Gamers! Review | Playing Misunderstandings Like a Pro

Gamers! Review | Playing Misunderstandings Like a Pro
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Hi everyone and welcome to my place!

Well, I’m currently watching Gantz as I told you last week, but I still wasn’t able to watch it all, hope I can get that one out next week… Fingers crossed.

So, you guess it, today it has to be a “filler” review XD

Just want to comment that while browsing my watched Anime list I realized (again) how bad my memory is… There are Animes there that I don’t even remember the main plot… I’ll have to rewatch them to be able to review them in the future lolol

However, I did watch Gamers! not so long ago and I think the show is still more or less present in my brain 😛 Let’s begin shall we?



The story begins with a normal day to Amano Keita who is a mediocre loner with no particular distinguishing features other than his love for games. This normal day is basically him being alone all the time and taking every free time to play a MMO in his cellphone (although he proceeds to play in other systems when he is home). However, one day, the prettiest girl in his school (and the girl Amano has a crush on), Tendou Karen comes talk to him (which for all class is like something completely outstanding and everyone stares in disbelief ) and proceeds to invite him to join the Gamers Club.

Amano visits the Gamers Club, spends the day playing games (Call of Duty is the one that I remember the most) and in the end decides not to enter because he loves games for their development and creators’ effort and not for the difficulty and competition… (Personal note – What? I mean he IS always alone, now he has the opportunity to be with people who have the same interests as him and decides to tell no… Ok).


From here you think, ok the Anime is going to be about gaming and feel completely out of the World because you are also a gamer and you would love to watch an anime with gaming competitions or something similar right? Well, sorry to disappoint because the gaming part is not really going to be the focus of this Anime.


From here, Amano starts to meet more people and making friends (none from the gamer club… at least not the main ones… I don’t really understand why the gamer club is there to start with… But ok…) He ends up making a group of friends composed by: A couple – Aguri and Uehara, his crush Tendou and a girl who has everything in common with Amano but they just don’t get along because he likes Fanservice and she does not (… lol) called Hoshinomori.


And from here, the Anime drops the focus on gaming completely and goes for a slice of life romantic comedy… And well… They go too far! The basic idea they use over and over again is the misunderstanding cliché…. And no! It’s not only between Amano and Tendou… it’s with everyone! The show pushes it to the extreme of everyone thinking that everyone is cheating or in love with somebody else than the correct one.

gamers-gif-voce-sabia-anime (2).gif

Do not take me wrong, there are some events that are really fun. For example, there is an episode that Amano is going to confess to Tendou and ask her to go out with him (and everyone in school knows about it) and basically every each one of the characters are thinking completely different things regarding the way this conversation goes. I can’t even explain really well lolol But basically everyone is taking notice to the others reaction due to their own presumptions. I laughed A LOT with this episode!


However, like 80% of the Anime is about misunderstandings… Which for me is A LOT!

The gaming part ends up to be just only some references, which is a bummer… But it worked for me non the less. I like this kind of Animes and having gaming references  in all episodes was just a plus! Of course I would prefer an Anime focused more in the gaming part… But it was ok!


The characters are easy to recognize by their traits. The only ones that are really similar are Amano and Hoshinomori (besides the Fanservice thing OF COURSE). These two are the loners, who prefer playing games than talk with people. Then you have Tendou that is like the perfect girl, pretty and smart. She’s basically the cliché “kaichou”, but in this case she is the president of the gamer club and not the council. You have Uehara which his more towards the punk side and then you have Aguri, the girl who seems a small child (although you will have the opportunity to see her in a more serious stance when she talks about her background).


All of them have backgrounds, from what I remember, being the ones from Aguri and Hoshinomori the ones that created enough impact to make me like and better understand the character.


The Anime is from last year and the animation is pretty good. However I do feel it’s the standard for the Slice of Life Animes coming out nowadays.

More than that, you can feel that they were careful towards the details. For example, each character has their own distinct physical traits which makes them easily recognized. Other thing that caught me my attention from the bat was the video game cases, which were really well designed.


They also did a good job with the more silly animations for the funny parts 😛 But those always get me so I’m a little biased regarding that 😀

tenor (1).gif


The voice actors did a really good job and they were really comfortable working with each other (a must for these type of Animes) and this passes through the show! Only by hearing their conversations you feel the characters being relaxed with their friends (or not, depending the scene)… I think what I want to say is, only by their conversation you feel they are friends!

The opening has a really catchy music! And I don’t normally like the opening musics! (For the ones one mobile you can watch the video here):

So, to wrap-up… The Anime didn’t really deliver what seems to promise in the first episode, and even for a romantic silly Anime it pushes the misunderstanding card way too much, but, in the end I enjoyed a lot and I would recommend if you are a fan of slice of life. The gaming part is just in the background, but it made me happy to see all the references such as for Star Ocean and Persona 4 Battle Arena 😀

I Give Gamers! 4 Awkward Moments out of 5 Game References

That’s it for today everyone! 🙂 Hope you liked this review! Comment down below what do you think of Gamers! or if you are thinking on watching it! 😛

See You Soon! 😀

0 thoughts on “Gamers! Review | Playing Misunderstandings Like a Pro

  1. This was certainly one of the few shows I have been debating about catching up from last year. I was a bit worried that it would be too focused on gaming and kind of leave other important things like character to the wayside much like Netoge from the previous year which was okay but due to its obsessive nature on gaming it was not my cup of tea. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t and look forward to watching it now!

    1. Happy to hear that my review made you looking forward to watch it 🙂 But don’t think that the characters have a HUGE development because they don’t… But for an Anime that is going for season 2 (or at least trying) the evolution is good enough 🙂

  2. This one is currently in my Crunchyroll que….haven’t yet found time to watch it yet. But reading through this, it sounds like a pretty fun show ?? Thanks for sharing your thoughts : and also looking forward to hearing about Gantz….I bought that show last year, and having not yet had time to see it, I at least hope I did not buy a bad show lol ??

    1. Yeah it is! XD I do think they went with a little too much misunderstandings, but in the end it is pretty fun and made me laugh sometimes xD thank you for reading and commentg raistlin xp
      About Gantz… Will see xD I’m still in episode 3-4 so I don’t want to judge it with all the information xP

  3. I liked that this show managed to continually throw my expectations away and go in a different direction. It doesn’t make for the most solid of narratives, but it makes for an amusing viewing experience where they set up the incredibly cliche moment and then pull a really weird twist in how they resolve it. I don’t know that there is a lot of rewatch value in that kind of thing, but watching the first time was fun and I really liked the interactions between the five main characters.

    1. Great way to express it Karandi! That’s what I think about the Anime xD it can throw you unexpected scenes that are extremely funny although following cliches xP I think it may have rewatch value if you rewatch some time afterwards, just because their jokes will get you non the less, however I have terrible memory so there’s that xD

  4. I need to finish watching this, I got partway through it and was really enjoying it but never quite got around to finishing it! There were some top-tier waifus in this show, I have to say 🙂

    1. Ahah xD yeah all the main female characters are easy to like I think xD even the boys are pretty likeable! So yeah you should xD I think that the Anime is one of those that gets better around the end (although it ends in a way of an Anime that wants to go for second season ends)

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