Anime number 5 – Ouran High School Host Club

Anime number 5 – Ouran High School Host Club

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So today I bring you a more light funny anime! 😀 My fifth favourite anime is Ouran High School Host Club (Again… you already knew that from the title :P)!


Let me start with the premise of the story. It revolves around a girl called Haruhi which, because of her high intelligence,  enters in Ouran High School. This High School is an elite school where only the rich, or the ones intelligent enough to receive a scholarship can enter. In her first day, clumsy as she is, drops a really expensive vase from the Host Club. This Host Club is like a coffee shop where 6 extremely hot/cute guys serves and, well let’s say almost all girls from that school want a piece of them, so it’s really popular! Since Haruhi is small, has flat chest and uses short hair the club leader thinks that she is a he (with a really pretty eyes that every girl would fall for). This way he has a plan: to pay the vase she broke she will need to enter the host club and work there. Well, he doesn’t take much time to understand she is a girl, but, hey! Her eyes really are doing the trick and there are girls going only to see her so what the heck! She will only need to pass as a boy when she is hosting in the club.


Probably, from what you have heard it just seems another shoujo anime right? Well, not really. Do not take me wrong… Don’t know why, but I love romance animes with a little comedy! (I can name a few like Special A, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!, Wolf girl and Black Prince…) So what makes this one different? Why did I loved this one so much?

Well, first of all it is not cliché. Normally the shoujo formulas have or tsundere that does everything she wants of the male character, or you have a cold mysterious guy who is perfect in everything he does as the main male character. Oh! And of course! You have all the stupidest (sometimes funny) missteps in the relationship that just wants to make you scream “COME ONE JUST KISS ALREADY!”… Here you have a guy falling in love for an intelligent girl but it’s one-sided. And there is nothing about cold with this one, really look at this:


Another thing that I love about this anime is that IT IS funny! It is not easy to make me laugh let me tell you… But Ousan made me crack up a lot of times! The funny moments are just hilarious and sometimes you are not even expecting that some situations would end up in something so funny! For me that are the ones that make me laugh the most because I am hit in the face with comedy without even expecting xD Also, the characters, their relationships (and here I mean any type of relationship, the voice acting and the funny animation… Well, everything works really well to deliver you comedy and make you laugh your heart off! For example in the club there are 2 twins and their act to make girls come to the club is to always make appear they have a gay relationship (which… well, it’s kinda of hot) BUT!!!!! It’s just hilarious!!!


Now, one thing I believe it’s really important in any kind of anime (or any story for that matter) are the characters and it’s even more important when you are doing a romance. If you just put to bland characters together with all the clichés and not any evolution, well the romance will just not be good. Well, here you will find complexity. Not only in the main characters, the most of them have evolution and are complex. Again, I don’t think you also find many characters that you normally find in shoujo animes. That cliché characters are just not there (at least the most important ones xD) But, hey! Don’t take me wrong… There are some clichés in the anime! Some main plot twists are a little cliché, however they try to put some details to make it a little different from the usual. In the comedy part, every character has their own personality and each of them are funny in their own ways 😛


In conclusion… more than a shoujo anime, it’s comedy made just right. Even if you are not into shoujo animes, but you want to laugh your arse off this one is a good choice to do that!! 😀 For me the main reasons for this anime to be so good are: The comedy is done just right (at least for me!), I didn’t feel it was cliché (nothing against clichés, I’ve seen good animes with all the clichés, but even though it sells, normally they don’t end up in our tops lists am I right?) and I really loved the characters!


Well… that’s all for today folks! Do you like shoujo animes or it is not really your thing? Let me know by leaving a comment 🙂 If you do comment some of your favourites! And no… It is not the only shoujo that will appear in my list. As I said… Don’t know why, but I just love them!

See ya soon! 😀

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  1. Ouran was a really good show. This was one I watched earlier into my anime watching career and it was more than I expected it to be. Seen in multiple times since and it is still enjoyable 🙂

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