The Anime About Chair… I mean… Cheerleading! | Anima Yell! First Impressions Review

The Anime About Chair… I mean… Cheerleading! | Anima Yell! First Impressions Review

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Time for a new first impressions post… I know, I know… I’ve been talking a lot about Anime and not much about the others… Well, to be honest, with all the Anime I want to watch, it gets difficult to have time for other things. But, well, I’m still trying to find the balance… Let’s hope I’m actually able to do it xD Today we will be talking about:

Anima Yell!

– Synopsis –

Kohane Hatoya is a young girl who loves to help other people. During her summer break before entering high school as a freshman, one day, she encounters a cheerleader group cheering. From that day, she can’t think about anything else.

This way, right in her first day as a high school student she knows she wants to enter the cheer group. The problem? Well, there is any! This way, she decides to start one.

It’s Cheer, not Chair!

I’m not going to say that I didn’t have any fun with this Anime completely, I would be lying. There are many parts where I actually found myself smiling and laughing, at least on episode 1, which for me was way stronger than episode 2.

However, the running gag of the main character saying “chair” instead of “cheer” grows old maybe in the third time, so what could I say of the tenth time?

It did seem like it would just be for the first episode. I mean, at the beginning of the second episode she seemed to actually say it right and said cheer a few times in her first try. But, no! Although way fewer times than the first episode, she ends up saying “chair” again which at this point, is not funny and does not make much sense to me. Nevertheless, this is my personal taste. If you read Anime Cactus Matt review for episode 1 you will see that he disagrees a lot on this one 😛

But, At Least I Was Be Able To Watch Some Nice Stunts, Right?

Well, not really. Until now I was able to see some actual cheerleading three times (only watched the 2 first episodes). The beginning of the first episode and the last of the second episode.

I do have to say that I’m pretty sure that body movement for cheerleading is something really difficult to draw. However, if the Anime is about cheerleading I was hoping for more. Until this point, the only scene that I actually felt that I enjoyed was one of the jumps at the beginning of episode 1. The rest, well, it’s just too slow and static for me.

Moreover, when I saw Kohane’s dream in the second episode, it made me feel that is all we are going to get! Yes, you can understand they are doing cheerleading. But, you don’t actually see all the process. Most of the times are just static images, or not that big of animations.

Buuut… It’s Cute, right?

Cute is a broad term. I mean, what I may think as cute, may not be the same as you think as cute. Moreover, for me, there is a thin line between cuteness and annoying. I have a cold stone heart, I know.

But, yes, I would say the character design is cute. I mean, look at them, they seem cute.

You have Kohane that is always messing things up making it pretty funny cute. Then, you have Hizume who takes everything so literal that just makes you smile in how oblivious she actually is, although a genius when it comes to cheerleading. And, finishing you have Uki who likes cute stuff and therefore ends up being pretty cute herself, right?

However, I have a problem that makes the Anime crossing the line from cute to cheesy. And, from cheesy to annoying (because I hate the cheesy stuff) and that, my friends is the background music. No, not the intro or the outro. In fact, the intro is pretty cool, but actually the background music we listen while the episode is going.

I don’t really know how to express this, but the background music and the voice acting + design do not go very well with each other. In the more cute and emotional scenes I just end up feeling this cringe, and it’s all because of the music. Bah, such a waste.

What About You?

In conclusion, Anima Yell! is a funny little one so far. I’m not sure what is going to happen next though. To be honest, episode 1 was way better than episode 2. So, if this continues like this, Anima Yell will start to become less and less interesting :/

Nevertheless, if you like cute girls doing some cheerleading combined with some funny stuff and animation, this may be just the Anime for you this season! 😀

So, tell me! Have you been watching Anima Yell? What are your thoughts on it? If you have still not started, are you thinking of giving it a try? Tell me in the comments! 😀

See You Soon! 😀

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0 thoughts on “The Anime About Chair… I mean… Cheerleading! | Anima Yell! First Impressions Review

  1. I didn’t actually get through all of the first episode of this one. My watch list was already quite long, the characters weren’t really doing much for me, and the idea of cute girls do cheer leading didn’t grab me. While I might have given it longer in a slower season, for me this one was something I passed on pretty quickly this time around.

    1. I’m still figuring out if I’m just going to drop this up or not… The Anime does not seem horrible, but it also does not seem the upmost fun… It just seems… Meh to me 😀
      However, I do have to say that Iku and Hizume did grab my faint interest… Not the main character though

    1. Sorry! I guess I just clickbaited you :/ Well… I’ll have my fingers crossed so that Anime about chairs appear someday. Now that I think of it, it would be something completely out of the box!

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