a person just by browsing Facebook. The coworker who knows all the tea and is always happy to spread rumors here and there.

Me – Almost Daily

Basically, imagine someone people you work with and they are probably characterized in Aggretusko in one way or another.

However, this is not enough. The more relatable thing (to me) is Retsuko herself. Retsuko is a girl who always show her good side to others. Always happy to help, never saying no to work (no matter the impossible the task may be), always with a smile in her face. However, every single day she goes into karaoke and lets out all of her rage while singing heavy metal.

Ok! I don’t really sing heavy metal. BUT, I can relate to this way too much. I’m way too professional and kind to actually burst out at my work. I’ve seen people doing it and I just feel that’s not the way you are supposed to work. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t lie if I said I never heard heavy metal just so I could stop my thoughts on sending my sub-chef to a certain place and just quit in the spot.

– Environment Itself –

Retsuko works in a big company. As usual in big companies, the amount of work and stress is over the charts. This way you can see Retsuko taking more and more work, each one more impossible than the previous one and staying way over the clock to be able to finish it all.

Me – Almost Daily too

I’ve worked for a big car multinational company (It’s Japanese) and you know what? That’s what you are going to get lol I always did, at least, one hour overwork daily. However, that wouldn’t mean that I wasn’t going to have to stay working even later some days in the month trying to finish something that was “urgent”. I put that inside quotation marks because most of the times, in the next day, my superiors would only look that at my work in the end of the day…. Which means it was not urgent at all and I could have just went home before dinner time instead of staying until 10p.m.

– Final Thoughts –

I loved to watch an Anime that I could relate to my life. Not my life now, but something that I’ve passed through . Everything was even funnier because I could see myself having the same thoughts as Retsuko while working in those companies. It was refreshing! And well, it’s better to laugh than cry, right? 😀 I hope they do a “Aggretsuko – Second Season”, I felt there is more to tell and comedy to add! 😀

That’s all I have for you today! What do you think about this kind of posts where I just take a part of the Anime and try to make it my own. Do you prefer it or would you love more an actual review? Tell me in the comments!

Also, have you watched Aggretsuko? Did you like it? Did you relate to it? Spill all the tea in the comments! 😀

See You Soon! 😀


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  1. Gotta say, I loved the series. Before my redundancy, I spent a little over 14 years in an atypical office, and I could really some familiar things going on in the show.

      1. LOL. To be fair, the first couple of years in there were actually decent. Itwas when I hit the last three that I was faced with working with great people, but falling victim to a lot of red tape and some inconsistent management. It eventually hit a point where I knew I couldn’t stuck with it much longer, and I then learned that I’d become awful to live with for about seven months or so. So yeah, it was easy to endure initially but went to pot in the end sadly.

        1. I really don’t get it why or how companies end up like that! From a management stand of point of view it just doesn’t work LOL

          I’ve studied a lot of ways to manage and those kind of behaviours were always inside the NOT TO DO! So, I don’t understand how companies end up with that environment. It’s just dumb

  2. I’m currently watching March comes in like a Lion and after that I have some other things lined up. That said, I don’t think this is the show for me…but I did really enjoy reading your post for this one. As for your question: I say keep making posts like these, together with the occasional review! This was a really fun read and as I said yesterday it’s always nice to see something personal in any kind of post ??

    1. To be honest I think Aggretsuko would be a perfect Anime to watch after March comes in like a Lion. That show is HEAVY! ahahah xD *just kidding*

      Oh thank you so much! 😀 Yeah it’s true, but I had to make sure the readers liked it eheh It’s for them I continue posting (you included xD). These ones are way harder to come up with ideas though xD

      1. Yeah I know what you are talking about. As mentioned I am currently watching March comes in like a Lion…and I have no idea yet how to review it. But I’m sure I will think of something eventually.
        Lol, and maybe I will watch this straight after that show. Always nice to change things up ??

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