3 Reasons Why Arifureta Is NOT Good

3 Reasons Why Arifureta Is NOT Good

Hello everyone and welcome to our shelter! 🙂

I’ve been out for a week on holidays with no Internet access but I’m back and ready to start blogging again at full speed! Today, I bring you my opinion on Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest in English).

From the title, you can already guess that I’m not really happy with this one! So, if you are wondering if Arifureta is good and worth your time, you already know my answer. It’s not!

But, why is that? In fact, if you go to MAL, you will see that Arifureta is one of the most popular Anime shows debuting in the 2019 Summer Season. Or, at least, it seems to be one of the Anime shows which people seem more interested in. Well, although that’s true, it’s also true that it has a score around 6 which, to be honest, I would give it a 5, maximum.

By the way, I’ve watched 3 episodes so far, so this is a First Impressions review 😉 Although, I’m pretty sure it won’t get better throughout the rest of the episodes. So, without further ado, here are my 3 reasons on why Arifureta is NOT good!

Terrible CGI

Arifureta bad CGI

Although the character design is somewhat good and pretty on the eye, I’m sorry to say that the creators’ decision to have some parts of the animation made in CGI was a shoot in the foot. Truth is, CGI and 3D animation in Anime are always tricky. At least for me, I’m used to watching Anime with traditional animation. This means that every time CGI appears, it always puts me a little off. Nevertheless, when it’s well done, I can appreciate it and enjoy this modern animation. I believe the most important thing is, how does the CGI blends with the rest of the animation. Let’s face it, if it doesn’t blend well, then it may even appear we are watching 2 different Anime shows at the same time.

Well, that’s what happens with Arifureta. Unfortunately, the monsters’ CGI is so strong and out of place, that it just makes you feel off and take your mind of what you are watching. Meaning, you stop thinking about what the hell is happening and focus on how bad the animation looks like.

Arifureta Hajime's gun

However, they do seem to be testing things out. For example, the monsters on episode 3 are not CGI. Nonetheless, they still decided to throw a CGI element to the episode which, in this case, was Hajime’s pistol. Well, guess what, it just throws you out right away and looks bad.

I believe my main problem with the CGI is how there was no need at all to include it. Normally CGI and 3D are used to create “cooler” scenes which are not achievable (at least so quickly) with traditional art. That’s completely fine. However, in Afirureta, the animation does not have the speed or complexity to actually justify the use of CGI.

Shallow Story And Characters

Arifureta Hajime cool

With the popularity of Rising of the Shield Hero and Goblin Slayer, I understand that we will get more Isekais with a darker tone getting adaptations. That’s all fun and games, and the Anime God knows how I like a good Isekai. However, my problem with Arifureta is how the creators seem to have thought that the combination of both types would just sell itself. Now, just to make sure you understand this, I’m not coming for the original material. I did not read the Manga, so I cannot talk about it. However, the adaptation is just not really good at pacing itself.

Let’s start with the main character – Hajime Nagumo. In this case, we have a pretty nice fellow being summoned together with his classmates to a fantasy world where they are fighting some kind of Demons who can control monsters. Their main objective is to explore a labyrinth with hundreds of floors and full of monsters.

Arifureta cool

In the 65th floor, the group encounters a strong boss and they are forced to run away. However, this is only possible with Hajime putting himself on the front to stop the minotaur’s attack. When everyone is at a safe distance, it’s time for them to start attacking the minotaur while Hajime runs for his life. But, one of the teammates betrays him and directs his attack to Hajime instead, making him fall down of the bridge several floors below. Because of this, Hajime’s personality changes and he becomes a darker version of himself. It’s very similar to what happened to Naofumi from The Rising of The Shield Hero. Especially because, as Naofumi, Hajime is seen as the weakest link since its special power is not used for attacking.

But, again, just because we have something similar, it doesn’t make it bad. To be honest, I don’t really care if an Anime goes for a cliche. However, if it goes that route, it needs the be well done! In the case of Arifureta, that’s not the case.

Contrary to the Rising of The Shield Hero, it doesn’t have the build-up necessary for me to care. Truth is, the transformation of Hajime happens so fast, it takes around 10 minutes for him to change his personality completely, that I just don’t feel any empathy for the character at all.

