Anime number 7 – Your Lie in April

Anime number 7 – Your Lie in April

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So today I’m going to talk about my 7th favourite anime – Your Lie in April! If you have been following the top you can start to notice that there is not a specific genre in here  XD (Last one was a horror anime!)


Now, how to talk about Your Lie in April without spoiling it… Well… The story is about a boy called Kousei Arima which is a pianist (and a good one), however when his mother died he developed a problem where he could not play again, at least as superb as he did… It’s hard to explain the problem… Basically he cannot hear his own music, or when he in fact does hear the piano, it’s like he is underwater (something like that, at least that’s how I would put it). One day he meets a girl playing an instrument (which name I don’t remember at the moment, but you can see it down below in the trailer :P) with some kids and he really likes about the picture he’s seeing. The girl later asks him to be her accompanist in a contest she is going to have, doing that, Kousei comes back playing the piano. The story starts from there and will lead you to a rollercoaster of emotions that you were not expecting.

Now, I am a musician (I play the flute), so it is really funny to see all these different artists and the way they play their own instrument. One example, Kousei is that kind of musician which can play everything that it’s in the music sheet, but does not show any emotion, while Kaori (the girl) overflows emotion…


Besides the music, there are other things that made me love the anime.

First the story! Well in this story you will have parts where you will laugh your pants off and then other parts where you will be clinging to your pillow trying not to cry… The story starts really light and uplifting, but gets real quick. I will not tell you the problems that the characters will face, so I don’t spoil anything, but they are problems that people face it in their real lives. These problems are really well portrayed in the anime and it’s easy to feel empathetic with what the characters are passing trough.

The characters are also really well designed and you feel that the their evolution is done just right, not to slow, but also not drastically fast… This evolution occurs during daily events, basically equal to all of us. For example, if Kousei had a trauma when his mother died and stopped being able to play the piano decently, he will not magically start playing the piano awsomely one day to another… It will need practice and many drops of sweat before he can do it.


Now about the music, not the theme, but really the music in the anime… Well since the theme is classical music you will hear it a lot… And it will be played superbly!!! There were some times I felt a shiver down my spine by hearing something so damn good! You can hear one of the performances below:

In conclusion, Your Lie in April is really a masterpiece (At least for me it is!!! :D). Even if classic music is not your type the story from the characters will make you love this anime series! As I told you, it’s one of those animes that will make you feel all the feelings while you are watching it and I highly recommend it to anyone! You have comedy, romance, drama, music, friendship… Basically everything we experience in life.


That’s all for today folks! 😀 This week I will also release a post about some horror animes (since it’s Halloween and what not!) so stay tuned to read them 🙂

What do you feel about this anime? Are you thinking in giving it a try? Have you already watched? What were your thoughts of it? Comment down below!!!!

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