Is The God of High School Really That Good?

Is The God of High School Really That Good?
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COVID-19 has impacted many industries, including Anime. There were fewer shows debuting this 2020 Summer Season, and the quality of most of them was far from perfect. Fortunately, a few Animes stand out that are great options to spend some time until confinement ends. The God of High School is one of the most talked Animes of this season. However, the question arises: is the Anime actually good, or are people just overhyping? Well, I’ve watched four episodes so far, and I would say it’s a bit of both. Of course, I’ll be basing my opinion only on the Anime and not the webtoon. Pretty sure both works differ and, therefore, their qualities might be different as well.

Excellent Animation

The God of High School Jin Mo-Ri

While I don’t really understand the reason behind the red noses and ears (characters seem to be either with a cold, drunk, or sniffing heavy drugs), I have to say that The God of High School displays one of the best animations of the season. As an action-heavy Anime, it’s essential that fighting scenes are flawless, and The God of High School clearly has hit the nail on those so far. At the same time, character design is also pretty good. Mo-Ri Jin does seem a little more polished than the others, but all other characters are well designed. Some of them may end up being forgettable and I’m pretty sure if you ask me about them next year, I won’t remember them. That being said, they’re polished enough to find them good-looking.

It’s Great for People Who Love Action

The God Of High School Han Dae-Wi

The main thing The God of High School has to offer is action – something you’ll notice right away. Off the bat (in episode one), we get to watch an exciting battle where all contestants simultaneously fight each other. Even though it’s a preliminary event, which means characters won’t be showing all their powers, we get a glimpse of what is to come on later episodes. Let me tell you, it made me want to watch the next episode right away.

Since the Anime focuses on a fighting contest, all episodes end up having fights one way or another. The main character even jumps in when he’s supposed to sit on the bench. Basically, you can be sure that you’ll be watching a lot of different fighting styles, rotative kicks, punches in the face, and someone getting trashed. If that’s your thing, then you’ll love The God of High School.

The Story’s Pace Is Bad, Though

The God of High School Yu Mi-Ra

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. In The God of High School case is the story that gets the blow. In order to include more action scenes in the earliest episodes, character and story development are put aside. Due to this, when the Anime actually tries to provide some backstory focusing on Yu’s wedding in episode 4, it seems out of place.

While we can somewhat understand that some time has passed, we don’t feel the actual time passing by. In other words, while it makes sense for the main characters to have some kind of relationship, it feels way too soon. The same goes for their character development. Sure, episode four is the trigger for Yu’s and Han’s development. However, it comes out of the blue with no build-up whatsoever, making both scenes pretty ‘meh’.

The God of High School Jin Mo-Ri Cute

This approach is just a lose-lose situation. On the one hand, people who prefer Animes portraying deep stories probably have dropped The God of High School in the first episodes. On the other hand, people following the Anime for the action will feel that episode 4 was just a pain in the ass and hard to go through.

For such type of Anime, it’s essential to give the characters more time to enter the audience’s heart. For example, Killua’s backstory in HunterxHunter was told after several episodes. In the beginning, the focus is on the hunters’ exam, and that’s that. By cutting the chase to arrive at action scenes right away, the building up was lost, which made watching both Yu’s and Han’s dreadful events feel like nothing.

So, Is The God of High School Good or Not?

The God of High School outro

In a few words, yes. In fact, it’s probably the best Anime debuting this Summer Season (not considering sequels, of course). However, I believe that’s because we’re living in difficult times that probably postponed many works that were supposed to come out this season. The truth is simple: there’s really not much competition to start with.

Nonetheless, The God of High School does many things in an excellent manner. The animation is great, the fighting scenes are exciting, and the comedy bits get me most of the time. However, as a show that started with a light tone, I’m not sure if the plot is going to be able to become complex without feeling odd. The truth is, we watch The God of High School for the kicks, punches, and awesome battles. Throwing a wedding in the mix without any type of build-up is one of those things that might throw off devoted watchers.

In conclusion, The God of High School is the perfect option for anyone looking for a high-paced Anime with a lot of fighting and cool moves. Despite this, if you take story development seriously, I think you might feel bored rather quickly.

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  1. I just came from Irina’s blog saying that I’m seeing this anime all over the blogging sphere…and, well I rest my case lol? I already did add it to my to watch list, but honestly I never trust hype, and after having read this post, pretty sure I’m glad I will be forming my own opinion for this one. ?

  2. I’ve only watched the first episode, so I guess I don’t have much to go off, but I definitely agree the animation is fantastic! I’m definitely looking forward to binging this series when all the episodes are out.

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