An Anime To Avoid | Ousama Game The Animation Review

An Anime To Avoid | Ousama Game The Animation Review
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Ousama Game The Animation technical sheetSeries Info

Title: Ousama Game The Animation (MAL Page)

English Title: King’s Game

Original Run: October 5, 2017 – December 21, 2017

Number of Episodes: 12

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural

Studio: Seven

Based on the Series Created By Nobuaki Kanazawa


1. All students in the class shall participate.

2. After receiving an order from the King, the order must be completed within 24 hours.

3. People who do not complete their order shall be punished.

4. Withdrawing from the game midway is not allowed.

These four rules have been ingrained into the consciousness of Nobuaki Kanazawa. Ever since he looked upon these words in an innocuous group text, his life has been nothing but a nightmare.

Nobuaki was the sole survivor of a sadistic game that claimed the lives of his dear classmates. Then, the unthinkable happened. The vile entity followed Nobuaki to his new school and has started up again. This time Nobuaki swears to save his new friends and put an end to the deadly curse known as the Ousama Game.


Ousama Game The Animation beautiful scenario

To put it as simply as I can:


But before I can go off on this series, we need to take care of some housekeeping:

“Ousama” is the Japanese word for “King.” Therefore, when I use the word “King” throughout the rest of the review, I am referring to the entity giving orders.

Ousama Game had two stories: The Past Storyline and The Present Storyline.

The Past Storyline: Nobuaki’s first experience with the Ousama Game and how he survived.

The Present Storyline: The current Ousama Game and Nobuaki’s attempts to save his new classmates.

Can this amount of substance work? Absolutely, but there needs to have organization, purpose, and thought. Or, at the very least, a show needs to let its audience know what it’s doing when it’s doing it.

Ousama Game The Animation Nobuaki Kanazawa

Guess which of those aspects Ousama Game didn’t have. Time’s up – ALL OF THEM.

The most effective tool in the horror genre’s toolbox is the sense of the unknown. But because of the two storylines of Ousama Game — specifically the Present Storyline — we were privileged to certain critical details we shouldn’t have been aware of:

1. The Osama game wasn’t an isolated incident. There must have been some sort of condition that kept the game alive.

2. There was someone who knew the rules of the game from the get-go – Nobuaki. He was a reliable source of information. Why would you ever give that kind of power to the main character?

If we were to take the Present Storyline away, both trouble points would cease to exist.

For you see, in the Past Storyline, nobody had any information at the start. Imagine if Ousama Game was just that. Not only would the characters not have known anything, but we also would not have known anything. We would have been as in-the-dark as everyone else. We would have been learning alongside Nobuaki and his friends.

Ousama Game The Animation cool

And the word “friends” is crucial because it was the strength of the Past Storyline.

In the first Ousama Game, Nobuaki watched on helplessly as the people he had known for years died right in front of him. This included his girlfriend and best friend, both of whom he loved very much. This level of comradery wasn’t there in the Present Storyline.

The Past Storyline could have given Ousama Game a fighting chance at decency if the show’s entire attention had gone to it. Would that have fixed all the problems? Probably not. There was still a lot of stupidity here. Nevertheless, had this series decided to focus its efforts in a single direction, we wouldn’t have gotten the Ousama Game we did.


Ousama Game The Animation funny

Where should I even start?

How about the time a character used her temporary King powers to give herself a roll-of-the-dice chance of finding the real King. Not a six-sided die mind you. This was a one out of one thousand – at best – chance of success, and it was gamble taken because the temporary King foolishly believed Nobuaki’s gut feeling.

Or, how about the instance where the King decided to be suddenly vague. Although the orders the King gave were brutal, there was never any need for interpretation. That was until the King told everyone to not take any “unnecessary” actions – whatever that means. If the King wanted to play dirty, why not just order everyone to not breathe?

OR, why don’t we talk about Ousama Game’s second hardest kick to the shins – the truth behind what the Ousama Game was? It’s not often I run across something so mind-bogglingly stupid that it throws me into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Ousama Game The Animation cool image

And do you want to know a secret? All those examples were from the Past Storyline – a.k.a., THE BETTER ONE.