Arifureta dark wallpaper

After this, it’s when Goblin Slayer type of violence kicks in. No, we don’t have anyone getting raped. However, Hajime loses his arm while fighting a monster and most of the fights are gore-like. No problem with gore. I actually like it. However, again, this just seems implemented for the “cool” effect rather because it’s actually needed. If Arifureta showed a dark environment with a dark story and background, it would make sense to have blood going everywhere. But, since the rest seems to be pretty fantasy-like, I just don’t buy it. It also doesn’t help when Hajime’s loli vampire companion drink his blood and you don’t even see a drop of blood in his neck. I don’t know, I like gore, yes, but it needs to have a reason behind it, it needs to make sense. In this case, it just doesn’t.

Bad Soundtrack

Arifureta Yue

Because it was not enough that both the animation and the story + characters were bad, not even the soundtrack saves the day.

Don’t take me wrong, the music actually has some goods parts. However, it’s a huge hit or miss kind of thing. The intro is not terrible, but it isn’t great either. As the Anime itself, it’s a little all over the place. If in some places it has an underground sense to it, then it seems your regular Anime song. And, of course, it still needs to have a jazz vibe near the end because… Reasons…

Talking about Jazzy music… Let me ask you a question… When you think about battles happening in an underground labyrinth what type of music comes to your mind? Probably some type of epic music that makes you feel on the edge? Or maybe a darker vibe since it is kind of a dark place and a gore fight? Well, no! Although there were one or two epic songs kicking in (which I loved), the most part they had a jazzy vibe to it which, I’m sorry, does not make any kind of sense. I mean, I like Jazz, but music that seems coming out from some chill bar should not be playing while a huge battle is going on.

Regarding the End song… I don’t even have words. It is a nice song, but it just doesn’t have anything to the Anime itself. Probably because it’s focusing on the harem that is going to happen somewhere in the future (?) rather than what the Anime is supposed to be, a dark isekai? I don’t know, it just doesn’t make sense.


Arifureta episode 3

In the end, Arifureta is just not good enough for me. To be honest, I have more reason than these 3. However, I don’t want to make this post a rant and I’ll leave it there.

If you are looking for a good Isekai just watch the Rising of the Shield Hero.

If you are looking for a good dark modern Anime, watch The Goblin Slayer.

If you are looking for an Isekai where the main character takes his powers by absorbing them from monsters around him, just watch That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

When it comes to Arifureta, just run away and go do something better with your time. Unless you are into manga, then I cannot say more than what I’ve found around Internet. It seems popular and people actually seem to like it, so you have that!

What about you? What’s your opinion on these first episodes of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou? Tell me all in the comments 🙂

54 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Arifureta Is NOT Good

  1. I’m gonna have to disagree so hard that I might unsubscribe. This is one of my favorite shows I’ve been glued to in months.

    1. Sorry to hear that! :/ We all have different opinions I guess. But, since you are talking about being glued in months, probably you are talking about the Manga? This post is only about the Anime, not the manga itself 🙂

      1. I am talking about the anime, I don’t read manga… it also wouldn’t make sense for me to assume you’re talking about the manga if you’re talking about the graphics or soundtrack.

        1. Well sure, but the show is coming out for 3 weeks now and you said months, that’s why I thought you were talking about the manga. Sorry :/
          Well, can you tell me where you disagree? I always love to hear other perspectives and people have changed my mind before 😛

          1. I was implying that in months I haven’t found an anime I’m so addicted to till now.

          2. When asked why I like something so much I don’t really have an answer that will sway anyone nor makes them understand why. But if I need to give an answer even if it’s kinda vague… I like anime shows where the main character starts out pretty weak or pathetic and then works their way up to being almost overpowered, plus knowing that someone in the group betrayed him and at some point finding out who it is and see him get his revenge (if he goes that route) is great. Now I know that doesn’t explain why I like the adaptation so much, but let me put it this way.. when movies/tv shows are made from books or in this case manga they tend to leave some details out or exchange something. What you have to take into consideration is the budget they have and how costly it is to make a film compared to a stack of papers and ink. Making a book is far more cost effective compared to paying for an animator, voice actors, and whatever else they need to make the anime. Because of that they have to shorten or change some things so it’s not over the budget they are given… does it suck? Of course! But unless we want to fish out the money to make it the way we want it, we kinda have no right to complain. They do their best and that’s all we can hope for. Also I tend to fin anime or movies more enjoyable when I’m not trying to compare the two or nit pick at them, not saying you can’t… but it sounds like a miserable way to live if your expectations are always so high. It better to have low expectations and then be surprised that it ended up better than you thought it would be. Maybe this helps explain my point of view… maybe not, either way that’s my take on it.

