Is Cuteness Enough? | Miira no Kaikata Review

Is Cuteness Enough? | Miira no Kaikata Review

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I’ve finally finished watching Miira no Kaikata (How To Keep a Mummy) and not gonna lie, I enjoyed it… A lot! But, nevertheless, there was always something inside my mind. Is cuteness enough to make a great Anime? I mean, I enjoyed the show and my boyfriend has been asking for a stuffed Mii-Kun every single day after episode one. This way, on the surface, it seems that it’s more than enough, right? Well, that’s what we are going to see!

– Synopsis –

Miira no Kaikata synopsis
Art done by ryushurei

Sora Kashiwagi has an adventurous father who is always sending him presents from his travels. However, these presents, are something that you can’t really say that “good” since most of the time they try to kill, in some sort of way, Sora.

This way, when Sora gets a huge coffin shipped from Egypt with a letter stating there is a letter inside, Sora just has a feeling that it will be some kind of huge monster inside of it. However, to his surprise, a little, cute mummy comes out. In reality, unless cuteness can kill, Sora is more than safe by this one.

– Plot –

Miira no Kaikata plot

Miira No Kaikata is mostly a slice of life kind of Anime. This way, we can’t expect much to happen, because that is what a slice of life Anime is suppose to be. From the bat, we need to take this into mind.

How To Keep a Mummy tries to give you some kind of comedy into it so it picks more of our interest. However, most of the time you are going to be saying “ooooh” instead of “ahahah”. Nonetheless, they were able to put some bits here in there that made me crack a laugh or two.

How To Keep a Mummy Mii-kun bath
But the cuteness factor is way stronger!

When it comes to the plot itself, there is not much to be said. The creators did try to make some kind of interesting points on the history with some kind of problematic events that our characters need to surpass, but most of the time, it feels a little empty and not really that interesting. An example would be Kamiya Tazuki, Sora’s best friend, stating that Sora does not open itself fully to him because he has some kind of thought that everyone will just go away. Although a nice point to make a good emotional moment, it does not have any background whatsoever. So, instead of feeling sad, I just felt confused. I mean, they are best friends since they were kids, so it does not really make sense that Sora feels that way. Moreover, there is nothing under Sora’s past that would explain this kind of feeling.

Miira no Kaikata Conny cute crying
But well, put a Conny crying and I’m all yours!

There are also some plot holes (if you want to call it that way) that makes me confused. Sora is always telling to his friends that they cannot tell other humans about the existence of these supernatural creatures. However, they seem to be everywhere! I mean, the creatures literally go and try to enter people’s houses. Another thing is, Asa Motegi’s family does not really seem to mind to have a dragon in their house, Tazuki’s sister also is completely ok with Conny which makes me think, if these type of animals are so rare, how the hell people stay so cool when finding one. Let’s not forget that Motegi only freaked out about Isao because she thought he was a lizard. The moment she knew he was a dragon, she seemed to be completely ok.

Miira no Kaikata Isao Being Responsible

Not gonna lie, at the beginning of the show, I really thought something more complex was going to happen. For example, since the background we had, in the beginning, is that all presents end up being cursed or something like that, I actually thought Mii-Kun was passing out when he was not with Sora because he was feeding himself through Sora’s life energy or something. But, no… It was because he was getting dehydrated for crying so much. CUTE! But, not really that complex.

– Characters –

Miira no Kaikata characters

First of all, we need to think about the cuteness factor. I don’t really care if there is no developing whatsoever if you give me Mii-Kun, Conni and Isao 24/7. But, the thing is, there is character development.

To be more exact (and in my opinion) the ones who get more character development are Mii-Kun, Tazuki and Conny. Is it a huge development where they are completely different characters by the end of it? No, they are not. But, it’s a good character path to follow. Especially because you just end up loving these characters for their cuteness! As I said, they didn’t even need any kind of development for me to like them, they just need to be cute.

How to keep a mummy cute

However, for some, it can fall flat. I mean, besides Tazuki and Conny, the character development is not that great or deep. It’s more of a steady and slow evolution, which is what you normally get in life and this is a slice of live Anime… So…

– Conclusion –

How to keep a mummy final thoughts
Yeah, I think so Tazuki

In conclusion, I think cuteness should become an Anime genre! Did I enjoyed the Anime, yes! Am I going to watch season 2? Well, it’s not like I’m going to be counting every single minute towards it, but sure. Is How to keep a mummy going to enter my top 10 anime list? No, it is not…

In the end, Miira No Kaikata is a good Anime if you are looking for a relaxing time where you just want to have a Mii-Kun for yourself (I would prefer a Conny though). Is it the everyone’s cup of tea? No, it is not, but is it good to have this option available, completely!

Just a side note, yes I know I didn’t speak about Animation and Audio today. That’s because I will be focusing more on what I think is more important when reviewing an Anime from now on 🙂

What about you? Have you watched Miira No Kaikata? What did you think about it? Tell me all in the comments! 😀

Miira no Kaikata conny and mii-kun
See You Soon! 😀

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0 thoughts on “Is Cuteness Enough? | Miira no Kaikata Review

  1. Konny is such a misunderstood little creature. But, he tries and that’s what counts. I love this anime in a cuteness kind of sense. It made me feel good when I was really down.

    1. Konny is my favourite character from the bunch! He’s just the cutest and funniest! 😀 It makes me happy to know that it helped you leveling up your spirit! It’s funny isn’t it, how people end up creating these kind of shows which mean so much for every each one of us! I’m sure that thought never passed at his minds… Or at least most of the times

  2. I haven’t watched this one, and will be honest that in all likelyhood I probably won’t watch it. But definitely agree about the fact that Mii-kun is just way too cute lol ??

  3. The cuteness is strong with this one.
    I totally loved the cute factor and that was just really calming to watch each week, but yeah, not a lot else to this anime. Overall, not the kind of thing I’d normally watch or recommend but there’s definitely some fun to be had provided you go in knowing that the cute factor is the highlight.

    1. Completely agree with you! But, well, that’s a 100% slice of life anime for you! It’s great too just not think mucha and let your mind rest for a solid 20 minutes!

  4. With Gakuen Babysitters this year, I think that it was nice having anime with maximum cuteness levels that didn’t focus on the usual anime tropes. It’s the kind of anime where you just want to relaxing watching cute little supernatural creatures do their thing with some character development. Also, Conny is the best.

    1. I still need to watch Gakuen Babysitters honestly. However, I think that one has a little more hmmm… How should I say it?… Deeper plot? Something like that! I mean, it’s cute, but it’s also emotional… Don’t know if I’m right though

      Conny is clearly my favourite! I want one so much!

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