Is Isekai Quartet the Best Anime Crossover Ever?

Is Isekai Quartet the Best Anime Crossover Ever?
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So, today I bring to you a small, cute crossover which seems to have been getting some popularity this season, Isekai Quartet.

So, what is Isekai Quartet about? Well, it’s a crossover with characters from 4 different (and popular) Anime – Overlord, Re:Zero, Konosuba and Youjo Senki. Being all the characters presented in a chibi cute format.

The story goes that, one day, in each of these 4 distinct worlds a random red button appeared. The 4 groups end up pressing them in one, or another way, and they are all transported to the same world… The real-life world. Now, they are in school and they will have to have classes together.

Now, if you have watched all 4 of the above Anime, then Isekai Quartet is just the Anime for you to rewind and relax for a bit. But, what if you didn’t watch any? Maybe, like me, those 4 are STILL in your watching list and you don’t have any idea if it’s good or not!

Is Isekai Quartet the Best Anime Crossover Ever?

Isekai Quartet Konosuba

Well, first of all, the episodes are around 10 minutes. So, it’s not like you are going to lose much time with it. Taking this into account, you should just try it out and give it a shot.

Nevertheless, I have to say that, for someone who doesn’t know this characters (besides of seeing them randomly appear on the internet due to their popularity), the first episode fell a little short. “Oh! That’s just natural Arthis! Since you have not watched the Anime you are not getting the references!”, I just hear you saying that. Well, that’s not true (at least for episode 1).

Truth is, most of the episode focus on the characters traits, which are not really that complex to begin with. Probably because the characters are an exaggeration of the funnier part of the same character in the original Anime? I mean, I would think that is it because if these characters are the full mirror of the original ones, then I don’t understand why these Anime are so popular.

Isekai Quartet heroes

But, do not take me wrong! It was cute to watch and mildly entertaining. Although I didn’t really laugh much during the episode, it was still enjoyable. I believe it’s a great idea and it will be interesting to see all these Isekai main characters interacting with each other. In fact, many hilarious situations come into mind when I think this kind of setting.

And, yes, the plot setting was not great and therefore episode 1 was not great either… I mean the “funny” ways that they created so the characters pushed the button were not that great. Well, I did laugh in the Youjo Senki scene, so we can say that 1/3 was funny. xD But, I believe that it can get way better now that we will see the characters actually interacting with each other. Especially because they all remember their past worlds and roles, which will be interesting I’m sure!

Isekai Quartet Anime Crossover op

Last, but not least, voice acting, animation and everything else are well made! We can see that there is production value putting on this one. In conclusion, I’m not sure if it’s going to be the best, but I’m sure it’s going to be one of the most popular Anime crossovers.

What about you? Did you watch the episode 1 of Isekai Quartet? What are your thoughts on it?

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