          3. I understand what you mean. My favorite Anime of all time is not really that popular.

            I also think that everyone has the right to their own opinion and just because you love an Anime I don’t like it doesn’t mean we can be friends. To be honest, the Animes I end up enjoying the most are the ones who are less popular and don’t have such a big budget.

            However, I do feel that, if we take the route you are talking about, the Rising of The Shield Hero is a better show to spend your time one it. As a blogger, I watch every each Anime coming out each season with one objective so that Anime lovers are able to find good Anime shows without having to spend hours upon hours looking for them and trying them all out. So, I just give my honest opinion, that’s all.

            When it comes to the budget, Arifureta is being made by the studios White Fox and Asread… So, even if they do have a smaller budget than other popular Anime shows it’s not like we are talking about a “hindi” Anime. White Fox is known by shows like Steins;Gate while Asread is known by Animes like Mirai Nikki, both popular and good. So, I don’t really think the budget is the problem.

            I do believe the adaptation took out some “slower” parts in order to show more action which ended up making the story not build up as good.

            But, again, I do know how it is to love an Anime while others dislike or even hate them. So, I understand your point of view and why you want to defend it 🙂

            Just know that when I write my articles I try not to be sentimental. For example, I don’t really enjoy heavy fanservice Anime shows, but if the Anime is around that and it’s good, I need to say that the Anime is good because if someone likes that type of genre then it’s a good Anime for them to watch.

            I’m not sure if I’m making sense… Nevertheless, I’m sorry that our points of view in this Anime are different. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it’s not like I’m correct and you are not. We both saw the Anime in a different light.

            I also understand if you prefer to unsubscribe… I will be sad of course. However, I understand that, if you feel that we have so different opinions in Anime, then you may feel that I won’t be able to correctly advise you on what you should (or not) watch.

            Just know that I try my best to show the facts and to help everyone! As you know, this is an Anime shelter, a place where everyone can give their own opinion without feeling that they will receive hate comments because of it. So, if you want to stay around to disagree to other posts I may put out, I’m more than happy to have you here ^.^

          4. I was only expressing my feelings towards the show, I wasn’t serious about unsubscribing. I do tend to like shows that are liked as well as the ones that are dragged through the dirt like SAO for example. That’s the show that got me hooked to anime in the first place. I don’t have a particular genre that I watch, but fantasy and anything related to VR is usually where I end up especially when romance is involved. As for fan service I don’t need it, but some shows works well with it. As for trying to help people find shows they should or shouldn’t watch based on what an individual may like… I enjoy randomly picking shows and finding out if they’re good or not on my own because it’s an adventure in itself, I have spent years watching over 300-400 shows… I honestly couldn’t name them all and there are times where I end up watching the same show I had before which is fine with me. I guess the only anime types I don’t like are the ones with the ones where the episodes are less than 10 minutes long, I guess they’re more like short stories than an actual shows.. kinda reminds me of Black Mirror or V/H/S, which are ok in their own right but not my style.

          5. I loved SAO! It was a really good show! Yeah, fantasy it’s also my favourite. Although I also love a good slice of life and horror 😛

            Oh that’s really nice! I also did that for a while before I decided to watch everything from each season 😛 I don’t know if you know this website – https://www.randomanime.org/ – but it basically gives you random Anime among the genres you choose! I found great Anime shows trought that 🙂

            Yeah, Anime shows with smaller episodes are normally not as good. I did find some of them enjoyable, but not inside the genres you prefer 🙁 Normally they are more into the comedy side

          6. I used to use random websites for anime, don’t remember the names of them but I got tired of looking for mirrors that worked and having to scroll through pages so I decided to get a premium membership with Crunchyroll and Funimation. I do like messed up shows as well like Goblin Slayer, Kings Game, and Future Diary. Once in a while I’ll watch ones that are sad like Angle Beats, Your lie in April, and Clannad after story.

          7. Well from the animes you just described… I have to say that arifureta is probably the only one that we don’t agree xD all the ones you listed are on the top of my favorite animes haha

          8. Most people find that my taste are not that bad, but there will be things that stick out from time to time. I try to broaden my horizon rather than just sticking to something because I’d hate to miss out on something I never thought I would like till I tried it. I will say this and I know it triggers a lot of other Otakus and especially weebs…. but I do prefer dubbed over subbed anime, if anime is good enough I’ll watch subbed but if I have a choice dubbed will always win me over.

