Fairy Gone Episode 1 Was Surprisingly Boring

Fairy Gone Episode 1 Was Surprisingly Boring

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Today we will be looking into the first episode of Fairy Gone. And, let me tell you, contrary to what I expected the episode was not that entertaining. Since I started following seasonal Anime, I decided to stop reading MAL synopsis. First of all, there are many times where the synopsises do not translate the Anime plot very well. Second… Well, I like to be surprised and enter in an Anime without knowing what is going to happen.

Nevertheless, I’ve had seen some people talking about Fairy Gone and I actually was kind of interest to know what was this Anime all about. However, as the Spring Season, in a nutshell, it ended up being just meh.

Fairy Gone Synopsis

Fairy Gone Marly Noel

Well, Fairy Gone happens in a World where there was a war where Fairy Soldiers were used as the main force. These Fairy Soldiers are somewhat a special force which, by the power of fairies, are able to summon something like a persona.

However, the war has ended and the Fairy Soldiers are not needed anymore. But, due to their strength, they are obliged to present themselves and work for the government. If they don’t do that, then they are considered outlaws.

Our story follows Marlya Noel, a girl who saw her village being burnt to the ground due to the war. Besides her, she had a close friend called Veronica who helped her to run away. Now, many years later, Veronica is no longer the same girl and she is a former Fairy Soldier. Marlya’s goal is to find Veronica and bring their friendship to what it was before the war.

Why Was Fairy Gone Episode 1 Boring

Fairy Gone Veronica Thorn

We can look at the first episode as the setting of the plot, something that makes sense. We start with both girls as children and running away from their village while they are burnt down. Then, we are sent to the present where a mafia auction is happening. Soon enough, Veronica appears (as a terrorist) and tries to steal a page from some kind of a very important book.

Sounds right forward? Well, probably because it is! The truth is, although it’s supposed to be some kind of a sad episode where you are supposed to feel bad about the characters’ past, the truth is I didn’t really feel much about them. In fact, most of the episode I just felt that I was watching whatever was rolling in a passive state without really having any kind of feelings towards what was happened.

We get a little bit of talk, then some action and then, of course, our main character, Marlya ends up getting the power of a fairy and have a “persona” of her own. Honestly, the action part was not really that entertaining. One of the reasons is probably how these spirits/fairies are designed. They went for a 3D animation, which would be ok if it wasn’t such a poor animation. These spirits completely stand out from the rest of the animation, and not for the good reasons. Moreover, one would expect that these spirits would look somewhat cool. However, their design just ends up being bland.

Fairy Gone cute

Besides, let’s face it, these fairies are really not a fresh idea! They are basically the same as we already know as personas from the Persona games/Anime. So, in the end, it’s not like Fairy Gone brings something new to the table.

In end, I finished the episode unimpressed and a little bit bored! It had the potential to be a great episode, but it just felt apart (in my opinion). Maybe it will get more entertaining in future episodes. But, for now, it’s a strong pass for me!

What about you? Did you watch the first episode of Fairy Gone? What are your thoughts on it? Tell me all in the comments down below!

5 thoughts on “Fairy Gone Episode 1 Was Surprisingly Boring

  1. Yep! First episode was not what I had expected either. There was not connection to the characters which really didn’t help. The CGI animation gets better in the next couple of episodes and the story seems to be developing but it really should have had a stronger hook in the first episode.

    1. I’ll be watching it until episode 3 so I can write my FI on it… But, to be honest, if I was a regular Anime watcher I would just drop it right in episode 1… In an industry where there is more and more competitors, you really need to hook people right from the bat 😛

      1. Agreed. A casual viewer could easily have walked away. They really failed to deliver a hook or make us care about anyone really.

  2. Episode 1 was such a disappointment, while they failed to establish a connection to the characters so that we would care about them enough to follow the story, that episode also lacked in direction, it almost had no point towards plot development which was pretty bad for a first episode.

    1. Yeah, you are completely right! The episode plot just developed in such a weak note that I couldn’t care less with what was happening… I believe that they should have done a better job with the scenes from the past. That’s where they could create a deep connection with the 2 girls but failed miserably…

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