Is Fairy Gone Any Good?

Is Fairy Gone Any Good?

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Today, I bring you an Anime which had much potential… Yes, the word is had… Unfortunately. I always try to enter in an Anime with low expectations. However, this time, for some reason I can’t explain, I actually started watching Fairy Gone with some curiosity and expecting it was going to be somewhat good.

The Anime promised nice animation, action and a somewhat interesting story… Well, I have to say that it all fell to the ground right in the first episode. Nonetheless, I did try to give it another chance and see if it got better in the following episodes… Well, after 3 watched episodes, in a nutshell, Fairy Gone is just boring.

There, you can go away now πŸ˜› But, if you want to understand a little better why I think like this about this Anime, keep on reading πŸ˜‰

Let’s start by explaining what is Fairy Gone on the surface.


Fairy Gone Marlya

Fairy Gone follows a Marlya, a girl who thinks she is unlucky and brings terror to everyone around her. When she was young a war broke out where people were submitted to a surgery where they got an organ from fairies, making them have the power to call these faires as alter egos… Basically, call them in the same way as the characters call their personas in the Persona series.

Marlya’s village was attacked and completely destroyed. However, she was able to survive due to her childhood friend Veronica. Now, many years later, the war has ended and the Fairy Soldiers are no longer needed. During those years Marlya and Veronica ended up partying ways, making Marlya’s main goal to find her. However, it’s not going to be that easy. Both are Fairy soldiers and while Veronica is fighting for the “bad guys”, Marlya is working for the government. Although the main goal is to find Veronica, the next time she is going to be able to see her, Marlya will be her enemy

Fairy Gone First Impressions


Fairy Gone First Impressions

From the synopsis, I can understand why you would be interested in watching Fairy Gone. Especially if this is the kind of genre you like. However, unfortunately, the plot is conducted in such a way that nothing really becomes interesting.

There is also a problem with the characters’ introduction, but I will leave that for the next section of the First Impressions.

So, the thing about the plot conduction is that it is way too fast and too slow at the same time. Confused? Well, let me explain it to you a little further.

When it comes to the main events that would make you have any kind of feelings for the characters (or the story itself), things happen way too fast. Moreover, it doesn’t help that the Anime is always going back and forward with the present and the past. So, for example, let’s think about Veronica and Marlya running away from the village, the main reason why this story is actually happening. What we get is one-minute scene here and there during the present story. Something that just makes you detach from the story and not really feeling much towards what is happening.

However, when it comes to scenes that I believe doesn’t really give much to the plot whatsoever, meaning you don’t get to actually know more of the characters or the story behind Fairy Gone, they seem to spend a lot of time. Something, that again, just makes me feel bored and feel the grasp to just turn off the episode. Though, to be honest, I would say they are more focused on having some sort of fight every episode than actually present the story in an entertaining manner.


Fairy Gone Marlya cute

As I said, the plot conduction also destroys any sympathy I could have for these characters. The thing is, it’s not the characters are bad, they are just not presented/shown the best way.

Most of the characters already know each other because they fought in the war together, were in the mob together, or maybe they had a threesome together, I don’t really care (the last one is to be seen as a joke, of course). The thing is, something the writers forgot is that us, the viewers, never met these characters before! It’s not like there is a prequel or something like that, no… This is the very first time Fairy Gone’s world and characters appeared in our lives.

So, of course, showing a different character every episode, while not giving any depth about the main characters before won’t work. Especially if what we get is a very fast introduction and then the character is seen as someone who has been there for years!

This kind of presentation is just bad for someone who wants to connect to the characters… Why should I care for characters which don’t seem to bring anything to the table? Characters that I can’t actually understand and feel the background? It’s just… Meh


Fairy Gone animation

Now… Since the Anime is so focused on the action and having Fairy fights every each episode, then that means the animation is GREAT and the flow of fights are just the best we have ever seen… Right? WRONG!

Look, I’m not even kidding, even the characters’ movement puts me to sleep. They just move a little bit slower than usual, you know? I don’t even know how to describe because the animation is somewhat well done, but, every movement the character does seems to be a little bit slower than it had to be…

When it comes to the fights, let’s start with the fairies. First of all, the fairies don’t look like fairies at all… Or at least what comes to my mind when I think about fairies. You could call them monsters… In fact, scrap that, you could just call them Persona because they are not really that different.

The only persona, ups sorry, fairy I actually enjoyed was a spider which one guy uses as a sniper. All the rest, well, let’s say the CGI is below average and I even preferred Berserker CGI from Fate Zero than these ones.

When it comes to the fights… Again, it was underwhelming… I was expecting much more! Especially when the overall design (characters and environment are actually good).


Fairy Gone Chima cute

Probably the best Fairy Gone has to offer… The audio is actually pretty good! I won’t say that I like the full list of soundtracks, but I do have to say that the creators are able to nail what type of music to use, when to use it, and, also important, when to stop it or just maintain the silence throughout the scene.

Moreover, the volume mix is very well done. In scenes where you have background music, someone talking AND sound effects (such as rain) you can listen clearly to all of the 3, something that many Animes aren’t able to do.

So, yeah, when it comes to audio, it’s hands down to the quality and execution! Though, let’s face it, good audio can only do so much.

Final Verdict

Fairy Gone Bitter Sweet

The overall feeling I have about Fairy Gone is that the Anime is dull. 3 episodes and I think only on episode 3 I didn’t have the urge to just stop close the window and stopped watching… So, yeah, I would say that you can skip this one.

The idea is somewhat interesting and I was expecting to have a more adult story… Although the latter is true, it’s like I said, all things considered, Fairy Gone is just not entertaining enough.

I do have to say that it probably will be better to watch it in one go! So, if you really are interested in this one, I would say wait until the season ends and then do a marathon. I believe if you watch everything in one go, it may not feel so slow and so dull πŸ˜›

What about you? Have you watched Fairy Gone? What are your feelings towards it? Tell me all in the comments πŸ˜‰

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6 thoughts on “Is Fairy Gone Any Good?

  1. Yeah, totally agree. The third one was the most interesting so far, but then the fourth episode dropped the ball and it all went back the level of the first episode. I’m still waiting for an actual storyline to appear. There doesn’t seem to be any consequences to things.

  2. I was curious about this series before the season but it hasn’t come out on a service I use anyway and the general consensus seems to be it isn’t very good. I would still like to give it a shot if I get access at some point but I’m definitely going to drop my expectations. Thanks for your thoughts on it.

  3. I completely disagree. I love the show. It doesn’t spoon feed character information, it gives you the facts. The characters are great. They’re complex and you don’t really know if they’re fighting for good or evil. There is a lot of character development in my opinion, and Marlya’s story is heartbreaking.

    1. This is why I love having a blog! To find people who disagree with me and read their opinions! πŸ™‚ To be honest, I would have to view the rest of the show, I dropped it on episode 3. To be honest, because of your comment, after dealing with this season shows, I’ll go and watch the rest of it and see if my opinion changes πŸ˜‰

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