    2. Let me something hear me out
      So we are in the same page I love it too but I’m not saying that it was good or bad. I watch some anime that are good but not popular like the A Certain Magical Index (I don’t really know if it was popular though)

  2. Another option: If you want to experience Arifureta, ignore the Anime and read the Light Novel instead. It’s kind of a cliche thing to say, but they’ve seriously made a disastrous hash of the adaptation. The first volume of Arifureta is one of my favorite single volumes of Light Novel that I’ve read, but sadly, the anime basically ignores everything that made it so special in favor of getting to “teh action”.

    We lose out on so much of the character development prior to “the incident”, and the huge character arc Hajime goes through during his descent through the labyrinth, which is a shame.

    If you have some time, I seriously recommend picking up the first volume of Arifureta and reading it, to understand what a right mess of things they’ve made of this adaptation…

  3. I normally don’t read light novels because of lack of time. However, after what you said, I may have to give it a try. To be honest, if there is a good pace, I can actually see how this story becomes so good! 🙂

    1. I’m going to second the vote for reading the light novel. I really enjoyed the first volume of this series (even if the subsequent books were a little less thrilling) and all the character nuance and actually world building and story that seems to be missing as they dump us into the middle of Hajime’s transformation in episode one was actually explored really well in the books and so the transformation was really quite compelling. I’m really disappointed with this adaptation. Taking the source away though, the anime looks ugly, they’ve given me no reason to care about the characters, and honestly it is just not good. I have no idea how they plan to tell the rest of the story given they didn’t bother with any of the foundation work that would be needed to build from but I’ll watch it through and just see where this ends up. But I certainly wouldn’t be recommending it.

      1. Yeah, I can see how Arifureta can be a good story. Unfortunately, is how you say, the build-up was terrible and I just can’t care for any of the characters :/ Maybe if episode 1 was only about the transformation and give more intel about the world and the story setting… Yet again, I’m not sure if I would be able to watch something with such a bad CGI! It really is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  4. I just said it to Karandi the other day, this season there are so many animes out there that I don’t have access to it’s not even funny anymore. This one I haven’t heard of, but it’s too bad you are not enjoying it. It certainly seems to have kicked off a pretty lively conversation here, which is always fun ? As for me…no idea where I stand as A: I haven’t watched it, B: I don’t have acces to it. So…I guess I’m going to stay neutral here. Still enjoyed reading your post though ?

    1. That’s a bummer! Access to Anime has becoming more and more problematic :/ Well, when it comes to this one you don’t need to be sad, you are not missing anything that is worth your time 😛 But, the light novel seems to be pretty good, so you can try that one out xD

  5. Whoever wrote this has to be trolling… complaining about CGI and character stories to write off a series is just ridiculous. I dont think you even really played attention to the few episodes you did watch. His change in attitude seems to have happened fast.. but he was stuck in a fkn dungeon getting mauled by monsters. He had literally 2 options, either adapt quickly or just give up and die. His attitude change had NOTHING to do with the person that betrayed him and broke the bridge. He straight up says that he doesnt care about being betrayed while talking to the vampire girl in episode 3.

    As far as the “cgi” you’re complaining about.. it’s really not even cgi, just a different style of animation. If you call it “cgi”, you have to call ALL animation cgi.. you’re a moron.

    I didnt pay much attention to the soundtrack, they arent all that important to the story. But I dont remember disliking anything that I heard.

    In the end, everyone is entitled to their opinion I suppose. However, you went as far as to write an entire article to complain about a show that has serious potential. Even if you only convince one person not to watch that would have checked it out otherwise. I see that as a sort of injustice.

    Side note: Slime, Shield Hero and GoblinSlayer are all awesome shows.. so maybe the writer isnt a complete nut job.. but Arifureta is shaping up to be just as good as all 3 (in different ways obviously).

