Anime number 8 – Another

Anime number 8 – Another
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Hi guys and welcome to my place! 🙂

So… Today I’m going to talk with you about my 8th favorite anime. As you could see from the title it’s Another.


Another is more of a horror story! One of my favorite genres in entertainment, although this is the only one in top 10 list… Owo such sense!!! Anyways, the story revolve around a class where has been a disaster where a girl died (I think! Sorry, watched this anime many years ago…) and afterwards many people start dying. Basically, every year happened the same until they arranged a way to counter this curse. The way they arranged to solve it was to have always a person in the class treated as non-existent… Basically, they would not talk to that person (not even the teacher) and even though the person is there physically, it’s like it’s not there. Well, of course that the main character, which is transferred to that class does not know about this and starts to befriend this girl which was chosen to be the “non-existent student of the class” (I mean, if he didn’t do that the plot would not advance…). Of course, after some time talking with her and so on deaths start to happen and of course everyone thinks that they are the cause for that.


I’m not going to talk more about the plot, because it has some nice unexpected plot twists which make you “What??? WHAAAAAAT????” and I don’t want to spoil that for you. Just a comment is that the plot twists are explained and after hearing the explanation makes completely sense (I hate when writers put plot twists, or something that happens to continue with the story, but there are no explaining what so ever… Basically it happens, because… It happens!!!! Such good writing). Moreover, it’s those kind of animes that make you think and take your own judgment which is the bad one and try to understand what is happening, making you to want to see more, more and more… Until the anime ends, basically.


About the pace (is that how you write it?)… Well you have a great mystery to solve in 12 episodes, so ain’t no time to waste!!! The pace is quick, every episode has something happening which makes every episode fun to watch and making you to want to see more (more and more…. Well you already got the idea! :P)

Now, about the animation… The animation is good and I really like the way creators designed some passages and moments, it makes you feel uncomfortable just as you would expect from a horror series. The deaths are also great, there is one in particularly that is engraved in my memory (which I will not tell because… Spoilers).

The music is also great, it builds the moments of more tension perfectly, again, as you would expect about a horror series. The voices are also good and they match really well the characters! (Maaaan…. I feel like I am repeating myself with these reviews… Everything is great and awesome… But hey, it’s my top 10 so the animes who enter need to be, in my opinion, the best of the best).


About the characters… From what I remember there is not a huge evolution on the characters. I mean, they start strong and complex and maintains that way along the anime. The female main character starts to open up, (I mean, when you are a non-existent person and think that if you talk to someone everyone is going to die of course you will not talk much) but I didn’t feel that she changed the way she is, or that her personality had really changed. However, since the characters have a nice build up personality, in my opinion, there is no problem for them not to change (Since it is 13 episodes you don’t even have the time to feel the necessity for them to change).
Basically, it’s a short anime of horror which makes the part of horror perfectly. If you are a fan of the genre I believe it’s a must! If you are not, I advise you to see it none the less because it is a great anime, if you HATE horror… Well, I am sorry, this week I don’t have any good anime for you 🙁 OH WAIT! Go watch AKB0048, excellent idols theme anime (Not in my top, but gets a honorable mention for sure!)


Well, that’s all folks! Did you already saw Another? If so, what did you thought of it? Do you agree with me or do you feel that it’s not that good? Also, if you have any good horror animes comment down below! I am always looking for new animes to try!

See ya soon! 🙂


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    1. First of all thanks for your comment 🙂 Never read it and I’ve put it in my “want to read” list ^.^ I already saw Deadman Wonderland, but it ends mid story 🙁 Do you know if the manga doesn’t end also mid story?

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