Take the positive aspects of the Past Storyline and flip them. Then take the negative aspects of the Past Storyline and multiply them. You have just created Ousama Game’s Present Storyline.

What madness did I watch?

In fairness, though, at least there was Natsuko Honda. Natsuko was the “villain” of this series, as well as its best character. She was the only person who made sense. She also was responsible for the only chilling moment in this supposed horror anime.

Ousama Game The Animation

Everyone else, on the other hand, was nothing more than an inconsequential piece in one of the most incompetent groups of unlikable morons I have ever seen. And along with that, this series had the nerve to pull this last move.

Remember when I said the true nature of the Ousama Game was the second hardest kick to the shins? The hardest came at the end of the show in the form of three simple words:

To Be Continued

Final Thoughts

Ousama Game The Animation creepy

This show was incompetent. The writing was atrocious. The characters were insufferable. This story took a fascinating idea and pounded it into the ground. And I never even mentioned how subpar the animation was.

Were you expecting a “but?” There are no buts. Not with this one.

Ousama Game The Animation is a series you should go out of your way to avoid.

But these are just my thoughts. What are yours? Have you seen this show? What would be your advice concerning Ousama Game The Animation?

I’m LofZOdyssey, and I’ll see you next time.

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10 thoughts on “An Anime To Avoid | Ousama Game The Animation Review

  1. One the the series I love to hate. It was amoung my first anime reviews on WordPress too. I 100% agree with your analysis on how it could have been way better.

    Thinking about it now, at least for me it entertained. It was stupid and mindless and there are a million other shows that do it better, but it kept me on my toes at least. Maybe it was because I was watching it to kill time on my commute in two days rather then anything else.

  2. In terms of being ‘bad’ horror, this one hits the spot nicely. It is complete rubbish, and the review doesn’t even cover the terrible visuals or horrific over the top and idiotic death sequences, but for fans of horror and particularly ‘bad’ horror, there’s something highly entertaining about the series. When I reviewed it, I pointed out that only people who will watch and enjoy anything from the horror genre really need to bother because there is nothing else for any other viewer to recommend this anime.

    1. When I was writing the review, I honestly wasn’t even thinking of the visuals since there was so much other nonsense that had my full attention. But you are absolutely right, this series’ animation was quite awful as well.

      1. The animation is laughably bad and the censorship (black colouring) over wounds at times is just hilarious. There’s certainly amusement to be had in just the visuals of this series.

  3. For me, the enjoyment I have gotten out of this show has been remembering how bad it was. There were a lot of moments throughout the series that were baffling stupid

    I also, as a general rule, don’t like coming up with a better story after the fact. But in this situation the stronger alternative was sitting right there.

  4. Not even surprised about people reaction to this series. They can’t even write proper prequel.

    I read the prequel story on how it’s started with the parents kind and the ending doesn’t even match the information given in the first manga, so I’m not really surprised about how bad the anime series is.

  5. I don’t agree I think the anime is pretty good not a 10, but definitely not a 1, probably a 7 or 8. First off its use of suspense is the whole point of the show and sure the main character knew about the game because he had previously played it, but he doesn’t know everything which still leaves room for development. Also the game is played differently than the first time he played. The punishments and the requests are different this time as well as the information that is discovered through·out the anime. The only major problem I have is the kings game is the true ability/way it works (Virus), but again its an anime they don’t all make 100% sense and aren’t perfect you look past a couple things and enjoy the story put in front of you at the very least the premise is interesting. I don’t really care about animation quality all that much because it doesn’t have to look pretty to draw in a fan of an anime, does it help to look pretty of course it does tremendously. All in all the anime is decent it has a flow with keeping you always wondering how the main character is going to survive the next order by the king and how the main character can help his classmates to survive (you know you have to have a hero). Its not perfect but it doesn’t deserve the hate it gets overall a good premise and decent execution with a couple of issues with the story. But absolutely watchable and fun if you can stop being so pretentious and just enjoy the little bit of horror anime we do get.

  6. I agree with midnight warrior and i actually wanted to watch the second season i searched about it and it was supposed to come out at 2018/9 but it
    so does anybody know why it didn’t?

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