    (An actual anime fan)

    1. I can’t say if is good or bad but it was a descent anime i like it though. I just like the story even it has a skipped chapter and I like the genre like slight comedy like that. But if the studio give it an another shot to have an 2nd season I will look forward to it

  6. I agree with you and kind of don’t because the way the show started up pissed me off because there wasn’t any preface of the students being summoned it just started off in the dungeon, also the light novel gives glimpses as to why hajime was hit by a stray spell while the anime doesn’t also I personally don’t mind the CGI because I feel that it accentuated the boss monsters and gives them more character than the regular monsters in the labyrinth. On the point of hajime’s transformation tho I swear the anime did him so dirty 10 minutes doesn’t even explain the depths of his emotions, Like unlike naofumi who became cold because of rage and betrayal, hajime threw away his emotions because he was only alive because of the ambrosia, he still got hungry and the pain was excruciating and he destroys his heart and reforges one devoid of all emotion in order to survive and return home, but the anime doesn’t highlight that at all. And finally on the point of the music I personally feel the same way but I love the opening I feel its really good and fits well but then again that’s opinionated so to each his own.

  7. I hope they will fix this somehow if the people who are working on it will realize that the show is actually have bad things in the show, too bad I was hoping and planning it to watch it but it seems like the people didn’t like it after all… ?

    1. Let me tell ya something
      You can watch an anime if you want yourself to get entertain but you have to ignore some kind of stuff like this anime they are like this CGI or whatever

  8. The only thing I agreed with you was that the anime Adaption is terrible.

    The things I don’t agree with you was
    That the storyline being terrible as well. The anime wasn’t adapted from the manga though, it came from the light novels.

    2nd thing is I dislike the opening of the anime Adaption. It has some English in with it

    3rd things is the ending song
    Is true that it doesn’t connect with the anime
    It’s only connected to the light novel.
    An it’s also not connected to his harem.

    And lastly i think that the anime Adaption of Arifureta is special for the light novel readers so that they can visualize fight scenes from the light novel to the anime.

    1. Well, the article is about the adaptation not the source xD So, everything I said is from a point of view of someone who hasn’t read the visual novel 😛 Probably, if I had read it, I had the same feelings as you

  9. I have to agree on, well, everything. I know I’m late to the party but I just have to give my opinion on this. I’ve been having a hard time finding a new anime since I’ve gained good enough internet to actually stream it. I was excited when I read the plot of it, saw all the 4.5-5 star ratings and “This is my favorite!” comments. I hated it super quickly.
    Dude (Hajime) was whiny, stupid, his “Bravery” in sacrificing himself for his team mates felt really forced at first. I don’t like how it dove into the story without any prior explanations other than 10 second flashbacks that AREN’T in chronological order.
    The lines are cheesy, but not a good cheese. Like a bad cheese that you need to throw away. “This still tastes terrible, but somehow it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted.” Stop. That wasn’t the worst, just what I remember right now.
    I agree with you on the weird random light-fantasy-to-gore ratio. I kept thinking that the entire time. The soundtrack I wasn’t fond of either.
    The thing I’m going to rant about is the transformation.
    It wasn’t even 10 minutes. That was just the amount of time we got in the first episode until he just suddenly randomly got switched. It was this whiny boy who’s absolutely stupid, whines until THAT gets his arm cut off, then they give him lines showing that he’s supposed to be smart, then the next 2 minutes or show are basically the writers trying to tell us “See? This is how someone drastically changes, here’s a power point presentation on it” and all of a sudden he’s this completely different, strong character. It made no sense. It was awful.

    Thank you.

    1. Completely agree with you! The story could be way better if they presented some kind of background first :/ It’s a bummer since the source seems to be good and had a story that could become a great Anime to watch… Oh well 🙁 Hopefully we will get great Anime during the Fall Season.

  10. What a waste of blogging space…. ehum… What I notice a lot is that every single anime, and i literally mean every single anime, has some guy or girl writing a blog about how much it sucked…

    Well my first question to the blogger is: Why would you waste your time on anime that you don’t like? Just simply turn it off and never touch it again, problem solved, no need to waste your own time or my time or anyone else for that matter.

    My second question is: how can you make a good arguement against arifureta if you have not seen the whole show? ”

    How can you say the whole anime sucks, if you have not seen the whole show? You know what thats called? A strawman arguement. And yeah you wrote that this is a first impression review, but thats not a review, its a first impression. a review is that you watched the whole show multiple times to write about it in every detail.

    So basicly i skipped reading all of your blog when I realised you are just ranting on and on about how this and that sucks, how this could be better yada yada yada…. Everything can be better, even this blog.

    Personally, I just watched the whole show and I must say this is one of the good ones, there are some shows that are visual diarrhea out there, but this ain’t one of them. But I’m biased because isekai is my favourite genre.

    If you really want to rant about a horrible anime, go watch conception, that one i couldn’t go past episode 1. But don’t expect me to read your blog again, I was just here ranting about your rant.

  11. Well, everything you said is pretty much wrong. Arifureta is one of the best anime’s out there. Its perfection, with strong characters and a great plot. One of the most relate-able main protagonists I’ve come across as well. The light novels are even better.

    1. I don’t know about the light novel since I haven’t gotten to reading it yet, but I have no clue on how you think Arifureta has strong characters. imo the mc was great for the first episode, showing a change in his mindset while giving him more depth as a character (a load of monologue). Unfortunately, it all goes bad after he meets vampire loli. Against all odds, the anime miraculously turns him back to a stale mc. Maybe it’s more subtle and carefully delivered in the light novel? I don’t know. What I do know is that Hajime just becomes a cold-hearted little sh*t for the rest of the anime. Maybe some people like isekai harem anime with a mean op mc, that I can understand. But even to that extent, calling it the “best anime” is crossing the line bucko. Bearable at best, 3/10.

  12. I totally agree with this blog, story is not that good..the animation sucks i dont know anything about cgi and 3d..but the animation rrally sucks its so dull…

  13. In my Opinion , what made this Anime Fail is the Animation and the story setting.
    It looks like a dark OP MC that actually just a Tsundere OP MC , especially when he reach the Mermaid story(Miu) and reunite with his former classmates.

    While in Novel the story his character is not so easy to Fooling around and have more affection to Yue , while the joker was the Bunny girl and The pervert dragon as the extra spice(in the joke side)

  14. Well, what do you expect? With just Volume 1 you have enough material to cover 6 episodes. It’s plain stupid on studio’s fault.

    Just so you know, Hajime & Yue relationship is great, no ,its Holy.

    And Hajime wasn’t a beta MC. He kills everyone who gets in his way and won’t talk BS when confronting enemies. And Hajime & Yue had s** in Volume 1. Their love is ethereal. And it’s love at first sight and more like Destiny.

    Read the source material, damn it. That is Light Novel. Not manga.

    Light Novel is THE BEST there is.

  15. I really hate people like you. Who feel the need to talk shit about a serious just because you didn’t like it personally.. I loved it and so did my friends, now I am reading the light novel. If you don’t like it. That’s fine but spreading negative reviews about it is slow and pathetic

    1. Hate is quite a strong word… I’m sorry if I hurt you so much by sharing my opinion on this. That said, I review Anime to help people figuring out if they should or not spend time watching a specific title. This way, when I have a negative opinion I will share it. Calling people pathetic just because they have a different opinion than you seems to be less counterproductive, thought. You could have instead write why you think the Anime is good and try change my mind. But hey, that’s just me

  16. To be honest the CGI was shit, but comparing it to shows released after Volume 1 of the Light Novel is kinda shit. The light novel goes more in depth and it doesn’t take 10 minutes for Hajime to change, it takes 3-4 weeks after not eating or drinking for weeks. He claims he wants to die over and over and wants to live over and over. The character development was shit in the anime but in the light novel it makes more sense. Also the manga was started during production of the show as well, so that’s one thing. Regardless, you shouldn’t really make an opinionated statement with some claims without something to back it up. You had not given enough evidence with your opinions and compared two different series made years apart. Arifureta light novel being 2013 and Shield hero being 2015. Either way 2 of your opinionated claims are true, the CGI was shit, and the music was off in some places.

  17. I’m mind-blown by people attacking this review… It’s just an opinion (that I share 100%, which I why I felt like posting a little something), and all I can see in the replies are the usual “if you don’t like it you’re dumb and you shouldn’t even watch it”.
    Maybe one can appreciate some things and dislike others in one adaptation? Why does it have to be black or white?… Geez…

    1. Thanks for the support Alipius 🙂 Unfortunately, most people have the idea that there’s no space for a good conversation. I used to answer all comments, but it really stops making sense when people aren’t open for a healthy conversation 😛

  18. Don’t watch the anime. The anime is horrible. The manga, the light novel, the web novel have completely better drawings. I can’t agree with you on the plot part, but if I’m not mistaken, anime skips out on a lot of things and the animations make everything feel worse. I have a friend who first watched the anime, and he completely hated it. He then picked up the manga, got addicted, went on to the light novel, got addicted, then finished the web novel. Funimations ruined this anime and its potential, which brings me back to my point: try the manga. I reccommend you give the manga a shot. See if its your cup of tea. If you don’t like it, oh well. Just not to your taste.

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